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Fresh Boiled Crawfish? In the DENVER area? In SEPTEMBER?!

Because if you wanted crawfish in the spring, that’s easy. You call up my buddy Brian Brewster at NoNo’s Cafe (that’s a map and review site; official website is currently unavailable) and you reserve yourself a spot for the next weekend boil. The Metairie native has ’em flown in from the Gulf Coast and serves ’em boiled hot-n-spicy along with potatoes, corn, and sausage at his Littleton restaurant, which is decorated with memorabilia from every southern Louisiana sports and educational institution you can think of: the New Orleans Saints, the LSU Tigers, the Bonnabel Bruins, Brian’s own Rummel Raiders, you name it.

Which experience we’ll explore in more detail at a later time. Right now I’m talking about summer crawfish. Or “crayfish” as I’m told y’all Colorado natives say.

crawfish climbing Mt. Corn

crawfish climbing Mt. Corn

Apparently crawfish season along the Front Range runs exactly opposite the time of year as the Gulf Coast: April to Octoberish, if I remember correctly. During that time, Golden-located Cowboy Crawfish, harvests All Natural Wild-Caught Crawfish and sells ’em throughout the region. I bought four pounds of live mudbugs from him Saturday morning ($20 @ $5/lb, feeds 2) at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, followed his advice to keep them alive overnight, and cooked ’em Sunday in time to pull the tails and suck the heads during the Saints game (what you’d probably call the Broncos game, right? Congrats on your win, by the way. Sweating a bit during the 4th quarter, weren’t you?). The crawdads wuz delish.

You gotta keep ’em alive because you gotta boil ’em live. Sorry. It’s not that we’re in favor of excess cruelty; it’s that, as with most other shellfish, the meat becomes inedible very quickly after the critter’s demise. So here’s the advice I followed:

  1. Put crawfish in large, smooth-sided container; I used a soup pot. Why smooth-sided? Because the crawfish will find any irregularities in the surface and use ’em as a staircase out of captivity, and then they’ll be crawling all over your fridge.
  2. Cover this container with a damp (not soaking) cloth.
  3. Place shards of crushed ice on top this cloth.
  4. Stretch plastic wrap over the whole thing. Perforate for breathing holes.
  5. Place container in the back of your refrigerator, wherever the temperature is coldest and most stable.

The point is to try to keep the crawfish at around 34 degrees F, just above freezing, so that they go sorta dormant. Supposedly it’s possible to keep ’em alive for up to two weeks like this. I can vouch for the efficacy of this overnight, in any case; out of those 4 pounds, only 3 of the critters died.

crawlin with crawfish

crawlin with crawfish

So Sunday morning I put the drain trap in the sink and poured the bugs in. (If you haven’t had your sink full of live, crawling crustaceans, you haven’t lived.) Then I used the sink’s spray extension on them to wake ’em up so I could cull the dead ones out. Meanwhile the soup pot, freshly rinsed, was being brought to a boil with about a third of a can of Cajun Land Complete Seafood Boil in it. A full can should season 12 lbs, so I thought a third can could season 4. It was a tad mild, as it turned out; next time I’ll use half.

Bringing the pot to boil

Bringing the pot to boil

Here’s what I’d do about timing next time; I got this a little wrong yesterday:

  1. Once water comes to a rolling boil, dump in your little red potatoes. Let cook 5 minutes.
  2. Add corn cobs cut in halves or thirds. Let cook another 5 minutes.
  3. Dump in live crawfish. (Sorry, little dudes.) Let cook another 5 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and add a tray of ice. Let entire pot sit for 30 minutes to soak up flavor.

During the soaking time, set the table thusly: Stretch a paint tarp over your eating surface and cover with a good layer of newspaper. Put out one roll of paper towels per 4 or 5 guests. Have cans of soda and beer ice cold and ready to pop open. Put out some butter and spreading knives if you like that on your veggies.

Sample the crawfish periodically to see if they’re seasoned enough yet. When they are, drain ’em and bring ’em to the table. Enjoy.

The wreckage

The wreckage

And that’s how to have a crawfish boil in the Denver area in September. If you wanna try it, you can call Cowboy Crawfish at (303) 948-4993. Or, if you want all the yummy and none of the work, check out Highland Pacific Restaurant & Oyster Bar, 3934 W 32nd Ave. in Denver, who buy Cowboy Crawfish and host crawfish boils in much the same way Nono’s Cafe does. Or so I’m told. Call them at (303) 477-6644.

Outdoor racketball

16th and Arapahoe

Pretty cool outdoor racketball setup.


Walking back from a meeting a coworker and I saw what musts been all of DFD!

There was a fire in one unit of a 16 story apt building. I heard that the building is low income and/or convalescant.

This was at 20th and Arapahoe

No deaths reported

Some Fun for a Munday

I know.  It’s Monday again.  And Mondays are teh suck.  Nobody likes ’em.  Everybody hates ’em.  Why they can’t just go and eat worms is beyond me.

However, I do have a solution.  Two videos, seperate authors.  One in which a motercycle at the 2008 Pikes Peak Hillclimb back in June or July I think.  It’s pretty sick.  You should know our man is alive and well.  As for racing, well he’s thinking about it.

The second video was from NDK 2008 this weekend (website here for you anime fans) where a troupe of actors/dancers/cosplayers rickrolled the entire audience.  Literally.  Pretty cool nerd stuff to watch, but make sure to stay ’till about 3/4 to watch and hear the full on power of Rick Rolling in effect.



In the Bad Taste category we have Rocky Mtn News

This was on TechCrunch, I thought it warranted a local POV

First I do gotta give Rocky Mtn News props for being down with and using twitter, rock on. However that good juju is completely wiped out for twittering a 3 year old’s funeral.

Picture 1.png

Berry Morson should probably apologize. I’m certainly no arbiter of good taste and political correctness, but really, twittering from a funeral. The funeral of a three year old who died in a car accident? Dude come on!

Twitter, brightkite, pownce, etc are great, and allow everyone, including news agencies, and such to communicate with their communities, but really, the “good taste” line doesn’t go away, or move back any.

I call shame on Berry and the Rocky Mtn News.

Ignite Denver if you missed it you missed out


So last night Ignite Denver took place at Fado Irish Pub. If you missed it, you really missed a good time.

We had about 100 people show up, and had 12 kick ass presentations!

The presentations are available on slide share. They don’t seem to be there now, not sure if there’s time involved. But you can find them with the tag ‘ignitedenver’

We’ll be holding another Ignite in about 3 months, so keep an eye out for Ignite News. Denver’s gonna be Igniting about every 3-4 months, there’s so much cool stuff to talk about, we’re not likely to run out of material!

Stay informed, read the blog

a face in the crowd – another DNC post

Yeah, it’s a bit old news, but it didn’t make the print edition of the Met this week, so I thought I’d let you fine folks read it.
Rachel is a reasonably normal senior at Metro State. The first Monday of the Democratic National Convention, however, she became a detainee of the Denver Police Department during a demonstration that began at Civic Center park and ended up on 15th Street. The Met sat down with her and found out what she had to say about the experience.

Photo by Andrew Bisset/The Met

“We started organizing at 6,” she said, “and someone started walking towards the front of Civic Center. I was in the back, so I really don’t know what their intent was, but it was this massive group of people, and they all started linking arms and started marching towards the street, and then they got sprayed.”

“Then somebody said “Go to the other side of the park”, and that’s when we started running down 15th.”

Rachel and the protestors that surrounded her were soon enveloped by Denver Police officers in full riot gear. “As time went on, more cops started to show up until it was a wall of cops. They wouldn’t let anybody go, we kept asking them to let us go.” She told The Met. “We sat down, the cops were really just standing there. We definitely thought they were going to take us one by one as long as the night went on.”

Soon after, a member of Recreate ‘68 negotiated for their release, and Rachel and the rest of the protestors were marched to freedom through a narrow corridor of heavily-clad riot police. There were a few exceptions, though. “I only saw one kid get cuffed, and they were definitely spraying people with mace, and at the very end, they arrested some of the medics.” The Denver paramedics who were on scene refrained from treating the protestors who had been maced, leaving street medics from various groups who were among the detained to tend to the demonstrators.

photo by Andrew Bisset/The Met
Rachel and her comrades are released by Denver PD.

When asked about the conduct of the various police agencies on the scene, she told us “I feel like it was a little much, it was a just a bunch of anarchist kids. I mean, their idea is to spread chaos, but they didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

Overheard At: The Twisted Pine Taproom (Boulder)

Bartender: “You want a beer? What kind of beer?”

Patron: “…”

Bartender: “How about a delicious Hoppy Boy?”

Patron: “Is it delicious and nutritious?”

Bartender: “It is extremely nutritious.”

Patron: “…because I have to have some guarantee, here.”

(The Twisted Pine Tap Room is at Walnut Street and 32nd in Boulder. 3-8PM Mon-Fri, 12-6PM Sat and maybe Sundays during football season–call ahead. $3.75 pints, $2.75 3-5PM happy hour, $2.00 for the ladies on Wednesday. Free wi-fi. Wii on the plasma screen tv. Comfy cushioned rolley-chairs. Hoardes of large, tail-wagging dogs, some of which sit at the bar. Come on down. I recommend the espresso stout.)

Corridor 44…. closed… forever?

My wife and I had dinner after a bike ride at Cherry Creek Res. last night at Old Chicago pizza. We might have tried one of the trendier places, but well they’re trendy…

After a really good pizza and some beers we decided to take a walk around Larimer Square once see what was going on. As is normal for that area, at 9pm, the party people and Time fighters were out in force, being cool and being seen, etc etc.

One place that was sadly not full of trendy party people, Corridor 44.

They had what must be the worst possible sign for restaurants in their window. “Liquor License revoked for violation”

Not sure what the details are, if you know please comment. More importantly if you know if they plan to ride out the suspension and re-open, or if that retail slot has claimed yet another victim.

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