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Friday 4/30: DeVry sponsors free career workshop in Westminster

If you’re out of work and hitting dead ends, head over to the DeVry University Westminster Campus tomorrow afternoon for some help figuring out where to go next. Katy Piotrowski, founder of the Career Solutions Group and author of the Career Coward guides, will be presenting four 40-minute career skills workshops along with local business and economic development leaders. You’ll also get a chance to try out the interactive Career Profiler and Personality Assessment tool which “will match individual personalities to in-demand careers.”

Here’s the hour-by-hour schedule:

1:00 p.m. – Check-in
1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. – Resume Writing Clinic
1:20 p.m. – Kickoff Presentation
1:35 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. – Workshops:

  • Resume Writing and Interviewing with Danielle Schmidt
  • Networking and Utilizing Social Networking with David York
  • Career Direction and Consultation with Elizabeth Rescigno
  • Powerful Trends for Professional Growth with Katy Piotrowski

4:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. – Networking and Prize Giveaway

The DeVry campus is at 1870 W. 122nd Ave. in Westminster. (Click for Google Maps.) Good luck!

Pirate: Contemporary Art Exhibit

From September 18th through October 4th, the 3-dimensional art of Lesa Alison-Hastings will be on display at the Pirate: Contemporary Art Gallery at 3655 Navajo Street in Denver.

Pirate is one of the longest running galleries in Denver and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2010.  Pirate can be described as “edgy,” and features contemporary art.  Ms. Hastings work will be showing with a local artist named BUG.

Opening reception: September 18, 6:00-10:00 PM.

Ms. Hastings started collaging when she needed a break from writing her thesis, and it later became a default creative outlet during periods of writer’s block.  She began doing both writing and collaging simultaneously, and eventually started merging language into the art.  For the most part she takes found objects, many of which are vintage or even antique, and combines unlike things to re-contextualize them into what she describes as a visual narrative.

She uses various papers, metal objects and scraps (many of which beg a current tetanus shot), woods, drawers, wax, and anything she can get her hands on and glue together.

Ms. Hastings is a Senior Account Manager for Page 1 Solutions, a website design and marketing firm specializing in Internet marketing for attorneys, dentists and doctors.

When riding the cherry creek BIKE path

Recently i have had the pleasure of enjoying the bike path from the reservoir to downtown as my commute home as often as i can!
My Bike
One would think riding your bike is no big deal…  but it is.
The basic thing is – have respect for your fellow man!
Here are my thoughts and suggestions on how to enjoy the bike path (let me re-iterate – BIKE path

  1. You are not the only one on the bike path, and you don’t own it.
  2. NEVER ride side by side – there is no room, biking is a solo sport. You cannot carry on a long term conversation, don’t try. Get to where you are going and then have a converations.
  3. Hearing is vital. If you like to enjoy your music, make sure to leave one ear able to hear your surrounding environment.
  4. Passing  – getting as close to the person you are attempting you pass is rude and stupid. There is no guarantee that that rider will continue on the staight and narrow, the could swing wide at any momoent.
  5. Passing – if there isn’t room to pass, then don’t. That means you will need to slow down and wait for there to be enough room to safely pass. Don’t make me slow doesn
  6. Announce Yourself – if you will be passing announce yourself. “On your right” is a recongnized phrase and beneficial to those on the right – riders, walkers, runners. or others.
  7. It is not a play ground – if you happen to be lucky enough to live on the lovely bike path see rule 1 – you don’t own it. Don’t leave your toys on the trail.  Don’t block the lanes. People ride the entire route and don’t need your personal items blocking it.
  8. Just cause you dress like lance armstrong doesn’t mean you are!
  9. Runners – you are on a bike bath. You are not alone. See headphones, passing, etc.
  10. Dog owners – if you can’t control your dogs i can’t help but run them over.

Norton Frickey – The Lawyer Who Fought For "The Little Guy"

A local legend passed away yesterday.  Norton Frickey.  He was 84 years old and he leaves behind five children and nine grandchildren.

Norton was a trailblazer.  He was one of the first lawyers in the country to run personal injury advertisements on TV.  His law firm grew into a huge success after he started advertising and he soon took the next step and started an advertising agency that syndicated personal injury ads to lawyers throughout the US and Canada.  That company – Network Affiliates, Inc., later spawned a host of other advertising and marketing businesses including The Media Team, Blue Onion, Page 1 Solutions, DoctorDirect and several others.

Norton’s philosophy was to fight for “the little guy” who previously didn’t have a place in the legal system.  He used contingent fee agreements to even the playing field and ensure that “the little guy” could afford a lawyer to fight against the big insurance and manufacturing companies.  Because he led the way in legal advertising, many “traditional” lawyers didn’t like him.  As the leader, he was the one with the arrows in his back, but he didn’t care.  Although he was very successful, he lacked pretense.  He was honest and he always told you what he thought.

All of us in the Denver area were fortunate to have had Norton in our midst.  We will miss him.

The memorial service will be this Friday, 10:30 am at Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church, 920 Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO 80214.

Following are a couple of blog posts about Norton Frickey:

Denver Post Article about Norton Frickey

Article about Personal Injury TV Ads produced by Network Affiliates, the Advertising Agency Norton Frickey founded.

Cool looking new condos on blake

Wanna live near 16th st? Blake and 18th has some neat new condos going up. No clue on price, just know they look kinda cool.

Cool looking new condos on blake

Wanna live near 16th st? Blake and 18th has some neat new condos going up. No clue on price, just know they look kinda cool.

Will they still want a Zombie Nader in Office?

What’s a First Friday without the Nader weirdos? I dunno, I’ll let you know when I see one :)

What makes me really wonder is, Nader has to be 900 years old. Sure he was a viable alternative back in the day, but now it’s like propping up a corpse with a string around it’s wrist. Does Nader even know he’s “running”? And what happens when (unless he already has) Nader bites it? Will that be the birth of the Zombie revolution? Will it be the Naderites that unleash holy zombie horror on us, just so they have someone to vote for?

We started out at Arada Ethiopian \restaurant, and as you can see we hated every bit of our food.IMG_0364.JPG

It was great to get in one last First Friday before the weather turns nasty.

We even came away with a new piece for the house. It woulda been two, but one was sold already :(

It wasIMG_0367.JPG a kick ass oil of an old Mac 56k (oops it’s a 128), at the FU Collective + Gallery. I was ready to pick it up right on the spot, but alas, the dreaded red dot on the label…

If you get a chance, check out the FU Collective, it’s a great group of artists, with a really cool reason for being. They even help a “starving artist” with front space in the gallery.

I didn’t see Alligator guy, I hope he’s still around.

If you haven’t hit First Friday, get on it. The first Friday of each month the galleries in the Santa Fe Art district stay open ’til 11 or so. There’s snacks, drinks, people, art. What more could you ask for?

Larimer Squar Chili Cookoff

Walked down to Larimer square today to take a look at the Chili cook off, put on by the various Fire Departments in the area. IT WAS PACKED!

I got there in the last hour, thinking it’d be less crowded, my mistake.


It was wall to wall people and firemen and chili. It looked like most bowls were about three bucks, and that went to charity in total or in part, I’m not sure.

IMG_0361.JPG The booths were really quite interesting and well done. No EAZY-UPs here boys and girls!IMG_0362.JPG

Ok well some. :)

The weather was great for the event too! Not too hot, not cold. Very nice.

If you didn’t make it down, make sure to hit up the

Larimer Square site so you can keep informed.

mmmmm chili.

Ignite Denver if you missed it you missed out


So last night Ignite Denver took place at Fado Irish Pub. If you missed it, you really missed a good time.

We had about 100 people show up, and had 12 kick ass presentations!

The presentations are available on slide share. They don’t seem to be there now, not sure if there’s time involved. But you can find them with the tag ‘ignitedenver’

We’ll be holding another Ignite in about 3 months, so keep an eye out for Ignite News. Denver’s gonna be Igniting about every 3-4 months, there’s so much cool stuff to talk about, we’re not likely to run out of material!

Stay informed, read the blog

1.21 Gigawatts

apparently the DNC is the perfect time and place to unveil some rather interesting “wall art”

The empty (I think) warehouse next door is sporting this little number


Then walking to the gym this morning, I spied this little guy on an old loading dock platform.


damn straight! The amount of Juice needed to propel a Delorean through time!

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