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Fun Filled Denver Weekend!

Again – another fun filled weekend!

So much to do, so little time!

Tonight at Barnum Park


Tomorrow Night
at Skyline Park


Saturday All Day:

Free Day of Museum of Art


Saturday Morning:

2009 Neighborhood Conference

Mayor John Hickenlooper and City leaders will host neighborhood and community organizations in a day of community-wide networking and neighborhood leadership training on Saturday, Aug. 1, at Coors Field. For more details, read the press release here.
Or get another take on what will be going down here


Saturday Afternoon:

Verso Cellars

Colorado Day Wine Tasting
DATE: Saturday, August 1
TIME: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
LOCATION: 4640 Pecos St.
MORE: Join us August 8 for our Grand Opening Celebration!

Sunday Afternoon:

Avery Brewing Company – Anniversary Party!

SIXTEEN years in business and its time to celebrate! Join us and the rest of Boulder at the brewery for this annual summer event.  As always, we'll have dozens of styles of your favorite Avery Brews, a BIG pig roast (with vegetarian options too), vertical tasting and bands all day long!  Make your plans now.  

Featuring the sounds of 6 great bands: 

Felonius Smith Trio
Acoustic Hotfoot
Lost Alamos
Cari Minor & Ray Smith
Chris and Bardusco of Meniskus
The Alltunators

Conifer and Aspen Park

Yesterday, Diane and I hiked to the top of the hill at Meyer Ranch Park Open Space in Aspen Park.  There are about four miles of trails to the top.  We went late in the afternoon after the rainstorm.  It was beautiful – and quiet.  We didn’t meet a single soul on the trail.  I think we may start hiking more in the late afternoons after a heavy rain.

Near the top there is an overlook with a bench that looks out over Aspen Park.  We both noted how much Aspen Park has grown since we first moved to the foothills over fifteen years ago.  In addition to Conifer High School, we saw the huge King Soopers complex, the rebuilt complex that used to house the drug store and City Market.  There are many other new buildings along the frontage road as well.  Not in view, but also there, is the new Conifer Safeway shopping center.

It is still beautiful though with great views of rock outcroppings and mountains easily visible from almost every vantage point.

The Evergreen Jazz Festival

If you haven’t already done so, check out the Evergreen Jazz Festival.  Today is the last day to experience some great jazz in the town of Evergreen, Colorado.  The annual Evergreen Jazz Festival started on Friday and goes through today.  You can see and hear Jazz at five locations – although the Little Bear only participated on Friday and Saturday.  The other locations include the Evergreen Lakehouse, the Elks Ballroom, the Elks Patio, and the Evergreen Christian Church.

The 2009 lineup features the Carl Sonny Leyland Trio, Festival Feetwarmers with Anita Thomas, After Midnight Jazz Band, Gypsy Swing Revue, Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra, Marty Eggers’ Ragtime Quartet, John Royen Trio, International Sextet, Joni Janak and Centerpiece Jazz with special guest Rich Chiaraluce, Celebration Jazz Band, Gremoli, and Colorado favorite Queen City Jazz Band with vocal great Wende Harston.

If you live in the foothills and are looking for something fun and different to do, check it out.  It is a good time and great music.

Food Glorious Food

It starts today!!!

Do you like to eat – as you may have notice I love to eat and I love to talk about it! And I love Yelp – great reviews, honest opinions, tips and tricks!!!

Coming this month similar to 5280 week is Yelp Eats!

7 days. 15 restaurants. 3 courses. $25 per person.


Yelp Eats. Yelp Eats. Yelp Eats…Yelp Eats!

Monday, July 20, 2009 – Sunday, July 26, 2009

Participating Denver restaurants will offer special 3-course prixe fixe menu for $25 (+ tax and tip) during dinner time. Woohoo!!!

1. Reservations are not required, but they are highly recommended. When you call to make reservations, request the Yelp Eats menu! (booking early is highly recommended)
2. $25 does NOT include tax/tip or additional items.
3. Spread the word, this deal is open to all, yelpers and non-yelpers alike!

Here are the participating restaurants:
Juicy Lucy Steakhouse (Denver location only)
Root Down (Menu is subject to change according to season)
Le Central
LaLa’s Wine Bar
Citron Bistro
Argyll Gastropub
1515 Restaurant (Menu is subject to change according to season)
The 9th Door

Hooray food!

Let’s Play "Spot The Bagpipes"

If you hear bagpipes today, you’re not hallucinating. A little bird tells me that today Denver will be blessed by the presence of the widely traveled Bagpipe Busker. If you spot him, quick take a picture ’cause tomorrow he’ll have moved on.

For purposes of recognizing him – I mean, if the big honkin’ wind instrument isn’t enough – you might view his Today show appearance. Which was not, incidentally, from today, but is yet quite relevant today, because today is when Mr. Carver will be here.

Happy bagpipe spotting!

Film on the Rocks! Seating Rules!

Last week I attended Princess Bride at Red Rocks. (see previous post!)  I left work early, picked up some yummy subs at Fat Jacks, had my slanket, camp chair, bottled water, cash for the over priced beer, camera, iphone and friends and was ready for a fun evening!

Last year we attended breakfast club as our virgin outing to FOTR (as those in the know call it).
We got there and looked at what everyone else was doing, so we could fit in!

No one was sitting on their seats, they were sitting in the space in front of their seats, blankets, pillows etc… It looked like a giant living room – how cool!
We followed suit and made notes on what extra stuff to bring the next time.

This past week at Princess Bride we were ready or as ready as we were going to be since we had to carry everything bout a 1/2 mile or so to the amphitheater.

This time the crowd appeared to be doing a 1/2 and 1/2 seating. Some on their seats, some on the space in front of their seats. It mostly worked out so everyone could see what they needed to see.

We had arrived before the doors opened so we could get a pretty good seat.
Around 8pm other peope arrived and demanded we modify our seating arrangements so they could sit down.
Hmm…  Let me think about that…  no. I was here early, general admission seating and got my seat.
Since there was still a mix of seating I felt no need to make room for someone who in my opinion arrived late.

At one point a set of 4 came and made another couple in front of us move, a gentleman over 6 feet tall who had found a place where he could comfortably sit with his legs out. He ended up looking not so comfortable elsewhere.  This set of 4 moved 2-3 more time and eventually sat directly in front of my companion with no care that her view was now blocked. She had to move up to the seat portion which led to the people behind her having to modify their seating arrangement and so on – a domino effect.

I was annoyed to say the least.

I sent an email to Ron Garrison – General Services Manager. (Kudos to him for taking the time to respond very thoughtfully to my email!)

Me: “I was wondering if i could get clarification from you on what the preferred seating methods for film on the rocks is.
Last year most people sat on the floor with their back up against the “seat” portion. That made fun environment, like everyone hanging out on the living room floor with their pillows and blankets!”

Ron: ” Thank you for your email and the chance to give you our position.  We have had many complaints from people who purchased tickets and could not find a place to sit.  The fire and paramedics were also distressed by the people who had no place to sit but on the stairs.

There were less tickets sold than seats in the amphitheater, but patrons who “sprawl” and take more than one seat are becoming an increasing problem – particularly on a popular show like The Princess Bride.  When asked, some will make room for others, many will not.  Sitting in front of the seat and stretching ones legs out in front takes at the very minimum two seats.  If the patron takes two seats in their own row and stretches out to the seats in front, then they are taking up four seats.  Clearly this is unfair to others who pay the same price for tickets. Therefore we ask that you sit in your seat.  In the pre-recorded announcements before the show, this is one point that is requested of the audience.  A ticket to a show entitles you to one seat and one seat only. Although there are 8448 seats in the amphitheatre, for future shows we will stop selling at 7500 and declare the show “Sold Out.”

Basically I bantered back and forth on a couple more points with Ron and he was kind enough to take the time to respond in kind! With the final outcome being
Bottom line is one ticket-one seat.    As romantic as the concept of “giant living room” is, we just can’t operate that way. “

I will abide by the rules now that i am aware of them when I go to Ghostbusters in August.  I am thinking the environment will no longer be as much fun as it was. I also hope they (Red Rocks Staff) make a bigger effort the enforce the rules – which need to be done from gate opening…  Trying for force everyone onto their “seats” at 8pm it just too late in the game – especially with the mixed seating that occurs.

See you there, and remeber to sit in your seat!

Princess Bride at Red Rocks!!!

Film on the rocks Tuesday night – Princess Bride – woohoo!

I love Film on the Rocks! Such a great night of entertainment!

They have bands and comedians and just a great time!!

The beers are the normally over priced deal.

Everyone brings pillows and blankets and turns it into a big giant living room floor!

See you there!

Get to know Rino – Open Studio and Brunch!

Sunday morning myself, the husband and couple friends headed out to explore RiNo – north!  (the north side of the tracks!)
We started at Ironton Studios and Gallery.  They were churning out the pancakes with smiles and jokes!
The outside seating area was gorgeous! All the art, the gardens, the sculptures! The studio areas were really neat too!

Our next stop was across the street at Weilworks.  Tracy the proprietor and his dog silo was great!

The house and studio spaces was amazing! The “watch tower” had great views of the city and the surrounding area.

We hopped on our bikes and headed across Brighton to the ZWick Place. An amazing old building manned by Susan Wick.

The gardens were beautiful with a tea house hidden in the corner. The main bathroom had amazing tile work. The artists in house were all super friendly, fun and very talented. We heard that this location was rarely fully open as it was today! Yeah!

Further south we popped into Plinth gallery and met jasmine the short haired pointer guarding the gate!

The space was really neat. I drive by this location every time we head to the 70 and finally got to go inside! We didn’t get to see the studio space in the back, but hopefully some time in the future we will.
We criss crossed back to the bike path north to 47th to visit Blue Silo Studios. The space was really cool, lots of fantastic artists including Sara Ashford. She has some amazing stenciled large panel peices and some great snacks to boot!

Our final stop was at the Taxi area. This is a super cool area on the other side of the river! We saw Katy Tartakoff’s fantastic photographs and other art.

Tried out the goodies at Fuel – can’t wait to come back for happy hour. Saw the folks at Blue and Yellow logic and heard about the cool things they are up to.  Chatted with the gals at Pilates Aligned -can’t wait to try them out!

It was a fabulous day! The sun was shining and the art was great!

Bergen Peak Trail – Elk Meadow Park Open Space

We enjoyed an excellent hike today at the Elk Meadow Park, a Jefferson County Open Space Park.  Although the park was a little busy, we found that the higher we went, the fewer people we saw.  We ended up hiking a total of seven miles in about three hours.

The snow and rain over the last couple of months has really done its job.  Everywhere we looked was green and moist.  It almost makes you wonder if you are still in Colorado.  We saw a number of wildflowers and flowering bushes.  Lots of yellow, white and blue to highlight the green.  In addition, we were amazed by the amount of white quartz.  Some huge specimens that almost glowed.  In some places, it looked like snow was still holding on the hill.  One of the most beautiful pieces of quartz that I found had veins of red and even some of the white quartz looked a little cloudy with the red.

And the views were tremendous!  We were watching the whole time as the clouds moved in, but it made the views look even more dramatic.  Unfortunately, the thunder and impending storm kept us from getting to the top of Bergen Peak, but it still was an excellent workout.  The good news is that we had made it back to the bottom just as the rain really started to come down.

We are so lucky that Jeffco has spent the money and resources to develop the open space system.  Do yourself a favor – take advantage of it!

Mountain View from near the Top of Bergen Peak

Mountain View from near the Top of Bergen Peak

No way to be bored this weekend in Denver!!!!

This weekend is jam packed with things to do in Denver that are cheap or free! Get out, enjoy the community, the weather and your local activities!

First Friday –

Santa Fe, RINO and Golden Triangle – I love first friday! A bunch of people get together and look at some really cool art!

I’ve only partaken of Santa Fe – mainly because my favorite Ethiopian Restaurant Arada is there! It makes a good excuse! We have found some fabulous artists that hang in our home during out outings here! Support local art, get some fresh air walking, biking etc between the galleries, and some locals even have beverages and snacks for the visitors!  Check it out!

The People’s Fair –

It has been on my calendar to check this fair out for years. I intend to get there this weekend, will you be there?

Chalk Art At Larimer

I have been to this even every year since we moved to Colorado! I love it! It is so cool to see all the pictures come to life. Luckily I live downtown so i can pop by a couple times to see the work in progress! The event has grown and grown over the years! There is now a wine booth, and art booth and the chalk art extends past 14th on Larimer and both ways on 14th! Last year it rained Saturday night and I felt terrible for all the hard word washed down the drain. Ugh! Fingers crossed the clouds stay away!

“Standards of Ethical Conduct”

movie premeir! Can’t wait- chuck roy!

Bronco’s Fan Fair –

I”m not a sports fan – yes I know, sacrilege to even speak those words here in Dever!

For the rest of the population – go see your favorite team!

City Park Jazz

I have never been to this fabulous musical evening, but have friends that keep bugging me to attend. Soon!

Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market –

see previous post!

Belmar Farmer’s Market

Opening day Sunday!  This is a really cute farmers market. I went a couple times last year. It starts later than most, and think that is mainly due to the fact that Belmar is dual purpose buildings and people live over the street where the market is! Veggies, flowers, roasted chili peppers, reusable bags and more!

Kindle meet up

gotta give some love to the geeks!  :)  There is a kindle meetup saturday morning at the Starbucks on the corner of 16th and Blake. If you keep all your books in one slim 8X5 rectangle, meet some others that do the same! Exchange reading tips or just find some new people that share the love of the kindle.

What will you be doing this weekend?

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