Denver County Jury Duty Tips!

This monday i experienced what Jury Duty in Colorado – specifically Denver County was like.
I have done my time in California but this was my virgin experience here in the Mile High City!

Things to know:

  • Arrive Early! Security for an 8:30 arrival is a nightmare! Plan on arriving closer to 8am to make it through.

There are 3 security stations on the front of the building. No idea which is faster!
The elevators you need are toward the center of the building – head that way.
If you did not head the warning to be early, then push your way into any open elevator!
When you reach floor 4, turn left. The jury room is half way down on the right.
They don’t check id, they just want your filled in survey.
Select a seat – there are no desks, so be prepared to be able to do everything you want to do in your spare time on your lap!

  • Right at 8:35 they start calling juror numbers!

Listen up, it’s like a raffle! They aren’t in order!

  • Bring your calendar for the next month!

Write down any appointment, training, vacation, etc you might have coming up in the next couple weeks if you are pooled to be on a long case!

There was an actual statement in my survey for this pool that said “Jury Duty is a harship” – but basically put down why you might be more different than your neighbor and we’ll see.
I was shocked that that statement was associated with jury duty. Seriously?

  • This is not a strict court system. They don’t remind you to turn off your cell phone. They don’t even make you remove your hat if you are in the presence of a judge.
  • There are criminals being moved around all around you – take care to hug the walls!

Know that they also need to use the rest room – so don’t dilly dally if you don’t want to be face to face or butt to butt with someone in chains attempting to relieve themselves!

  • Bring props – reading, etc. There is down time, your time is not important!
  • During jury selection they ask weird questions – be prepared to grand stand, get all your quirks out there for the DA and Defense Attorney to see and use for selecting or not selecting you. Got some strong opinions, just put it out there. Got issues with family members or friends and their interaction with the courts – tell your story! I was amazed at the candidness of the people around me – 50 of them – whom i have never met and hope to never see again. some i know waaaay to much about!

All in all the judge i had to interact with was very nice, her clerks were great, the trial topic was scary as hell and i’m glad i was excused (that and the fact that a huge financial hardship would have indeed occurred if was on a jury for 2-3 weeks – i only seem to be called for duty when I’m paid hourly… sigh)

Most of all, remember this is your civic duty, and one of the rights we fight for.

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