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Getting Political, Part 2

Well, it had to happen eventually.  The Re-Create 68 crowd can’t trust the police anymore.  And the leader has this non-commital thing to say when asked what “no more truce” means in the big picture,

Pressed for specifics on what the “ending of the truce” would mean on the streets for the final days of the DNC, Spagnuolo shrugged.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Spagnuolo.

Oh good.  Because Denver really needs more of this.  Having read through Littlegreenfootballs coverage (this post has the specifics) with Zombie (he’s a undercover conservative brother) and seen pictures of the urine bags in question…I have no doubt the police have their reasons for bringing a little heat (rhetorical heat mind you) to this situation.  I can only hope these guys wise up and protest peacefully and meaningfully, versus violently and pointlessly.

If any of our fellow authors feel compelled to post about this whole hulaboo and take a counterpoint I’m interested to see what you think.  I’d hate to be the only voice inparting my opinion.  :)

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