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3/20: I am the News

My tour/job shadowing at CBS4Denver:


AMC Oscar Showcase 2009

Well, it’s over! I managed to get through 5 movies on Saturday with the help of Toby and Sarah. I’m still working on the written blog post, but I’ll post the six videos below so you can check ’em out if you wish.

Today is the Day

I’ll be at Westminster 24 doing to the AMC Theaters Oscar Showcase today from 9:00am to midnight.  I’ll be updating mostly through twitter and if I can some mobile stuff.  Lots of blogging, vlogging and whatever else I can manage will be going on.  If you’re going to be there, hit me up or seek me out.  Live Twitter Stream is below.  I’ll take this post out late tonight and replace with my layers upon layers of blog post and vlog posts.

See you there!

Follow my updates here.

A few announcements…

Hey Denver!  How you be doing?

I wanted to jump in here and announce that AMC Theatres has given me a great chance to do some blogging, vlogging, intervewiing, twittering and all kinds of fun stuff for the upcoming “Best Picture Showcase” going on on the 21st of Feb all day at Westminster Prom and Highlands Ranch 24.  30 bucks gets you five films for review before the Oscars.  Cool, huh?

Well, I’ll be at the Westminster Prom doing live blogging, twittering, vlogging when I can and whatever else I can to take advantage of being able to report on a local event.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a streaker or something.  You never know in the crazy town of Denver.

Well, odds are not in my favor on the whole streaker thing.  But I could pay a guy…

You’re welcome to seek me out, email, comment or whatever manner of contacting me suits you (no stalking please, I do have scruples) so we can meet up, discuss and hell, even vlog if you’re up for it.

Also, the Denver Metblogs Vlog project is still alive and kicking.  I rendered a instro (see below) and will be working on putting together ideas and thoughts for that part.  You’ll see a video from me here in the next few days on that topic.  So, you have my sexy hot mug to look forward to here in the next few days.  That’s motivation enough to check back or even add us to your feed readers.

Ok, at least give us a chance?

More to come in the next few days.

[youtube] [/youtube]

New Fancified Intro:

Some Fun for a Munday

I know.  It’s Monday again.  And Mondays are teh suck.  Nobody likes ’em.  Everybody hates ’em.  Why they can’t just go and eat worms is beyond me.

However, I do have a solution.  Two videos, seperate authors.  One in which a motercycle at the 2008 Pikes Peak Hillclimb back in June or July I think.  It’s pretty sick.  You should know our man is alive and well.  As for racing, well he’s thinking about it.

The second video was from NDK 2008 this weekend (website here for you anime fans) where a troupe of actors/dancers/cosplayers rickrolled the entire audience.  Literally.  Pretty cool nerd stuff to watch, but make sure to stay ’till about 3/4 to watch and hear the full on power of Rick Rolling in effect.



Reason 5,279: 16th Street Mall!

I love it because it’s so crazy and fun. Check out the 5 minute walk through kinda thing. I didn’t put any music to the main part as I wanted people to hear the sounds and experience it as best as I could present it. As a reminder if anyone (fellow metblogs authors or anyone) wants to join me on a weekend adventure one of these days with my video camera, let me know in comments. Or if you have something you want to vlog with and or about, let me know.
There’s 5,278 more reasons to go!


Midnight Batman @ Continental 10 (vlog returneth!)

Yeesh, I said I’d have this up sooner. I love having a real job outside of this blog. Someday I’ll be able to do more. That day is coming actually, so just you wait! However, I managed to cobble together the video portion (anybody remember DenverCast? I do!) and here it is! The channel itself on youtube is still around so prepare for more as I get motivated to get around my town on weekends and mornings.

Fellow authors and readers take heed. I’d love to see you getting involved in showing us many of the 5,280 reasons why Denver is flippin’ awesome. Check out the channel and the video below. The fun starts…NOW! :)


Channel is located here.

Things to Do in Denver when you’re…not dead?

A great movie, by the way.

And yes, I’m still alive.  Strokes are fun and exciting and life changing and…generally they suck.  But I’m working on it and that’s the moral of this story.

Now, onto Denver related news.

Rockies?  Keep up the upswing and we just might be able to forget about the Nuggets and Avalanche stain that will take months to scrub off.  Plus, you need to keep winning and win enough so that when I do get to a game eventually it’ll be an extra helluva show.

Also, thank the heavens above for the weather and the heat and the sun and the nights where I can take a walk and not be frostbitten three minutes in…because the thawing bills at the ER were starting to stack up.  Seriously. Old Man Winter had better stay the ‘ell away from my city until Halloween when he’s allowed in again.  Because I need my sun. This Norwegian skin needs his farmer tan like bread needs butter.

Unsure if that comparison grosses you out…but too late.

The Video Blog Project is still…there.  I’m probably moving out of Aurora to Denver at the end of June.  I have a few choices. The DU area is possible and the Colfax and 225 is another.  The latter because I’m starting a new job in that area and would love cheap rent and easy access.  But I know with the DNC coming…that’s a snowballs chance in hell of happening.

Blasted capitalism!  So the VLOG thing will start up again in July unless the Stroke Wizard makes another visit.  And here’s hoping that never happens again.

Unless that deal gets me married to the hot nurse in the ER,  the cute admit girl or the absolutely gorgeous CT Scan girl at Medical Center of Aurora South.  It’s those three…or nothing!

Yea I know.  Keep dreamin’.

On Standby

Hey folks.  I’m sorry I haven’t been around to do what I said I was gonna do.

I had a small stroke on the 7th and haven’t been home until today.  I’m not going to be able to promise much video blogging material or posts this month as me and my fam sort this medical mystery out.  I’ve been through the ER and the hospital with a battery of tests and they found nothing in the head or heart to conclude what caused it.

I’ll get something up as soon as time and health allows.  Thanks for your continued…continued patience.


Denver Breaks Free (+ Vlog Update!)

…but not really because we all know there’s some random bully snow storm that’s gonna jump out of the alley and ambush us, take our lunch money and give us a monster wedgie.  But we’re used to it by now (and I know somewhere out there Dicker is cursing me talking about the weather again…heh) because this the city o’ Denver with the loony bin weather.

However, “spring” has sprung!  The sun has been out, the temperature is on the balmy (well, the definition probably doesn’t fit the regular definition, but this is Denver so…) side and I can almost hear the chirp chirp of the birds.  Oh and the screaming, yelling and drunk carousing of the bar just right next door.  With an added bonus of a Volleyball court in in the back!  Goody!

I have to say I love Denver Spring because it’s warm, the sun breaks through and the thunderstorms and rain downpours are just frackin’ awesome.  It was about a year ago when I posted my first (and only video blog) in the middle of one of those very storms.  The thunder rolls, the ground rumbles and the rain just pours.  My heart sings.

That wasn’t very manly of me, was it?  Here, you get my man card for the rest of the day.

Video blogging will resume to a once weekly video posting from me.  Other authors are welcome to join in too!  Which brings me to my question…what do you want to see on the Vlog?  I’ll be doing my own stuff but I wants to mix it up a bit with suggestions from y’all.  What you want?  What you think would make good stuff?  You wanna play with me and have some fun while doing Denver Centered things?  Let’s start the sparks and see if we can get a fire going steady.

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