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Gatorade and 3M say, stay hydrated during Monday’s race!

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, our thoughts turn to Monday’s BolderBOULDER 5K and that critical aspect of self-care that can make or break a race participant: hydration. Two corporate sponsors of the annual event would like to help you stay hydrated, and to that end they’re bringing their products to the race course.

First off, 3M Clean Water Solutions has partnered with BolderBOULDER to provide filtered water to race participants at the start and finish lines as well as at all four aid stations. Because the race day water demand can reach about 6,000 gallons, bottled water simply isn’t an option. So 3M is making their water filtration units available so that every hydration point along the route is stocked with clean, great-tasting water.

Secondly, Gatorade’s Sports Science Institute reminds you that hydration isn’t just about water:

Electrolytes Are Crucial.

If you are a heavy sweater or if you finish workouts with your skin and clothes caked with white residue, you may be losing sodium at an increased level. Your diet should contain enough sodium to replace those losses. You can salt your food to taste; during training season and on race day, favor salted carbohydrate snacks and sports drinks over water to help replace the sodium lost in sweat.

Also, replacing lost fluid isn’t just about drinking until you’re not thirsty anymore. The key is preventing a loss of more than 1 to 2 percent of your body weight in fluids. If you get in the habit of weighing yourself before and after training, you’ll learn how much fluid weight you’re losing and how much you need to replace.

Gatorade’s new G series, the G Natural and G2 Natural Thirst Quenchers, will be available to sample at the Gatorade tent at the 1400 block of Pearl Street during the SportsExhibit, May 29th and 30th. On the day of the race, visit their tent at Folsom Field.

And beginning in June, G Natural and G2 Natural will be available for purchase at select Whole Foods stores.

Great Game Today at Invesco

Just back from a really fun – and cold – afternoon at Invesco Field at Mile High.  The Broncos continued to surprise the skeptical pundits – this time with an overtime wins against the “Boston” Patriots.  Wearing their throw-back yellow and brown uniforms with the striped socks (cheerleaders even wore their 1960s cheerleading attire – reminding many of us old folks of their high school cheerleaders), the Broncos came back from a 10 point halftime deficit.

The defense was fantastic, shutting down – and shutting out – the Patriots high powered offense in the second half.  Although they gave up a season high 17 points in the first half, as has been the case all season, they righted the ship at half-time and took control.

Kyle Orton looked like the quarterback that Coach McDaniel wanted when he traded away Jay Cutler over the summer.  He threw for two touchdowns (two eleven yard strikes to Brandon Marshall) and over 300 yards.  He spread the ball to all of his receivers – including Eddie Royal who came up with a number of first down receptions, Marshall, Gaffney, Moreno (who generated a lot of yardage both rushing and receiving) and his two tight ends – Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler).

Even two untimely penalties against the Broncos punt receiving team late in the fourth quarter, which gave the Patriots life, weren’t enough to put the Broncos away.  The whole stadium held its breath wondering if the Broncos were going to fall to one of Tom Brady’s patented game-winning drives, but the Broncos just won’t quit.   This team just keeps on fighting.

We all left the stadium horse from shouting and cheering after Prater’s overtime game winner.  And many of in the crowd stopped over at a local bar while waiting to go cheer for the Rockies – another team that doesn’t know the meaning of quit.

Go Broncos!

Go Rockies!

Girls Basketball – Summer at Manual High School

This morning I woke up early to go watch the Shining Stars 8th Grade Girls Team play at Manual High School.  I used to watch these girls play almost every weekend, but my daughter recently left the team.  I missed watching them play so I drove down for the early game in the MAYB tournament this weekend.

After watching the game, I am more convinced then ever that youth basketball is a great thing for our kids.  The girls on both teams looked like they were in great shape and they are obviously learning important skills as well as teamwork.  If you are wondering what to do with your kids over the summer, get them involved in youth basketball or some other organized sport.  They will benefit now and in the future in many different ways.

In Mourning Over the Nuggets

What a lousy way to end a great season….

I really enjoyed the Nuggets all year.  I am just disappointed with the last five quarters.  Still, they played incredible basketball and went a lot farther than I expected at the beginning of the season.  When they play defense, they are a great team.  When they pass the ball and move without the ball, they are a great team.  Unfortunately, they forgot those things for the last five quarters of the series with the Lakers or they would still be playing.

The good news is that they have all the pieces to make another run next year.  JR is ready to break into the big time and Chauncy and  Melo are both playing great.  We need to get more consistent offense from Nene and consistent team defense should be the top priority for 2009-2010.

Now I am rooting for the Magic.  I was just in Orlando visiting with good friends of mine.  They are Orlando personal injury attorneys and are major Magic fans.  While I wish we could have seen a Denver/Orlando Championship series, I am now on the Magic bandwagon and rooting for them to beat both LeBron and Kobe.  Go Magic!

Successful Karate Tournament in Lakewood

On Saturday, along with a number of other karate students, I braved the weather and the traffic to participate in the 39th Annual 2009 Wa no Kizuna Invitational.  The tournament was held at Jefferson High School at 23rd and Pierce Street in Lakewood, Colorado.

The tournament was hosted by Denwakan Karate, the Wado Karate Federation of USA and Sensei Sadaharu Kurobane.  Sensei Kurobane is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Wado and has been teaching traditional Japanese (Wado) karate in Lakewood, Colorado, since 1970.

The tournament was well attended despite the weather.  In addition to many students who practice karate in Denver, Lakewood, Niwot and Brighton, participants came from as far away as Bloomington, Indiana, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In previous years, the tournament has hosted students from as far away as Ireland.

It was a good experience for all of the participants – even though some of us did not perform as well as we would have liked.  And, best of all, there were no serious injuries.

Nuggets Looking Good in Green

Tonight, the NBA decided to highlight their pro-environment position with green uniforms for the Denver Nuggets.  They looked like the Boston Celtics – and some of them played like the Celtics too.

JR Smith looked like Ray Allen of the Celtics as he hit eight three point baskets.

Chris Anderson played like Bill Russell with eight blocked shots.

And Carmelo looked like Paul Pierce with his green headband.

And they won!  They beet the Utah Jazz!

I think they might want to wear green every night.

The Nuggets have now won 50 games for the second straight season – and they are in second place in the Western Conference.  Only behind the Lakers.

With all the bad news we keep hearing from the Avalanche and the Broncos trading away Jay Cutler, it looks like we might have a real basketball teamthis year.  Now, if they can only win a playoff series or two….

Why We Love Snow!

After the famous “blizzard of ought-nine”… we went to the mountains!  We took the kids to Breckenridge.  They are both good skiers, but decided to learn to snowboard.  Apparently, they are pretty good – at least for novices.  They spent the day in a lesson and still had enough energy to catch a lift up right before closing time so they could get in one last run.

Of course, they learned a lot about anatomy during the day and over night – in fact they are still learning this morning – “the top of my right calf hurts”, “my tailbone used to stick out, now it is pushed in”, “I can really feel my abs”….

Diane and I chose to avoid the aches and pains – we went snow-shoeing.  We followed some cross-country ski trails most of the way and went through some beautiful woods – no traffic noise, no houses or condos.  We spent some time watching a squirrell chew through a pine cone like it was an ear of corn.  It looks like the pine beetles are having a feast too.  I wonder if there will be any trees left in five years…

We didn’t have quite the same aches and pains as our kids, but we felt it too.

Thankfully, the hottub was there at the end of the day.  Oh, what a pleasure it is to soak and watch the sun go down.

And today, we’ll do it all over again.

Just a note about the ski area – long lines (of course it is Spring Break – the weekend where Denver and JeffCo school area spring breaks overlap and we just got hit with “the blizzard of ought-nine”…).  We did hear a lot of complaints about the lines.  I guess the recession isn’t hurting the ski industry quite as bad as I thought it might.

I am sure the drive back down the hill will be slow….  Oh well, that’s what happens when we get some good snow.

Shining Stars Basketball Club – Denver Youth Basketball

I just returned from my daughter’s tryout with the Shining Stars Basketball club.  This is her second year and it is clear that the organization is growing very well.  Lots more girls showed up this year than did last year.

I can’t say enough about the organization.  The founders – Sonny Scarlett and Chris Peterson (Coach “Pete”) – are two quality individuals.  It is clear from everything they say – and more important, everything they do, that they are all about helping the players improve their skills.  That attitude and that feeling permeates the entire organization including all of the coaches.  It is a competitive environment, but it really feels good to be there.

If your son or daughter is interested in competitive basketball, you are missing out if you don’t check out The Shining Stars.

Organized Sports for Kids in the Denver Area

I just returned from the finals of the Green Mountain League tournament for the 8th Grade Girls Competitive Division.  Unfortunately, my daughter’s team – the Conifer Lady Lobos – lost to the Golden Demons after going undefeated in all league games during the regular season and the tournament – until the finals….  As disappointing as the loss was, it has been a great season.  Now, our girls have to suck it up and go out and play in the Gold Crown tournament later today.  Go Lobos!

My son is also active in sports, he plays for the Colorado Junior Eagles Major A hockey team.  They won their conference in both the regular season and year-end tournament.  Tonight, they are playing in the state championship tournament at Apex Rec Center.  Go Eagles!

While it does get tiring taking the kids to practice and going to games – sometimes all over Colorado and even out of State – it is worth it for the kids.  In addition to helping keep our kids in shape, competitive athletics are a great training ground for young people and help them learn life lessons.  You don’t win every battle, but if you learn to carry yourself with grace and dignity, you will always be a winner.

We are very fortunate to have so many organizations and leagues that encourage participation in sports throughout Denver and the Front Range.  If you have kids and are not taking advantage of these opportunities, your kids – and you – are missing out.  Make the effort.  It’s a lot of fun!

Avs opening night

Packed pepsi center for the avs home opener. Fun so far

Update: tied up 1:1

Update: tied again 2:2

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