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Zombies Takes Over Denver

When I heard there was a “Zombie Crawl” going on downtown, i knew i wanted to see it!
I knew i was too much of a chicken to partake, but figured i could go see what all the fuss was about!

There are some amazingly creative people that live around this fair city we have!
There were Pirate Zombies, A Tella Tubby Zombie, Babies dresses as zombies with finger parts in their bottles, there were a lot of brides – but only 1 michael. Really, just one?
The Masses
There were the people that agreed to be chased by zombies – they had X’s on their backs

There were the zombie killers – a woodie harroldson lookalike, a storm trooper, and some other masked fighters.

And down the road a bit was the Robot Defense League headquarters!

Robot Defense Leaque

There was a much smaller contingent of them – under 20 – vs the Zombie Crowd – i think one count was almost 4000! Way to go Danny Newman!

Definitely a good time was had by all!


Due to the mahem caused by some of the participants poor Danny has now been fined for damage to 16th Street mall.

Donate to help fix it!

David Sedaris at the Buell

David Sedaris visits Denver,  to  a packed house at the Buell.

The stage was still set for Wicked, but he looked great under the giant dragon!

I last saw him years before out in Southern California – so I didn’t feel the need to pay the big bucks to see up his nose!

We were waaaay up in the balcony – 3 rows from the back! We could see pretty well, but of course the fun of “seeing” David Sedaris is to hear him read his stories.

He read a couple excerpts from his next book! We hope he calls it “Animal Stories” – you’ll have to wait and see when it comes out!

NPR – KUNC (did you know they do a 1 day donation drive? how cool is that)  and The Tattered Cover were there to support him and he supported them right back!Very cool!

His suggested reading this time around was “Our Dumb World

It sounded hysterical and I think at least one person might be getting if for christmas this year!

He also suggested a weird recommendation for TV or internet viewing was a show on BBC called The Specials – Sounded interesting…Weird, but interesting.

The crowd was well behaved, creepily well versed in Mr Sedaris’s life, family and habits, and just happy to have him in their midst! The hour and a half flew by and we all moaned when he left the stage.

Loggins & Messina

I am excited to be going to see the Loggins & Messina concert tonight at the Paramount Theater.  I have not seen them in over thirty years – although they have been a staple of our musical interest off an on for years.  Loggins & Messina was my first ever concert when I was sixteen.  It was at the Spectrum in Philadelphia and I still remember it to this day.  Driving home after curfew with a car full of partying kids could have cost me my drivers license, but with a little luck I managed to avoid that little scrape with the law.

Since then, I have particularly enjoyed Loggins & Messina when visiting Hawaii.  “Everything goes in Lahaina….”

My friend, Denver dentist Scott Greenhalgh who is taking us to the concert, told me that I should wear the clothes I wore to the concert that night.  Even if I still had them, there is no way I could fit this old body into those skinny clothes.  Something to aspire too…  Before the show, we plan to have dinner at The Keg in Lodo.  Very much looking for ward to it.  It will be good food, good company and good music!

As seen on twitter…


I wanted to introduce you to DENVER 2 for 1 TIX,
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I saw a snippet on twitter about 2 for 1 tickets in Denver and since we are all counting pennies these days, I immediately gave it a click!

Love the idea, last minute tickets, cheap prices! With this and groupon (i know you know about groupon) I should be far from bored and have more money in my pocket to buy drinks!  The above email I could send to all my friends, but i decided to send it out to all the Denver Metblog followers instead!

Great Game Today at Invesco

Just back from a really fun – and cold – afternoon at Invesco Field at Mile High.  The Broncos continued to surprise the skeptical pundits – this time with an overtime wins against the “Boston” Patriots.  Wearing their throw-back yellow and brown uniforms with the striped socks (cheerleaders even wore their 1960s cheerleading attire – reminding many of us old folks of their high school cheerleaders), the Broncos came back from a 10 point halftime deficit.

The defense was fantastic, shutting down – and shutting out – the Patriots high powered offense in the second half.  Although they gave up a season high 17 points in the first half, as has been the case all season, they righted the ship at half-time and took control.

Kyle Orton looked like the quarterback that Coach McDaniel wanted when he traded away Jay Cutler over the summer.  He threw for two touchdowns (two eleven yard strikes to Brandon Marshall) and over 300 yards.  He spread the ball to all of his receivers – including Eddie Royal who came up with a number of first down receptions, Marshall, Gaffney, Moreno (who generated a lot of yardage both rushing and receiving) and his two tight ends – Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler).

Even two untimely penalties against the Broncos punt receiving team late in the fourth quarter, which gave the Patriots life, weren’t enough to put the Broncos away.  The whole stadium held its breath wondering if the Broncos were going to fall to one of Tom Brady’s patented game-winning drives, but the Broncos just won’t quit.   This team just keeps on fighting.

We all left the stadium horse from shouting and cheering after Prater’s overtime game winner.  And many of in the crowd stopped over at a local bar while waiting to go cheer for the Rockies – another team that doesn’t know the meaning of quit.

Go Broncos!

Go Rockies!

CSA Membership: Creativity Required

As I may have mentioned before, this is Chez LeBoeuf-Little’s second year in CSA membership with Abbondanza Organic Seeds & Produce. Last year we had far, far too many veggies even for our renewed resolution to eat out less and cook together more, so this year I yielded to John’s wisdom in signing up for only a partial share. Even so, possibly because I’ve been going out of town at frequent intervals and John’s been working late, we have a situation.

Thus, on a snowy day in Boulder, I present OMG Nothing Will Fit In The Fridge Soup.

  1. From that still unopened package of bacon you bought because it looked like a good idea at the time, remove four fat slices. Cut them into 1″ squares. Start them frying.
  2. If you like, add a quarter-cup chopped up roasted chilis. The ones that looked so gorgeous at the farmer’s market last week. You only meant to buy three ears of peaches ‘n cream sweet corn, but you can’t resist a bag of freshly roasted chilis.
  3. When the bacon is about half-done, delve into this week’s CSA share. Slice up and add to the bacon pan the stems of that beautiful bunch of rainbow chard, one fat green pepper, and one yellow onion. Let these cook until the aroma makes you salivate. Let cook a few minutes longer.
  4. Roughly chop the chard leaves and stick them in a soup pot with just enough water to cover. Dump in a can of navy beans. (This is why you stocked up on canned beans.) Dump in a quarter-cup or so of frozen turkey drippings. (This is why you save and freeze the turkey drippings.) Dump in a nice big anonymous spoonful (teaspoon? tablespoon? Who knows? Who cares?) of your favorite bouillon.
  5. Take the pan of bacon-onion-pepper-chili off the stove and put the soup pan on. Turn fire up to “please come to a gentle boil, if you please.” Dump contents of pan into soup pot. Stir.
  6. When the pot’s boiling, reduce to “simmer but don’t take forever about it” and wait as long as you can stand it.

Serve with OMG Nothing Will Fit In The Fridge Salad, which is all the mizuna and arugula still fresh enough to eat in a salad plus a couple radishes and carrots and cucumbers and raw zucchini and julienned roasted beets and, you know, whatever, drizzled with Ravenous Chocolate Vinaigrette.

Time to eat!

Time to eat!

Typically some greens haven’t been used up. Make stir fry tomorrow with the choi, using those Hazel Dell oyster mushrooms you bought for just this purpose. Also one of those great long yellowish-green peppers that you’re never sure what to do with.

Take the rest of the chard, collard, arugula, mizuna, and whatever choi didn’t fit in the stir fry, and boil them down for Green Gumbo. (This has the advantage of using up more peppers and onions, though you may have to go out and buy the celery and parsley.)

“Next time on the CSA Overflow Creativity Show: OMG Nothing Will Fit In The Freezer! Stay tuned.”

(Reposted from my personal blog, because if the Boulder Farmer’s Market and Abbondanza Organic Seeds & Produce aren’t relevant to Denver Metblogs then I dunno what is.)

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