Will they still want a Zombie Nader in Office?

What’s a First Friday without the Nader weirdos? I dunno, I’ll let you know when I see one :)

What makes me really wonder is, Nader has to be 900 years old. Sure he was a viable alternative back in the day, but now it’s like propping up a corpse with a string around it’s wrist. Does Nader even know he’s “running”? And what happens when (unless he already has) Nader bites it? Will that be the birth of the Zombie revolution? Will it be the Naderites that unleash holy zombie horror on us, just so they have someone to vote for?

We started out at Arada Ethiopian \restaurant, and as you can see we hated every bit of our food.IMG_0364.JPG

It was great to get in one last First Friday before the weather turns nasty.

We even came away with a new piece for the house. It woulda been two, but one was sold already :(

It wasIMG_0367.JPG a kick ass oil of an old Mac 56k (oops it’s a 128), at the FU Collective + Gallery. I was ready to pick it up right on the spot, but alas, the dreaded red dot on the label…

If you get a chance, check out the FU Collective, it’s a great group of artists, with a really cool reason for being. They even help a “starving artist” with front space in the gallery.

I didn’t see Alligator guy, I hope he’s still around.

If you haven’t hit First Friday, get on it. The first Friday of each month the galleries in the Santa Fe Art district stay open ’til 11 or so. There’s snacks, drinks, people, art. What more could you ask for?

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