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Let’s Play "Spot The Bagpipes"

If you hear bagpipes today, you’re not hallucinating. A little bird tells me that today Denver will be blessed by the presence of the widely traveled Bagpipe Busker. If you spot him, quick take a picture ’cause tomorrow he’ll have moved on.

For purposes of recognizing him – I mean, if the big honkin’ wind instrument isn’t enough – you might view his Today show appearance. Which was not, incidentally, from today, but is yet quite relevant today, because today is when Mr. Carver will be here.

Happy bagpipe spotting!


…is definitely a happening place and over the next few weeks it’s going to get better. Why? Because of a few events Nicole Wilker already talked about. Film on The Rocks is a big screen on Red Rocks with a band. One very big group of people are mixed in for good measure and walaah, you’ve got magic. Tuesday Night, “JAWS” hits the screen and as someone who has seen all the JAWS movies (Revenge was hilariously awesome) and has the Steven Spielberg film on the tippy top of his top ten lists…I encourage you to come out and celebrate one of the best (I would say THE best) movies of all time.

What is your favorite JAWS scene? Mine is when Robert Shaw is in the bottom of the boat with the other two describing the incident involving the USS Indianapolis followed by a close second of just about everything Mr. Shaw does. Shaw played the ring leader in the original “Taking of Pelham 123” and him and Walter Matthau were classic.

Needless, get out and enjoy this Denver Summer before the fall comes in with cold winds and threats of snow.

Cause then we’ll be shutting down the airport again and taking cover in our bunkers. That’s how we roll in Denver, yo. Straight up. No diggity. I’m gonna stop typing now.

Oh and catch me at Ignite Denver on Wednesday making a complete fool out of myself. Should be fun. Right?


Ignite Denver #4 – Casselman’s Bar and Venue

Ignite Denver #4!!!

Ignite Denver!
This Wednesday at Casselmans on Walnut!

Wednesday, July 8, 6:00 PM
2620 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 242-8923

There is a local band – The Compilers – doing a performance during intermission! Woohoo Free Local Music!
Never been to an Ignite Denver before here is the 411:

If you have 5 minutes on stage, what would you talk about?
What if you only had 20 slides, that advanced automatically every 15 seconds?
Geeks around the world have been getting together to find out!

Come join this fun! There was a sell out crowd in May!!

It’s a grand time! Lots of random and interesting topics to listen to!
Tons of people to meet and greet!

There is a fantastic line up again this time!
Pass the word and come join the fun!
It’s free – just make sure to register to get into the raffles!

Film on the Rocks! Seating Rules!

Last week I attended Princess Bride at Red Rocks. (see previous post!)  I left work early, picked up some yummy subs at Fat Jacks, had my slanket, camp chair, bottled water, cash for the over priced beer, camera, iphone and friends and was ready for a fun evening!

Last year we attended breakfast club as our virgin outing to FOTR (as those in the know call it).
We got there and looked at what everyone else was doing, so we could fit in!

No one was sitting on their seats, they were sitting in the space in front of their seats, blankets, pillows etc… It looked like a giant living room – how cool!
We followed suit and made notes on what extra stuff to bring the next time.

This past week at Princess Bride we were ready or as ready as we were going to be since we had to carry everything bout a 1/2 mile or so to the amphitheater.

This time the crowd appeared to be doing a 1/2 and 1/2 seating. Some on their seats, some on the space in front of their seats. It mostly worked out so everyone could see what they needed to see.

We had arrived before the doors opened so we could get a pretty good seat.
Around 8pm other peope arrived and demanded we modify our seating arrangements so they could sit down.
Hmm…  Let me think about that…  no. I was here early, general admission seating and got my seat.
Since there was still a mix of seating I felt no need to make room for someone who in my opinion arrived late.

At one point a set of 4 came and made another couple in front of us move, a gentleman over 6 feet tall who had found a place where he could comfortably sit with his legs out. He ended up looking not so comfortable elsewhere.  This set of 4 moved 2-3 more time and eventually sat directly in front of my companion with no care that her view was now blocked. She had to move up to the seat portion which led to the people behind her having to modify their seating arrangement and so on – a domino effect.

I was annoyed to say the least.

I sent an email to Ron Garrison – General Services Manager. (Kudos to him for taking the time to respond very thoughtfully to my email!)

Me: “I was wondering if i could get clarification from you on what the preferred seating methods for film on the rocks is.
Last year most people sat on the floor with their back up against the “seat” portion. That made fun environment, like everyone hanging out on the living room floor with their pillows and blankets!”

Ron: ” Thank you for your email and the chance to give you our position.  We have had many complaints from people who purchased tickets and could not find a place to sit.  The fire and paramedics were also distressed by the people who had no place to sit but on the stairs.

There were less tickets sold than seats in the amphitheater, but patrons who “sprawl” and take more than one seat are becoming an increasing problem – particularly on a popular show like The Princess Bride.  When asked, some will make room for others, many will not.  Sitting in front of the seat and stretching ones legs out in front takes at the very minimum two seats.  If the patron takes two seats in their own row and stretches out to the seats in front, then they are taking up four seats.  Clearly this is unfair to others who pay the same price for tickets. Therefore we ask that you sit in your seat.  In the pre-recorded announcements before the show, this is one point that is requested of the audience.  A ticket to a show entitles you to one seat and one seat only. Although there are 8448 seats in the amphitheatre, for future shows we will stop selling at 7500 and declare the show “Sold Out.”

Basically I bantered back and forth on a couple more points with Ron and he was kind enough to take the time to respond in kind! With the final outcome being
Bottom line is one ticket-one seat.    As romantic as the concept of “giant living room” is, we just can’t operate that way. “

I will abide by the rules now that i am aware of them when I go to Ghostbusters in August.  I am thinking the environment will no longer be as much fun as it was. I also hope they (Red Rocks Staff) make a bigger effort the enforce the rules – which need to be done from gate opening…  Trying for force everyone onto their “seats” at 8pm it just too late in the game – especially with the mixed seating that occurs.

See you there, and remeber to sit in your seat!

Happy Birthday Billy Kreutzman!

The Dead celebrated Billy Kreutzman’s birthday last night by serenading him with “Happy Birthday” to him in the middle of the second set.  Then, after an awesome performance on Drums, Micky Hart gave him a big hug.

This was my first Dead show without Jerry.  In fact, it was my first Dead show in more years than I would like to admit.  Great fun!  Brought back memories from days gone by.   Nice to see them playing some accoustic.

Warren Haynes is a good addition to the band, but nobody can replace Jerry Garcia.  I miss Jerry…

Highlights from last night included “Loser”, which was once my favorite song, “The Weight”, “Me and My Uncle”, two really great “Space” sessions, “Drums”, and then “Not Fade Away” to close out the second set.

Phil preceded the encore with a plea for more people to be organ donors.

Here is the set list:

(Set 1)
Feel Like A Stranger
Casey Jones
Easy Wind
Crazy Fingers
Lost Sailor>
Saint Of Circumstance

(Set 2)
Deep Elem Blues
Me and My Uncle
Whiskey in the Jar
The Weight
Ramble On Rose
King Solomon’s Marbles
China Doll
Cumberland Blues
Not Fade Away


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