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A tasty sammich

Tasty sandwiches, I’ve never had their cheesesteak, not really my thing

nablowrimo day 27: Motherfuggin’ Denver Parking

I didn’t think I’d be back here with National Blog Writing Month, but I am.  Not by choice.  But by requirement to vent.  Without the ventilation, I’d be bum rushing every parking attendant I see in my area. And believe me when I got my mail late this evening, I’d blew a gasket.

Much like I’m going to now. Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

About a month ago on the 25th of September I was leaving my house at about 12:30pm intent on going to my second shift job. I recently moved into the DU area in June. Because there are five people living in the house, there is limited parking in the garage. Which means I’m the odd man out. Therefore, we were issued “guest” permits since there are only so many resident permits allowed.

I have one of those guest permits. I have hung it faithfully since I received it. I even had it renewed last week because I knew I’d get the ticketing ticketers on my tail if I didn’t.

Anyway, on the 25 of September I found my car had been ticketed. I was upset. Then the meter person (maid is probably offensive) honked at me and apologized, said he hadn’t seen my pass and if I could give him the ticket he’d take care of it. I said, “Oh, cool. Thank you very much” and was as pleasant as Pooh Bear on a honey buzz. I smiled, thanked him again and was on my way to work with nary a thought to the ticket.

Until today.


Obama Rally in Civic Center Park today

I headed out into the early (9am) morning winds to the 16th st mall, hopped on the mall ride to the end, walked about a mile and a half to the end of a line that turned out to go nowhere, and finally landed in a pretty good spot in the park, where I saw an Obama shaped spec in the distance.

Rumor has it, we had about 100,000 people turn out. I believe it. The entire park was jammed with people, as well as the lawn of the capital. I was shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Colorado Dems, and it was pretty damn cool!

Obama rally snippet

I took a bunch of pics (which are stuck on my iPhone until my main laptop is back from the shop, short of emailing each one to myself), and 16 clips of video. This is one of them. I woulda done his whole speech, but my arm wouldn’t have made it.

nablowrimo day 26: Denvertown…

Nablowrimo is National Blog Writing Month and I’ve been doing all of it at my own personal site. Today I decided to introduce you all to some local Colorado blogs and introduce them to you.  Links and details are at the bottom of this post.

I was around Denver last week and I took some photos. Take a gander! Also, information about Nanowrimo 2008 is located here. Denver has it’s own group, events and countdowns. If you’re a National Novel Writing Month writee, check ’em out. They’re pretty cool people. Dunno if I’ll make it to the events this year, but they’re plenty motivated.

Onwards with the pictures after the break.


It’s Wednesday: Do You Know Where Your Potatoes Are?

This is a question to ask yourself, come Wednesday. And if, when you do, your answer is, “Well, until recently, just chillin’ under the ground at Thomas Open Space,” then that must mean you’re an Abbondanza Keeper Share CSA Member!

Meet Mac the Goat!CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. You give ’em money at the beginning of the season when it’s most needed, and, if the season goes well and stuff does in fact grow, they give you a bunch of locally grown yummy at regular intervals (weekly is the usual rule) all season long.

Abbondanza Organdic Seeds and Produce: A Boulder County located CSA Farm.

Keeper Share: An allotment of late-season, long-storage vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots, winter squash, dried herbs, etc.) to be picked up every other week or so from late October through early December. First pick-up will be October 29th. (Abbo also offers regular summer veggie shares, fruit shares from Ela Family Farms, coffee shares, a pick-up location for Windsor Dairy‘s whole milk shares.)

Between that salmonella outbreak that tainted the nation’s tomato supply earlier this year and the ever rising cost of gas, “eating local” has never seemed a better idea. This past summer, my family has been doing a lot of that, having become CSA members for the first time. I’ve also spent my Thursdays helping out at their two farms on a volunteer basis, which means I’ve had the satisfaction of eating veggies that I myself helped pick and process. I’m begun to learn what it means to eat in season. And with all that extra greenery coming into the house each week, the need to eat it up rather than let it go to waste means eating out less, buying less in stores, finding new recipes, and eating more healthily all around.

If you’re interested, it’s not too late to buy in to a Keeper Share. Like I said, first pick-up is this Wednesday coming, and after that pick-ups are every other or every third Wednesday through December 17th. Follow the link (here it is again!) to learn all about what veggies will be waiting for you and how much it costs to buy a whole or half share.

Abbondanza Farm Stand, Sept '08, Outside If you hurry, you can also visit Abbondanza’s Farm Stand at the Thomson Open Space. There you can buy pretty much everything that’s in season (sorry, that would not include peaches and squash right now; these pictures were taken late August or early September), along with fruit from Ela Family Farms (their cider is divine ambrosia, I kid you not) and bread from local bakery “Good Feedback”. Still haven’t picked up a jack-o-lantern pumpkin? Abbo’s got some lovely ones. Planning your own garden next year? Abbo’s seeds come from the very plants they grow right here.

Abbondanza Farm Stand, Sept '08, InsideThe Farm Stand is just west of the Highway 287 and Baseline intersection. It’s open from 9 AM until 7 PM every day through Samhain / All Souls’ day / Día de los Muertos / November 1.

And–hey!–it’s not too early to sign up for a 2009 membership!

More firemen

More fire trucks at 20th and Arapahoe. Not sure what happenned this time, must have not been too serious, since they were packing up when I walked by and I saw them enroute 10 minutes before.

Celebrate Order-Out-of-Chaos Month!

Spinning In Front of the CourthouseSometime in October is “Spinning and Weaving Week,” but I’m not clear on which week it is, because, according to my favorite Boulder-area crafty shop, “We think Spinning and Weaving Week is so important that we are expanding it to Spinning and Weaving Month.” So, hooray! The entirety of October is dedicated to taking fluff and turning it into useful things!

Today on the Pearl Street Mall a demonstration of this was held. Regulars at Shuttles were encouraged to bring their spinning wheels, drop spindles, and looms, and create both yarn and cloth right there, in front of God and everybody. And it was quite the hit! As you know (Bob), Sunday afternoons on the Mall are popular among families with small children. And gadgets that Do Neat Stuff are popular with children, thus:

Kids Fascinated By Loom

Most of my friends are either fiber addicts themselves or are familiar with the processes of spinning, weaving, and knitting. So I tend to forget that, to most people in modern US urban society, the act of making yarn without benefit of industrial machinery is magic. (See also butter, the making of.) It has been posited that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic; I’d suggest that a sufficiently neglected technology is, too. So if you go stand out in front of the court house with a hunk of fiber in one hand and a drop spindle hanging off the other, patiently twisting that fiber into yarn, you’re going to get people watching, staring, and asking questions. Which is cool, because that means more people come away knowing about hand-spinning.

Spinning with Mixed FiberIf you’re interested, and you’re anywhere near Boulder, you should totally take a class at Shuttles Spindles Skeins. If you want to teach yourself spinning from a book, Shuttles’ own Maggie Casey has written the excellent Start Spinning. You can also take a tour of the Schacht factory and see how they make spinning wheels, drop spindles, and looms (and, oddly enough, bicycle accessories).

What do you want to see?

Aaron and I met this pas Saturday, and were talking about what to do make the Denver Metblog, kick ass! I know it’s kind of a vicious circle; good content will attract readers, which might want to write more good content.

So in the hopes of writing good content to get our readers back and increase their numbers, what do you want to see here?

Polls? Memes? Food stuff? Videos? Pictures?

By the way, if you want to write, that invitation is open, always. Just let me know in a comment, here.

So tell us, Denver, what can we do to be better for you? We can’t be Westword, there can only be one of them, and the Rocky has a corner on the market of tasteless reporting, so what can we do?

And now…

Wow, this place certainly…hasn’t changed much since I last posted. Well, Mr. Wilker’s kept the light on. Props to the boss for the CPR. There, I think I sucked up enough.

Oh hai Denver!  How are you?  I am fine.  It’s finally October and the countdown until the first snow of the year is here.  Isn’t that exciting?  Not really.  In all honesty, Denver’s weather patterns are 1) unpredictable and 2) really not worth talking about (you hear that Dicker?) because in reality people who’ve been in the city for more than ten years know exactly what every fall will bring and what happens on Halloween. Unless Doomsday comes, every kid from Aurora to Westminster will be wearing winter coats over and under their pretty pretty princess costumes. It’s just the way it is.

Let’s see. Nuggets are not even in play. Avalanche, nothing special there. Broncos? The Choking Donkey’s are still doing what they do every year. Rockies? Don’t even get me started. I’m not up on the whole CU/CSU whole sports situation.

So for the most part Denver’s just the same ole’ same ole’. The DNC glow is finally faded and compared to the RNC, our city came out like Angels singing in the Heavenly Choir. Nobodies starting the controversies lately. I mean, there are a few ex-Broncos making headlines, but that’s pretty normal. The (Non) Recreate-68 crowd has faded into the background again. Columbus Day went without a hitch, cry or complaint. Usually there’s screams, yells and all kinds of straw man arguments hoisted from both sides that by the time the event comes around it’s like the North and South have reignited their storied Hatfield and McCoy war all over again.

So, Denver’s back to being the one horse cow town we’ve been known as every since the first DNC here in 1908. To be honest, part of me is glad things are calmer and quieter. Mind you, the nationwide political scene is bubbling over. I mean in the house I share with five others I’m the lone (R). On our lawn is a Obama and Udall yard sign. And in my window is a McCain 2008 shirt. So it’s not really quiet in that sense.

Plus I wore that shirt around my DU neighborhood today and got so many crusty looks I lost count.

I’ve got more posts, photos and things to come. Hows the Denver Fall going for anyone? Those leaves are a changin’…and it’s beaautiful.

Cool looking new condos on blake

Wanna live near 16th st? Blake and 18th has some neat new condos going up. No clue on price, just know they look kinda cool.

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