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BolderBoulder Photoblogging

I am sorry to say I pretty much didn’t get out of bed this year for the BolderBoulder. I was neither in the race nor out of town nor even at the Boulder Creek Festival. I didn’t even go visit my friends who were belly-dancing in the rain out on Folsom on the hill between Valmont and Pine. I was a lump.

However, the bedroom I pretty much didn’t leave happens to be pretty much at the starting line. The turning on of the public address system at 30th and Iris at 6:45 AM (or earlier?) was my alarm clock, and for the next three hours the cats and I would periodically peer out the windows at participants doing warm-up jogs and stretches on my street. Or I’d just sit up in bed now and again and tell my husband, “The NA wave is going by!”

At risk of revealing my physical address to the all the internets (like you couldn’t find it if you tried, you voyeurs, you), I bring you photos!


BolderBoulder ‘08: During

…and After…

BolderBoulder ‘08: After

…and Way After.

BolderBoulder ‘08: WAY After

You may of course click the thumbnails for full-sized JPG goodness.

Today everything is back to normal: all the fences and Port-a-Potties have been removed from the scene. The efficiency of the organization that is BolderBoulder is truly stunning.

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