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Some of my favorite things…

Some of my favorite things… (sing to the sound of music song… ok you have it in your head? good, now it’s stuck!)

I have met some fabulous shop keepers and entrepreneurs located here in Denver, attempting to make a living hocking their wares! And I also found a cool list on 5280 of some others that I will have to try out!

If you want to keep the money local and help out some really cool products check these out!

Recycle Fashionably – home grown yoga bags. These ladies came up with this idea from years of hippy living for one and living with stinky bickram yoga clothes for the other! The have multiple sized yoga bags – fully lined – wait did you get that part? Fully lined to keep that sweat and whatever from getting all over everything else! And you can machine wash them! Woot! They also have some fabulous grocery bags – again fully lined! Check these products out – they do their job wonderfully and help save the environment!
Sweat Sack

Silverplume Sundries – I found this little lovely while chatting with a co-worker about hand crafted items. Low and behold, she and friend have this awesome lotion business.
All natural, great smells and the stuff works!!! I love the body butter in rose – OMG amazing! I used it after i shave and i’m smooth and moisturised all day long! The under arm stuff works! No stink! Promise! I can attest! The rest of the offering are all fabulous and they make an amazing gift. One other cool thing about their foot balm – it can be used on radiation burns. And it works. If you know someone going thru chemo and they aren’t able to get anything to heal their burns – try this magical wonder!
Body Butter

Callies Barkery – This woman is another transplant from the East Coast (kinda like me, but i got here via Cali…). I love her and her treats! She hand bakes all these treats with love for the animals in your life that you love! My dogs love all the choices! We stick with the breakfast scones mostly. They keep the stinkies at bay! Tons of flavors and choices! And baskets for gifting! Give your animal some love this christmas!
Breakfast Scones

Women’s Bean Project – this product and project i am not as intimate with as the rest of my favorite shops, but I love the premise behind this. These women need your help. They make these items to sell to help them break the cycle of poverty. How amazingly awesome is that? I left the merchandise mart sale put on by the Junior League with an armful of their products this year!
chocolate covered espresso beans!

Denver & The Metblog

It’s a question.  Not just for the authors here, but also our readers (if you exist, which given the comment count…you might not actually) to discuss.  You see, Denver’s unique in several ways.  We’ve got a lot of independent sources for local news and interaction.  9news partners with Metromix which has a very vibrant (yet very corporate) and alive feeling.  I found a post from a city councilman from Thornton on  The Denver Post has posted here in the comments and briefly drafted me to the Aurora Block Blog, before I quietly moved to Denver.  Westwood literally has the block covered on the local scene and I can bet my sweet bippy that their online blogs and communities are thriving.

I’m not bagging on Metblogs or the Denver Metblog.  That’s far from the case.  I think we as a team o’ writers (which reminds me, where the eff is everyone besides me, Nicole, Abisset, John and John’s wife) are trying to figure out just what in the world the purpose of the Denver Metblog is in the long run.

As a Metblog we are supposed to report on the things happening in our city and blog from a local perspective.  Trouble is, Denver’s already got that covered five ways to Tuesday with the aforementioned items in the first paragraph.  The voice of Denver Metblogs has become something of a meandering drunken homeless person on Colfax (apologies to all homeless drunken people on Colfax).

So the question is, what is the Voice of the Denver Metblogs supposed to be?  Are we simply parrots of the endless streams of blogging material already out there?  Do we need to take on a project for the next few months to craft and attract attention, eyes and in the end loyal readers?  This question is open to everyone reading this right now, so feel free to let loose in the comments.  Mind you, you’ll have to register and all but I’m curious to see what/if anything y’all have to say.

Also, if Metblogs management is reading/watching/reacting to this, please don’t take offense.  I’m just of the opinion that my city needs some different ideas on where this blog may or may not go.  Besides, I’m not the captain.  That’s John Wilker and he’s right over there…*runs away hands flailing like a school girl*

With apologies to all school girls.

The Denver art scene is everywhere!

We got a last minute text to come visit an art opening at Andenken. They have a small portion of a larger area. They are the big name, while a subset of local artist gather in the bigger area.

There was some fun and interesting art! Free beer on tab – or cheap wine and bottled beer if that was more your style.

Our favorites were:
Ben Eine
Buff Monster
and Shane Davis – he does some cool bowls with line drawings on them!

Candy Cane Festival!

This weekend (Saturday the 13th) is the annual Candy Cane festival held at Hammond’s Candy Factory!
What is better than free candy? So many cool things to do to get in the holiday spirit!

Hammond Candy Cane Festival Flier

Urban Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle
Found this little gem of a store on Sunday when returning home from BD’s Mongolian Grill.
It’s one of those cute crazy little stores that have a bunch of stuff you never knew you needed, but once you see it, you definitely need it!
The owner is super nice and his dog Mozart is a beautiful Weimaraner, obtained from a rescue just a month ago! The owner even let me take his picture with my traveling elephant! (she travels to different locations and her hosts take her around and take her picture doing different things… today it was shopping!)
Urban Lifestyles Owner and Ella the elephant
The store has cool kitchen gadgets, fun teapots, a set of martini glasses with skulls on them, a votive holder with pine cone shaped candles. There are fun books on different cities around the world, decorative bowls and vases, and just a whole bunch of really cool and fun things! Take a pop in and find some cool and interesting gifts for the ones your love!

And BD’s is the bombdigity of mongolian BBQ! MM mmm mmm! If you haven’t been – try it!

parade of lights!

the end of an era?

As you may have heard, the Rocky Mountain News, the oldest business in the state, an institution older than the State of Colorado itself, is up for sale. If no buyer is found in the next month or so, Scripps says they will ‘explore other options’ – meaning, essentially, that the Rocky will be closed and one of the finest editorial staffs in the country will be out of work.

I was raised on the Rocky. My parents always preferred it over the Post, and I do as well. As a journalism student, it was always someplace I had hoped to find myself after graduation. But in a time where all we hear about is how bad the economy is, who would want to buy a daily newspaper that lost $11m last year? The odds are admittedly slim that the paper can be saved, but hopefully someone will come forward who can take it over.

Hell, I’ll give them $5 for it.

Parade of Lights

Parade of lights banner

Friday and Saturday will be the Channel 9 annual parade of lights!

The route is here – it basically rolls around the blocks surrounding the 16th street mall!
I haven’t been myself, but i will be there this year! Our friends say it’s a pretty cool thing to watch, and if you can find a location inside, do that!

It seems like a fabulous way to start off the holiday season if you haven’t already!

Chriskindl market

Vendor at ChristKindlMarket

Hi! I’m the wife of John and he got tired of me telling him to write about stuff happening around downtown and the state, so he gave me my own account! Aren’t you all lucky!! I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on activities and going ons!

This week while cruising 16th street we came across the Chriskindl market. I had seen the info on the postcards that i got in my mailbox, but had no idea what it meant. I thought maybe it was a misspelling or some play on words, but no… It’s this cute little market

This is the official definition of what this place is:
“From the last weekend in November until the day before Christmas Eve, vendors from Germany and other foreign countries offer hand-carved wooden figurines and other handcrafts at Skyline Park where German food and beer, pastries, candies and Glühwein will be featured. ”

It is across from the clock tower, right next to the gourmet hot dog dude (which is another thing i need to try for lunch!)

We took a spin thou the booths and there were definitely some really cute and interesting items. There were hand painted boxes, cool glass ornaments, neat wood tea light holders and wooden candle holder that the heat from the candle spins the propeller arms. There was also some food – similar to October fest but with a couple new things that i had never heard before.

Would be a great place to get that “different” gift! Or at least get in the spirit!

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