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Outdoor racketball

16th and Arapahoe

Pretty cool outdoor racketball setup.

Fit-ly Surprised

The American College of Sports Medicine released a study last week listing the 16 fittest cities in America, with San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston rounding out the top three. Not to put too much stock in lists of this kind (I used to live in the second dumbest city in America, according to a list Men’s Health Magazine put out a few years ago), but I was surprised that the Denver/Boulder area did not make the cut, when places like Houston and Riverside, CA did.

I moved here about six months ago from Washington, DC (ranking at number 4). Shortly after my arrival, I had dinner with a couple from Boulder who also used to live in DC and they joked that while the question in DC is “Where do you work?” the question here is “What’s your sport?” I met someone else who moved here from New York City (number 9 on the list) and she said that people thought she was a professional athlete for making it to the gym more than three times a year. I’ve moved around a fair amount and Denver feels like one of the fittest, most active places I’ve ever lived. It’s hard for me to even drive by Wash Park on a nice day without wanting to pull over and start jogging or join in a Volleyball game.

Oh, well. I guess we’ll just have to start training twice as hard and maybe we’ll make the list next year.

Great Weekend to Get Out of Town

We like to travel around Colorado during the summer months, and over the past week I’ve been mapping our family’s summer plans. This weekend there are quite a few reasons to “get out of town” including:

Teva Mountain Games in Vail runs from June 5th to the 8th. This is “The country’s largest celebration of mountain sport, soul and culture.”

The 28th Breckenridge Festival of Film runs from June 5th to the 8th. “There is no Festival like Breckenridge. A large Indie presence, Colorado Premiers of Feature Films, up-close and personal with the stars but with a warmth and intimacy all its own… even if it snows in June!!! We’ve been doing this for 27 years. We’re Good At It”. Jeffrey Lyons

Boats, Blues & Bar-B-Que in Pueblo runs from June 6th to the 7th. “The highlight of the event is a full fledged Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned cook-off competition that is sure to please the seasoned BBQ connoisseur and first time taste tester alike!”

Chili Pepper & Beer FestivalThe Snowmass Chili Pepper & Brew Fest runs from June 6th to the 8th. “The International Chili Society holds its two chili competitions and tastings in Snowmass, while microbrewers face off in a prestigious summer ale competition with two brew sampling sessions for festival-goers, featuring 30 plus breweries. Fanny Hill rocks with hot music all weekend.”

The Telluride Jazz Festival runs from June 5th to the 8th. “Since 1977 Telluride’s majestic perch – high in the spectacular San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado — has been the site of an annual cultural event produced by the Telluride Society for Jazz combining the finest of nature and art that ranks among the world’s most memorable music festivals.”

A Colorado Wines Festival in Manitou Springs is on June 7th (This is where we’ll be this weekend). “Twenty-two Colorado wineries will be pouring samples of the wines they produce. Live entertainment will be performed throughout the afternoon.”

Chili Pepper & Beer FestivalIf you can’t get out of town, don’t forget the People’s Fair is this weekend. Or check out the Denver Broncos Fan Fair at INVESCO. And on Sunday, June 8th, Hazel Miller is appearing at Hudson Gardens and Fiesta Aurora is at the Fletcher Plaza. If you’re looking for a fundraiser you can enjoy with the family, try Bring Out the Bags at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Gosh, I know there’s so much more out there to do that I’ve mssed! Let us know…

BolderBoulder Photoblogging

I am sorry to say I pretty much didn’t get out of bed this year for the BolderBoulder. I was neither in the race nor out of town nor even at the Boulder Creek Festival. I didn’t even go visit my friends who were belly-dancing in the rain out on Folsom on the hill between Valmont and Pine. I was a lump.

However, the bedroom I pretty much didn’t leave happens to be pretty much at the starting line. The turning on of the public address system at 30th and Iris at 6:45 AM (or earlier?) was my alarm clock, and for the next three hours the cats and I would periodically peer out the windows at participants doing warm-up jogs and stretches on my street. Or I’d just sit up in bed now and again and tell my husband, “The NA wave is going by!”

At risk of revealing my physical address to the all the internets (like you couldn’t find it if you tried, you voyeurs, you), I bring you photos!


BolderBoulder ‘08: During

…and After…

BolderBoulder ‘08: After

…and Way After.

BolderBoulder ‘08: WAY After

You may of course click the thumbnails for full-sized JPG goodness.

Today everything is back to normal: all the fences and Port-a-Potties have been removed from the scene. The efficiency of the organization that is BolderBoulder is truly stunning.

Good News Bad News

So, let’s do the bad news first.  All those videos and photos from the Indy midnight event?  Gone.  My error in hitting the wrong blasted button on my camera and hitting the next “ok” button.  Doh!

Good news?  For the first time in five years, Monday Night Raw/WWE hosted a live televised event in the Pepsi Center.  And guess who was in section 126, row 6, seat 4?  That would be me, the eternal WWE wrestling fan.

You ever been in Pepsi Center when the Avalanche play?  Pepsi Center doesn’t shake…it’s roars and thunders.  Same story tonight.  I would say that Denver fans tend to be gigantic energy machines when we’re into what’s going on either on the ice, stage or as it was tonight, the ring.

Tonight at 5,280 feet we rocked the house.  We were on Live television.  We got Randy Orton to yell “Shut up!” at us when the whole stadium was yelling “YOU SUCK!”.  We cheered, we booed and we had way too much fun.  All the superstars were amazing to watch in person and it was a rousing version of The National Anthem from Lillian Garcia that opened the show.  It was pure silence as a tribute to the troops played on the trinitron followed by pounding round of applause and cheers for our men and women in uniform.  We had Vince McMahon at the end of the yelling at us ’cause we kept saying, “WHAT?” as a crowd.

It was an amazing sold out show.  The house was packed to the rafters and each person that was there…wanted to be there.  Thanks to WWE for coming to Denver after such a drought…and here’s to hoping you come back.

Colorado Springs plays host to ECW and Smackdown tomorrow night.  You can check to see if they have any seats left.

And if you’re not down with that…I got two words for ya…

Summer begins this weekend (in Boulder)

Need I remind people that the seasons change this weekend with the Boulder Creek Festival and the Bolder Boulder?  The 2 events are truly worth the ride to our little town since there is plenty to do for every single body.  Anymore, the festival is just a fun walk-through for me but the entertainment is really entertaining. The Farmers’ Market will be happening on Saturday so you can come and support your local producers. The race on Monday is the most fun ever! Parts of our family walk or run the course occasionally (even though there is no Dunkin’ Donuts anymore to detour into right before the finish line) – it’s a blast. The stadium show always chokes me up with the fly-overs and the parachuters dropping into the stadium (though one year, one missed it and went into the next-door field.)So come on down up and join the fun. And remember if the 100 year flood comes this weekend, Move To Higher Ground!

Avs top the Wild, blogger loses his voice

Well, it’s a good thing this isn’t a podcast, because I can’t hardly speak. I’ll make this a quick write up, because it’s already over 60 degrees and this bald head needs a few rays of sun. Our seats were in Section 136, 16 rows from the ice directly behind the goal. During the second period when our side was the Minnesota attack zone, it gave me a chance to get a good shot of Theodore, perhaps reflecting on his ridiculously insane goaltending.

Jose Theodore


Apriltober? Nah, countdown to Rocktober!

Folks, if you were anywhere near this blog last October when your Colorado Rockies won the Pennant, it was a glorious time to live a mile high. Now, we’ve got some time to countdown to the next Rocktober (and the last three games haven’t helped) but I firmly believe in miracles, hopes and dreams. Growing up, Baseball has followed me as the one sport I can still enjoy watching and to be honest, ‘dem Rockies do a grand job of it.

Here’s to a great year in Baseball and to Your Colorado Rockies. And to someone giving me some cool tickets to I can see a game this year. Anybody? Bueller?


Can I get some Ski slope courtesy please?

I spent yesterday and today up in Breck. As much as I enjoy skiing, I really gotta say, I wish I could afford to close the damn mtn for just me. So that the lame ass-hats that can afford to be up there with me won’t be around.

Is it too much to ask that you take your phone call, off to the side somewhere? Not in front of the entry to the lift so that we all have to come to a stop, and scoot around your dumb ass?

Is it too much to ask that you pay attention when getting into line for the lift? Rather than get in line, then look for your friends, kids, spouses, etc.

Snow boarders, I’m sure you get tired, but can you plop down to relax off to the side of the slope? Can you look around before plopping down so that people don’t have to swerve at the last second?

I really enjoy skiing, and am glad my wife got me interested in doing it, but man, being up there with so many self centered arse-hats, makes it one of those labors of love. In the course of two days, I had to navigate around no fewer than two dozen people who stopped in front of the lift, had to dodge around a good dozen snow boarders that simply dropped right in the middle of the slope. Not fell down, dropped, got tired, had a phone call, whatever I don’t know, but could ya just get out of the way?

You’ve got a week :) I’ll be up there next Sunday I think, let’s see how it goes!


I’ve been writing this post in my head over and over again. Like a never ending roller coaster the words keep somersaulting through the brain. So how about ‘dem Broncos?

Does anyone else agree that these guys should be 5-0? With all these last minute saves and lucky field goals situations your Denver Broncos have been sliding across the Astroturf by the skin of their buck teeth. Seriously. Every game I’ve watched it’s come down to the Football Gods having turned their attention elsewhere and our team managing to get something from nothing.

Mind you, I’m not throwing the Broncos under the bus because Your Colorado Rockies (NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS BABY!) managed to move some heavy mountains of their own and win at a game that nobody thought they could even play five years ago. Not at all.

I’m merely curious when Mike Shanahan will be giving the boot (I love the guy as much as anybody) and the Broncos front office will realize a that the once pristine snow globe needs a severe shaking.

I think if we shut down the NFL season and just kept playing baseball up to the Superbowl we’d be in a much better place.

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