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I Think We’ve Had It, Boys

Eight years ago today I started writing things about Denver.  And I wrote.  And wrote.  So much.  Then in 2009 I stopped.  Metroblogs wasn’t doing as well.  There were announcements and things about fundraising a few years back.  Somehow the lights were kept on – and amazingly are still online as of this post’s writing.  But as much as I think trying to rebirth, reinvent or refresh this place will help it, I have to finally personally admit – it’s over.  I think the stubbornness was bore out of the joy I found writing about the different parts of the Denver Metro area and their unique eccentricities.  I loved telling people how much I loved my city and why it was the greatest place on the planet.  Every so often I’d drift over to the login page here and wonder if any of the heartfelt keystrokes would even find an audience here in this abandoned dinosaur.

I was twenty five years old when I put hands to keys here and as a grown up thirty three year old it’s oddly comforting looking back on the old posts.  I’ve learned a few things, made a few mistakes and had to realize a couple more realities in my life to get here – but I’m content with that.  It’s this place that allowed me to express how great the city of Denver is and why so many (and today – maybe too many!) people love it here.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Homelessness In Your Community: Discuss.

Restoring the Soul, an organization facilitating the service collaboration of faith congregations, has been hosting a series of monthly community forums for several years now. In the organization’s own words:

One aspect of Restoring the Soul: Faith and Community Partnership’s mission is community education on crucial social issues. These Forums present current information via local, expert panelists who are personally involved with the topic issue. The Forums address the information needs of congregations, service agencies and the general citizenry.

(Emphasis mine.) February’s forum is on a topic near and dear to my own heart. It’s called “Homelessness: Compassion and Tension in Community.”

Tension is an appropriate word. I was here in early 2000 when the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless was struggling desperately to find a more adequate location than the converted motel they used to subsist in way up north on Broadway. A facility became available, one that would allow them to multiply their nightly beds, greatly expand their program helping residents transition into independence, and, being more centrally located, give residents better access to jobs and services–but it was too close to a middle school for Boulder parents’ comfort. Because homeless people are scary, dontcha know, they might sneak up to the fence and sell our kids drugs or, y’know, be visible…

The Shelter is in a much better facility now, but it’s still way the hell north on Broadway, at the very last stop of the SKIP route, far enough north that even the “Uptown” residents don’t have to be acutely aware that homeless people exist.

Well, they do exist, and there but for the grace of our paychecks go most of us. No matter how we may like to pretend it can’t happen to us because we’re good, hardworking people who would never bring the problems of homelessness and poverty on ourselves by being lazy and getting drunk or whatever–it can happen to anyone. All it takes is one unaffordable emergency, one medical diagnosis, one divorce, one abusive family member… And if it happens to you, do you think you’re going to suddenly turn into an amoral predator apt to corrupt children through a schoolyard fence? Would the inability to make the rent turn you into an urban danger overnight?

See also: Being Poor.

So. Important topic. Important forum. Open to the public. If you’re reading these words, you’re invited.

It’ll be this Thursday, February 25th at Congregation Har HaShem (3950 Baseline). The panel, scheduled for 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., will be facilitated by Greg Harms, Executive Director of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Panel members will be Joy Eckstine (Carriage House), Joe Pickett (St. Andrew Presbyterian Emergency Warming Center), and Jim Budd (Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow). After the panel there will be half an hour for Q&A.

For more information about attending or how you can listen to a recording of the forum afterwards (via KGNU or online), please visit Restoring the Soul’s informational Forums page.

And thank you for reading.

Free Days at Colorado History Museum!

Currently the Colorado History Museum is in the process of moving and is “giving away” the opportunity for one and all to come visit and enjoy!

I had heard about the free day via a tweet, gotta love how much you can learn about the goings on in denver via twitter!

And these are just the few that are in my current stream!

But I digress…  Today the husband and I took a trip to the museum to check out the Imagine a Great City: Denver at 150 exhibit!

We had never been in and decided a free day was as good a day as any to see what the museum was all about!
The volunteers at the front desk were friendly and helpful and sent us on our way into the exhibits.

The main exhibit took up most of one side of the museum with lots of placards and info spots.  Down stairs there was another exhibit on Allen True’s West. Also downstairs is where they restore artifacts and they do it in a large glass room so everyone can see – now obviously they are simply packing everything up to prepare for the move, but hopefully in the new location there will be the same sort of thing! I bet that would be really cool!

It will be free until March, so pop in and take in some history!

Denver Art Week at the Zoo

Last weekend I enjoyed the first weekend of Denver Art Week (#denverartweek). I went to the Zoo and watched the Elephants paint pictures!!!
Yes – Paint Pictures!!  How cool is that??!!
The handlers – brought the elephants into the main inside area, they went through some of the basic stuff – checking feet, teeth etc. It was super cool that they could balance on their left feet and raise their right feet – wow! Amazing balance!

Once they finished that, the main show started! Each elephant got to paint some of the painting. The finished product was definitely interesting!!

Beginning of the painting More paint! Final Painting
Once the new area for the Pachyderms is finished this paintings will be hung on the outside of their building! They get to decorate their own house! Yeah!!

The Gothic and They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants at the Gothic
I ventured out of downtown to experience the joy that is They Might Be Giants!

I’ve never been to concert in Denver since I moved here – how can that be? With such great venues and awesome talent coming through all the time?
I have no answer for you, but I have promoted the husband to the LMC – Live Music Coordinator for the family.

The show was awesome! Really how could They Might Be Giants not rock the house right? Everyone knows the songs, it makes everyone happy and everyone bounces!
I read up on the venue on Yelp and determine we needed to get there pretty much at Doors Open if we wanted front row, that we needed to park on Acoma – free after 6!, and that we should dine at Moe’s.

The timing was excellent – we got front row in the Balcony – i’m working my way up to being an oldster – so being body to body and standing for 4 hours is waaay past my threshold! The view from anywhere in the Gothic is amazing. I could see everything!
Our view
The cocktail waitress (is that description any more??) was on her game and right as we were debating who got to climb the stairs to the bar she arrived! Sweet!

This was a 16+ show. 16, really? That’s weird. Yet we still saw at least 3 gentleman toting around 1-3 children each. Really? By children i mean under 10. Really, children, at a grownup venue, on a school night, at a show that doesn’t really get going till 8:30 or 9pm? People really are stupid.

The venue did get a bit warm near the end.
The sounds was great and the venue was awesome! I’ll be looking for more things to see here!

Parking was good except there was no quick way to cut back to our car – so after sweating to death at the top, I got quite chilled making our way back… I know, i am a princess!

As for Moe’s…  All i can say – don’t bother.

Can’t wait for the next time TMBG passes through, on their current trend that would be 2024….  Then I’ll really be an oldster!

Zombies Takes Over Denver

When I heard there was a “Zombie Crawl” going on downtown, i knew i wanted to see it!
I knew i was too much of a chicken to partake, but figured i could go see what all the fuss was about!

There are some amazingly creative people that live around this fair city we have!
There were Pirate Zombies, A Tella Tubby Zombie, Babies dresses as zombies with finger parts in their bottles, there were a lot of brides – but only 1 michael. Really, just one?
The Masses
There were the people that agreed to be chased by zombies – they had X’s on their backs

There were the zombie killers – a woodie harroldson lookalike, a storm trooper, and some other masked fighters.

And down the road a bit was the Robot Defense League headquarters!

Robot Defense Leaque

There was a much smaller contingent of them – under 20 – vs the Zombie Crowd – i think one count was almost 4000! Way to go Danny Newman!

Definitely a good time was had by all!


Due to the mahem caused by some of the participants poor Danny has now been fined for damage to 16th Street mall.

Donate to help fix it!

David Sedaris at the Buell

David Sedaris visits Denver,  to  a packed house at the Buell.

The stage was still set for Wicked, but he looked great under the giant dragon!

I last saw him years before out in Southern California – so I didn’t feel the need to pay the big bucks to see up his nose!

We were waaaay up in the balcony – 3 rows from the back! We could see pretty well, but of course the fun of “seeing” David Sedaris is to hear him read his stories.

He read a couple excerpts from his next book! We hope he calls it “Animal Stories” – you’ll have to wait and see when it comes out!

NPR – KUNC (did you know they do a 1 day donation drive? how cool is that)  and The Tattered Cover were there to support him and he supported them right back!Very cool!

His suggested reading this time around was “Our Dumb World

It sounded hysterical and I think at least one person might be getting if for christmas this year!

He also suggested a weird recommendation for TV or internet viewing was a show on BBC called The Specials – Sounded interesting…Weird, but interesting.

The crowd was well behaved, creepily well versed in Mr Sedaris’s life, family and habits, and just happy to have him in their midst! The hour and a half flew by and we all moaned when he left the stage.

Pirate: Contemporary Art Exhibit

From September 18th through October 4th, the 3-dimensional art of Lesa Alison-Hastings will be on display at the Pirate: Contemporary Art Gallery at 3655 Navajo Street in Denver.

Pirate is one of the longest running galleries in Denver and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2010.  Pirate can be described as “edgy,” and features contemporary art.  Ms. Hastings work will be showing with a local artist named BUG.

Opening reception: September 18, 6:00-10:00 PM.

Ms. Hastings started collaging when she needed a break from writing her thesis, and it later became a default creative outlet during periods of writer’s block.  She began doing both writing and collaging simultaneously, and eventually started merging language into the art.  For the most part she takes found objects, many of which are vintage or even antique, and combines unlike things to re-contextualize them into what she describes as a visual narrative.

She uses various papers, metal objects and scraps (many of which beg a current tetanus shot), woods, drawers, wax, and anything she can get her hands on and glue together.

Ms. Hastings is a Senior Account Manager for Page 1 Solutions, a website design and marketing firm specializing in Internet marketing for attorneys, dentists and doctors.

What are you doing for Labor Day in Denver?

There are so many things to do this weekend, i don’t even know where to start!

First Friday –

it’s every first friday – but why not go since you have an extra day off this weekend?

Santa Fe, RINO and Golden Triangle – I love first friday! A bunch of people get together and look at some really cool art!


The Taste of Colorado

So many restaurants, such good food, a wonderful time to spend an evening or a day!


Sniagrab –

going on

The World’s Largest Ski and Snowboard Sale – At Sports Authority! We have yet to get our buts there – but I hear the deals are phenominal!


Ski REx

Starts Saturday but has a VIP day today (Friday) – just sign up for their mailing list and you get a ticket to get in!

Ski Rex


Cirque de Soleil

– many deals –


Flobots bowling

They are bowling for Charity this Friday!!! You could bowl with them!

Where will you be this weekend?

Health 4 Humanity – Peace Jam

Want a good way to give back to give back, do something good for you and have fun all at the same time?

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