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I don’t know anyone.

Last night hubby and I were talking about a friend of his, who’s soon to be wife, is having a hard time out here (in Colorado) and wants to move back to the state they came from. AH!

She’s having a hard time because she does not know what she wants to do for work (who does) and does not have a lot of friends. (They moved here because of his job.)

I feel bad for her. Truly! Meeting new people when you aren’t working can definitely suck.
And you don’t always want to mooch off your partner’s friends.
Although some times you can find some dear and lasting friends that way!!

Anyhoo – that got me thinking about my current social engagement calendar. As well as what the hubby is doing.
There are so many groups out there. All kinds of group – heck I even saw a knitting drinking group getting together at dazzle to help support the troops. Really – how cool is that? On so many levels! If only i could knit! Maybe i could go and hold the yarn?

    Some of my recent outings:
  • Denver Happy Hour – met at 9th door – all different walks of life and business and age etc etc etc
  • Yelp Elite Event – met at Jonesies Eat Bar – again all different kinds of people that come together because we like to eat!
  • Walnut Room for drinks – met up with a friend hubby made on twitter
  • Gym – tons of friends made there- and i’m usually a heads down, music loud, sweat it out typeo f gal
  • Cruise Room for drinks – a couple old co-workers, but also a friend of a friend – again another way to mooch and get some good people. they have already been vetted!
    Some of Hubby’s outings:
  • Denver Tweetup at Steuben’s – again a bunch of different kinds of people that are all on twitter
  • Re-Fresh at Forrest Room 5- some sort of web techie thing
  • My Brothers Bar – post re-fresh outing to talk about creating another gathering
  • RMAUG – rocky mountain adobe user group

What I’m getting at, is i could be busy every dang night of the week without trying. The one caveat – you have to make the effort to introduce yourself. Sure it can be nerve racking going into someplace where you don’t know anyone. But just put a smile on your face, put our hand and say “Hi, I’m Nicole, how are you?”

Denver has a fabulous network of groups that embrace all walks of life and cover just about anything you might do in your spare time, or for work!

Here is just a few off the top of my head! Please add your favorites in the comments!

Options for meeting people:

  • Yelp – events going on all the time – and you don’t have to be elite for most of them
  • Meetup


Techie Type Groups

Attention Denver Nerds!

Just a quick note that there are two huge events coming up in February that will be in Denver.  One’s about Twitter and the other is a WordPress camp.

Twestival is going on February 12th, 2008 and involves twitter-ers in respective areas.  Thanks to Chuck Blakeman, we’ve got a Denver Twestival in the works.  If you’re looking for details, check out the website and also see Chuck on twitter for more information as well.  See below for some more information and check out the site as well.  I am going to try to be there, but it all depends on work hours.

On 12 February 2009 105 cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water. Join us by hosting a Twestival in your city, attending an event, or participating online. The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers in cities around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects.

The other big nerd deal is Wordcamp Denver!  Yep, it’s here!  The WordPress Camp Phenom has been going for a few years and now we’re getting our own!  Check out the website for details on registering, who is going to be where and all the good stuff.  I’ll be there with bells on and excited to meet people in the Denver area who are WordPress focused.

One Lunch Date, Interrupted By Livestock

So my husband and I are meeting for lunch on the 16th Street Mall. I get off the Mall Shuttle, look around at our dining options, and text him:

[Me] Executive decision: Rialto Cafe.
[Him] Kk! OMW!

So far so good. Confident that it won’t take him long to get here from the 19th/California/20th/Broadway intersection tangle, I go in and order us drinks and cornbread.

Some minutes later:

[Him] Held up by cattle herd. I shit you not.
[Me] O RLY?
[Him] Yes. I has a picture, but not a great one because I was "zomg cattle!"

Stock Show Parade (1)
Stock Show Parade (2)

Well then.

The National Western Stock Show

I’m not originally from here. I’m not originally from anywhere where stock animals “come to town” and have a show!
Except maybe the circus… But anyway…

The National Western Stock Show is in town!
The stock!
What does that mean?
It means from now – Jan 10th till Jan 25th Denver and Denver Coliseum will be filled with lots of animals!
And per their website:
“The National Western Stock Show’s mission is to preserve the western lifestyle through an emphasis on education, and we take this mission seriously.”

There are a ton of things going on! The schedule is jammed packed. There is a rodeo. There is a horse show. There is just a lot of stuff going on.

But most important to me – is the parade!
Yes indeedie, there is a parade scheduled for Jan 13th crusing thru down town! Long horn cattle will be taking a jaunt come high noon on the 13th!
Long Horn on Parade
I’ve seen some of these fellas during the St. Particks Day Parade and they are not small. They are BIG. And their horns… Oooofa!

But hey, it you are down town around noon on the 13th… Stop by 17th street and take a gander!
I’m sure it will be a hoot! See you there!

I ran across, and got sucked in by the snapshots of what Denver was like long before I moved here, most long before I was alive.

They are aiming to present 150 different views of Denver over 6 months. City natives will enjoy seeing places they recognize. Newer arrivals will appreciate learning a bit more about this city’s history.

Check out

The Denver Mint

The Mint!
The mint

Have you been? Denver is the site of only 1 of 4 mints (did you know there were 4? take the tour and find out where the rest are!)
We had saved the outing for when “someone visited”. That time finally arrived over Christmas and we told them that they would indeed be visiting the mint!
There was not the boisterous sound of glee, but definitely no boo’s so we were good to go.

When i attempted to get a reservation – which i was told you MUST have to get into the mint, it was a 2 month out process, exact, to the day!
Turns out the tours can hold about 50 people. And there is a little booth near the mint to get “stand” by tickets. So if you can’t commit, try for stand by!!

We read the reservation sheet and the basic premise to enter the mint is go naked and carry nothing!
You can bring no bags, no cameras, nothing with something resembling a point, nothing that is bigger than a man’s wallet and can fit in your pocket… etc etc etc…
And there are no lockers! Leave everything at home or in your vehicle parked on the street – oh joy! I don’t consider Denver dangerous, but seriously….

The tour was amazing! Now i’m a big fan of How it’s Made and Modern Marvels – so i dig this stuff! But even the teenagers in our group enjoyed themselves!
The information was great, the displays were cool, seeing the “blanks” for the coins was neat! They informed us that the mint does not take any coins out of circulation, it is the public (that would be you and me) that take it out of circulation by putting them in piggie banks, creating those smooshed pennies, losing them in your cushions etc etc etc… How weird eh? Also learned that it cost 7 cents to make a nickel, and 3 cents to make a penny, but only 8 cents to make a quarter, so it all balances out… How freaky?

A cool hint – although kind of pointless now – they have a quarter machine in the gift shop (which is outside and anyone can enter) that dispenses the current quarter they are minting at hte moment – the state ones – Hawaii is now! But they do intend to do another round of quarters with each states national park on it. So if you are a collector, get some untouched ones at the gift shop!

Another cool hint – don’t go at the end of the year. They slow production! Anything stamped and not put into circulation that year cannot be used… So they turn it back into it origins… Meaning they aren’t producing at a super high rate and some of the machines aren’t even going. Sigh. But still cool!

So if you can, take a tour!

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