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Get your wine on in Denver!

I’ve now attended 2 wine tastings that Argonaut Liquors have put on at the Park Hill Golf Course.
It has been great.
They line a long ballroom with tables full of wine!!  LOTS of wine!

I’ve been to other wine tastings and this by far out guns any other tasting you have been to!!

As you enter and confirm your reservation – price ranges from 25-35 – you can buy on line!!! (it benefits the Positive Project)
You get a multi page list of all the wine currently available for tasting in the room.
They also give you pencils so you can mark your favorites! yeah!!

The people manning the tables have an amazing amount of knowledge and want to share with you!

There is also a “snack” table in the middle for noshing. Different types of cheeses, grilled veggies, a couple warm items in the middle, brushetta and other yummies!
Gotta have something to sop up the alcohol!
This even is really fun, there are great deals on the wines if you like them – you order via email or call them and then you go pick it up when it’s ready!
How great is that!

I can’t wait to get the yummy italian goodies i ordered from last thursday!

See you at the next one!

Things To Do, March 1: Go To The Denver Book Mall

The Denver Book Mall happens something like the 1st Sunday of every month. That would be tomorrow. And you oughtta go, because local author Carrie Vaughn will be there signing copies of her brand new novel, Kitty Raises Hell. It’s number six in her most excellent series of novels starring a late-night talk show host who just happens to be a werewolf. If you’ve never heard of it before, start with Kitty and the Midnight Hour–the Denver Book Mall will be a fantastic place to pick up a copy.

(I’d tell you that these are not your typical werewolf-in-the-big-city novels, but you might not believe me seeing as how I’m such a fan girl and not likely to give an unbiased report. So you’ll just have to read ’em yourself.)

The Denver Book Mall is also hosting a signing by Mario Acevedo, whose Colorado-based novel stars a vampire PI named Felix. (I haven’t read that one yet. It sounds like fun.)

Please go! For me! So I can live vicariously though each and every one of you! Because I really, really wanted to go, and circumstances intervened, spoil-sports that they are. (Stupid weekend having only 48 stupid hours in it. Grumble grumble grumble & etc.) Go on! Git!

…I should probably mention whereabouts and when. OK. Here’s the stats:

Denver Book Mall
When: Sunday, March 1, from 3:00 PM until I’m-not-exactly-sure.
Where: 32 Broadway, between 1st and Ellsworth.
Questions? Call Nina Else at 303-733-3808.

There ya go. Now git yer butts down there, and tell me all about it when you get back.

Rocky Mountain News: 1859-2009

After 150 years, existing longer than the city it serves, longer than the state of Colorado itself, the Rocky Mountain News is closing its doors.

Publisher John Temple gave its eulogy in a press conference today at the Denver Newspaper Agency. He told the press that “We had hoped to find a solution, any solution other than this.” Temple revealed that the Scripps company, which owns the Rocky, had no offers in the search for a buyer which began in December.

When the presses shut down tonight, the Denver Post will be the only major newspaper in Colorado. The Rocky, whose photo staff won four Pulitzer Prizes since 2000, whose pages were graced by the likes of Damon Runyon, Gene Amole and Dusty Saunders, who has covered everything from the Big Thompson flood to the moon landing, to the statehood of Colorado itself, will cease to exist after tomorrow.

Denver will not be the same without the Rocky. She will be sorely missed by all who ever read her pages. Intrinsically a part of the city of Denver as well as the state of Colorado, the Rocky weathered the Civil War as well as two world wars, the Great Depression, and the rise of television news. And now, with the global economy in turmoil and the newspaper industry facing mounting casualties such as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the San Francisco Chronicle, the Rocky must bow out.

We will miss you.

Speed Traps in Denver

Laser Radar Guns are now being attached to the traffic lights w/cameras around Denver. They started installing them on Monday. So… if you plan on speeding through the yellow lights you may want to reconsider.

Some of my favorite things…

Some of my favorite things… (sing to the sound of music song… ok you have it in your head? good, now it’s stuck!)

I have met some fabulous shop keepers and entrepreneurs located here in Denver, attempting to make a living hocking their wares! And I also found a cool list on 5280 of some others that I will have to try out!

If you want to keep the money local and help out some really cool products check these out!

Recycle Fashionably – home grown yoga bags. These ladies came up with this idea from years of hippy living for one and living with stinky bickram yoga clothes for the other! The have multiple sized yoga bags – fully lined – wait did you get that part? Fully lined to keep that sweat and whatever from getting all over everything else! And you can machine wash them! Woot! They also have some fabulous grocery bags – again fully lined! Check these products out – they do their job wonderfully and help save the environment!
Sweat Sack

Silverplume Sundries – I found this little lovely while chatting with a co-worker about hand crafted items. Low and behold, she and friend have this awesome lotion business.
All natural, great smells and the stuff works!!! I love the body butter in rose – OMG amazing! I used it after i shave and i’m smooth and moisturised all day long! The under arm stuff works! No stink! Promise! I can attest! The rest of the offering are all fabulous and they make an amazing gift. One other cool thing about their foot balm – it can be used on radiation burns. And it works. If you know someone going thru chemo and they aren’t able to get anything to heal their burns – try this magical wonder!
Body Butter

Callies Barkery – This woman is another transplant from the East Coast (kinda like me, but i got here via Cali…). I love her and her treats! She hand bakes all these treats with love for the animals in your life that you love! My dogs love all the choices! We stick with the breakfast scones mostly. They keep the stinkies at bay! Tons of flavors and choices! And baskets for gifting! Give your animal some love this christmas!
Breakfast Scones

Women’s Bean Project – this product and project i am not as intimate with as the rest of my favorite shops, but I love the premise behind this. These women need your help. They make these items to sell to help them break the cycle of poverty. How amazingly awesome is that? I left the merchandise mart sale put on by the Junior League with an armful of their products this year!
chocolate covered espresso beans!

Celebrate Order-Out-of-Chaos Month!

Spinning In Front of the CourthouseSometime in October is “Spinning and Weaving Week,” but I’m not clear on which week it is, because, according to my favorite Boulder-area crafty shop, “We think Spinning and Weaving Week is so important that we are expanding it to Spinning and Weaving Month.” So, hooray! The entirety of October is dedicated to taking fluff and turning it into useful things!

Today on the Pearl Street Mall a demonstration of this was held. Regulars at Shuttles were encouraged to bring their spinning wheels, drop spindles, and looms, and create both yarn and cloth right there, in front of God and everybody. And it was quite the hit! As you know (Bob), Sunday afternoons on the Mall are popular among families with small children. And gadgets that Do Neat Stuff are popular with children, thus:

Kids Fascinated By Loom

Most of my friends are either fiber addicts themselves or are familiar with the processes of spinning, weaving, and knitting. So I tend to forget that, to most people in modern US urban society, the act of making yarn without benefit of industrial machinery is magic. (See also butter, the making of.) It has been posited that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic; I’d suggest that a sufficiently neglected technology is, too. So if you go stand out in front of the court house with a hunk of fiber in one hand and a drop spindle hanging off the other, patiently twisting that fiber into yarn, you’re going to get people watching, staring, and asking questions. Which is cool, because that means more people come away knowing about hand-spinning.

Spinning with Mixed FiberIf you’re interested, and you’re anywhere near Boulder, you should totally take a class at Shuttles Spindles Skeins. If you want to teach yourself spinning from a book, Shuttles’ own Maggie Casey has written the excellent Start Spinning. You can also take a tour of the Schacht factory and see how they make spinning wheels, drop spindles, and looms (and, oddly enough, bicycle accessories).

a face in the crowd – another DNC post

Yeah, it’s a bit old news, but it didn’t make the print edition of the Met this week, so I thought I’d let you fine folks read it.
Rachel is a reasonably normal senior at Metro State. The first Monday of the Democratic National Convention, however, she became a detainee of the Denver Police Department during a demonstration that began at Civic Center park and ended up on 15th Street. The Met sat down with her and found out what she had to say about the experience.

Photo by Andrew Bisset/The Met

“We started organizing at 6,” she said, “and someone started walking towards the front of Civic Center. I was in the back, so I really don’t know what their intent was, but it was this massive group of people, and they all started linking arms and started marching towards the street, and then they got sprayed.”

“Then somebody said “Go to the other side of the park”, and that’s when we started running down 15th.”

Rachel and the protestors that surrounded her were soon enveloped by Denver Police officers in full riot gear. “As time went on, more cops started to show up until it was a wall of cops. They wouldn’t let anybody go, we kept asking them to let us go.” She told The Met. “We sat down, the cops were really just standing there. We definitely thought they were going to take us one by one as long as the night went on.”

Soon after, a member of Recreate ‘68 negotiated for their release, and Rachel and the rest of the protestors were marched to freedom through a narrow corridor of heavily-clad riot police. There were a few exceptions, though. “I only saw one kid get cuffed, and they were definitely spraying people with mace, and at the very end, they arrested some of the medics.” The Denver paramedics who were on scene refrained from treating the protestors who had been maced, leaving street medics from various groups who were among the detained to tend to the demonstrators.

photo by Andrew Bisset/The Met
Rachel and her comrades are released by Denver PD.

When asked about the conduct of the various police agencies on the scene, she told us “I feel like it was a little much, it was a just a bunch of anarchist kids. I mean, their idea is to spread chaos, but they didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

A Taste of Colorado

Tonight I went to check out “A Taste of Colorado” and had a blast. A wise veteran of the event advised us to go for the tastes, not the meals, and wise advice this was indeed.

While not claiming to be wise, and only a 1-night veteran, here is my advice: go with a friend, and each throw in $5, then split all the foods along the way. This way, I got to try Saag Paneer, pepper steak, BBQ Pork, regular pork, bacon wrapped stuffed jalepeños, mango gelati, raspberry gelati, fried plantains, and more. Check it out- it still runs on Monday.

24 Hour Starbucks

As I’m right out of college, I’m a fan of 24 hour places. Late night diners, that kind of thing. But evidently, Denver isn’t the city that never sleeps.

So a couple nights ago, some friends and I wanted to go out around 11:30 pm, but weren’t sure what would be available. A friend who has lived here his whole life took us to a 24 hour Starbucks, next to a Barnes and Noble on Colorado. Now, normally I’m not a fan of Starbucks, but this one was pretty cool. The tables inside and out were packed with all kinds of people, drinking coffee and enjoying the cool night air. The atmosphere is amazing- I’m sure I heard 3 or 4 languages besides English being spoken.

So check it out, if you’re up late and wanting some coffee.

Is there Rhyme, perhaps even Reason?

Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

I’ve been here less than a week, and the toughest thing (besides finding gainful employment) has been learning to navigate the city.

I’ve spent the last several months scouring Google Maps, trying to figure out where I was, where Public Transportation is, etc., but of course it’s easier to figure out when you’re actually there. Now, I’m the kind of person who likes rhyme and reason- I love finding patterns to things.

So I was thrilled to find that N-S streets go in alphabetical order. Not so helpful since it repeats, but it’s still a nice little hint to have picked up.

Two questions remain unanswered, however:

  1. What is the order of the state street names?
  2. What is going on with LoDo? Why is it on an angle?

Are there any other sweet patterns that will help getting around this city?

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