Game on Versus Game On!

After much careful thought and deciding that my anger at 9news was misdirected, I’m withdrawing this post.  I’ll simply do strike through to ensure the post remains as a record of my writing.

Why?  After talking with Damon over at the original Game On! I came to the conclusion that my attempt at trying to poke 9news into actually responding to me/the social media world was two things.  One is that it was filled with a bit too much vitriol and probably soaked in a bit of bitterness.  And two is that it was probably hopeless.

9news has reached out to me once in regards to a news story via DM on twitter.  I responded and then gave the person some ideas on how they could be involved with the twitter/social media world.  I received no response back to those overtures.  They were not filled with ill intent.  I simply gave ideas.

No response.  Therefore (and based on others in the twitter world I’m not alone) I’m giving up on trying to reach them through the means of the social media world.  It’s become quite clear they don’t (at least at this time) intend to use the tools and services that are in the here and now.

My apologies to 9news for the chip in my shoulder feeling the below article featured.  It was not something I’m particularly proud of as a writer/blogger.


Aaron DeLay

Denver, be the judge. See the following blog posts about a name situation that’s come up between two stores. One is Game On, recently founded by a young man who lost his mother to tragic circumstances. 9news covered this story for their news broadcast and promoted the store.  Read the below blogs to get the full, complete and total story before you read my opinionated reaction.

Damon’s Blog about the issue and Game On!’s blog about it.

In the other corner is Game On! a store founded seven months ago and has been working aggressively in putting their image out into the community. They’re online, they’re twittering, facebooking and everything else you should be doing in the social media world.

In the middle of this is 9news. A station which has not uses twitter in a effective manner and for the most part ignored the social media (as far as I can tell). I have a simple question for 9news. Did you google “Game On” and “Denver”? Cause I did and guess what I found?

This. What research did you do on this story? I understand the underlying emotional impact this young man has experienced and the point of this story. I’m not upset about that. What I am upset about is for all the claims you make about being the best in the business, award winning, most watched and everything else…you couldn’t have one person verify that indeed this is the only store with the name “Game On”? Took me five seconds.

I don’t want to jump the shark (I’ve done that far too many times in my lifetime) but I’d like to know that someone thought this through or at least knows about the long and arduous journey Game On! has been on to make it where they are.

Maybe I’m writing this in anger (there’s a very good chance) but I’d like to see 9news exhibit better skills and talents in running a story.

Hopefully 9news has a opinion on this.

The other issue that I’m leaving alone for now is the name issue. The stores share near exact logos and names. This will need to be solved, but I’ll leave that up to the management at both locations. Hopefully something can be worked out.

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