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Quick Update: "Ink" Held Over Through April 9

If you haven’t seen this marvelous film yet, you still have a chance! It will be running through April 2nd 9th. (Thanks to worldnamer for the correction!)

Click here to reserve your tickets!

Also, if you are so moved, consider becoming a member of the Denver Film Society. You get better ticket prices that way, and your membership dollars go to support independent film viewing in your hometown.

Why We Love Snow!

After the famous “blizzard of ought-nine”… we went to the mountains!  We took the kids to Breckenridge.  They are both good skiers, but decided to learn to snowboard.  Apparently, they are pretty good – at least for novices.  They spent the day in a lesson and still had enough energy to catch a lift up right before closing time so they could get in one last run.

Of course, they learned a lot about anatomy during the day and over night – in fact they are still learning this morning – “the top of my right calf hurts”, “my tailbone used to stick out, now it is pushed in”, “I can really feel my abs”….

Diane and I chose to avoid the aches and pains – we went snow-shoeing.  We followed some cross-country ski trails most of the way and went through some beautiful woods – no traffic noise, no houses or condos.  We spent some time watching a squirrell chew through a pine cone like it was an ear of corn.  It looks like the pine beetles are having a feast too.  I wonder if there will be any trees left in five years…

We didn’t have quite the same aches and pains as our kids, but we felt it too.

Thankfully, the hottub was there at the end of the day.  Oh, what a pleasure it is to soak and watch the sun go down.

And today, we’ll do it all over again.

Just a note about the ski area – long lines (of course it is Spring Break – the weekend where Denver and JeffCo school area spring breaks overlap and we just got hit with “the blizzard of ought-nine”…).  We did hear a lot of complaints about the lines.  I guess the recession isn’t hurting the ski industry quite as bad as I thought it might.

I am sure the drive back down the hill will be slow….  Oh well, that’s what happens when we get some good snow.

Snow Panic

For a supposed snow town, I am amazed at how much everyone is panicking about the current snowstorm.  Sure we are expecting to get a foot or maybe even two, but this is Denver.  March is the biggest snow month every year.  This is normal folks!

We need the snow.  It is a tinderbox in the mountains.  Let’s enjoy it rather than panicking about it.

Alderfer/Three Sisters Open Space

Hiked the Three Sisters Open Space in Evergreen today.  It was a beautiful day for a hike!

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought it was a good day for a hike.  This was the most crowded I have seen any Open Space park in our area since last summer.  Both parking lots were full and cars were parked along the roads outside the park.

We saw tons of hikers, bikers and dogs on the trail today.

Even so, it was beautiful.  The sky was blue, the sun was out and it was warm.  I even had to take off my windbreaker because I was sweating so much.  Dry – probably too dry – and no mud or snow.

This is a great place to hike.  It is right behind Evergreen High School.  It is easy to access.  Also, it has trails for all levels because there are flat open areas as well as steeper trails that go through the woods.  And, if you are a climber, there are lots and lots of big rocks to climb.

I highly recommend this one!

3/20: I am the News

My tour/job shadowing at CBS4Denver:


Get your wine on in Denver!

I’ve now attended 2 wine tastings that Argonaut Liquors have put on at the Park Hill Golf Course.
It has been great.
They line a long ballroom with tables full of wine!!  LOTS of wine!

I’ve been to other wine tastings and this by far out guns any other tasting you have been to!!

As you enter and confirm your reservation – price ranges from 25-35 – you can buy on line!!! (it benefits the Positive Project)
You get a multi page list of all the wine currently available for tasting in the room.
They also give you pencils so you can mark your favorites! yeah!!

The people manning the tables have an amazing amount of knowledge and want to share with you!

There is also a “snack” table in the middle for noshing. Different types of cheeses, grilled veggies, a couple warm items in the middle, brushetta and other yummies!
Gotta have something to sop up the alcohol!
This even is really fun, there are great deals on the wines if you like them – you order via email or call them and then you go pick it up when it’s ready!
How great is that!

I can’t wait to get the yummy italian goodies i ordered from last thursday!

See you at the next one!

Shining Stars Basketball Club – Denver Youth Basketball

I just returned from my daughter’s tryout with the Shining Stars Basketball club.  This is her second year and it is clear that the organization is growing very well.  Lots more girls showed up this year than did last year.

I can’t say enough about the organization.  The founders – Sonny Scarlett and Chris Peterson (Coach “Pete”) – are two quality individuals.  It is clear from everything they say – and more important, everything they do, that they are all about helping the players improve their skills.  That attitude and that feeling permeates the entire organization including all of the coaches.  It is a competitive environment, but it really feels good to be there.

If your son or daughter is interested in competitive basketball, you are missing out if you don’t check out The Shining Stars.

Denver International Airport

Since I had the pleasure of traveling through DIA this week, I thought I would share a few thoughts on our favorite $5 Billion airport.

I departed on Thursday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of parking available.  I am not sure if it was the date and time of my departure or if DIA is just not as busy as it used to be.  Maybe it is the economy.  In any event, it was easy to find my favorite spot in Long Term Parking and take the shuttle to the terminal.

In addition to an abundance of parking spaces, there were no lines at the ticket counter and very short lines at the Main Terminal security checkpoint.  However, since I was flying on Frontier Airlines, I chose to walk to the A Concourse rather than deal with the main security area.  I have found over time that the lines move much faster if you go directly to the A Concourse rather than going through security at the Main Terminal and taking the train.  In addition to speed, it is also nice to move your legs when you know you will be sitting on a plane for a couple of hours.

It turned out that I was right.  While the lines were short at the security checkpoints at the Main Terminal, there were absolutely no lines at security on the A Concourse.  I didn’t even have to slow down.  I highly recommend this for Frontier travelers.  In some cases, it may even make sense for people going to the B or C Concourses if the Main Terminal security lines are really long.

I also enjoyed the art that was hanging on the walls next to the moving walkways just before going down the the main floor of the A Concourse.  I am not sure how you get your work hung at DIA, but it is a great place to display it if you are an artist in the Denver area.

My flight left about ten minutes late – unusual for Frontier – but was otherwise uneventful.  My return flight last night actually arrived early!  Again, the concourse and the terminal seemed almost empty.

Lucky me, I get to go back to DIA on Wednesday morning.  It will be interesting to see if it is busier….

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Get with the green!!!

Tomorrow is the big day – the St Patrick’s Day Parade!

We were caught unaware last year that there was a parade, the magnitude of said parade, and the exuberance denverites held for the parade!

It starts at 10am at the Coors Field Parking Lot – at 27th and Blake, they head south till 17th, then turn right, back up Wynkoop, and then through the back of union station to the parking lot again.
This parade has everything – the typical irish stuff – irish setter groups, clog dancers, leprechauns, as well as Latin Dancers, Cab companies, the PT Cruiser group, long horn steers, and more!

It is the craziest conglomeration of disparate topics in one parade I have ever seen.

Get your green on and come out and celebrate!

If parades aren’t your thing, but you think you might need to burn off a couple calories, the running of the green is Sunday March 15th.
Have you seen the green stripe down Blake St?  You can’t get lost and it’s only 7k which is actually 2.2 miles!

March 11th – Ignite Denver – Maloney’s

Ignite is  tonight!!

The venue had to be changed due to limitations and a room change. Poop!

So take heed – it is now at Maloney’s on Market St

When: March 11th

Where: Maloney’s Tavern – 1432 Market St



Hope you all can come out and play – it should be a hoot!

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