My thoughts so far on the DNC

in a word, meh.

Not for a lack of interesting things going on, I find the convention very interesting and wish I had more time to hit up the cool things going on this week, alas, I do not. I did walk over to the sustainable living roadshow area, over on 16th and central (i think 16th). That was a let down. apparently sustainable living centers mainly on wearing hemp clothing and eating cupcakes. The band at the head of the street didn’t suck, that was good.

I find much of the spectacle a bit over the top. MSNBC has a two freakin’ story news tower thing, over at Union station. They are the news for crying out loud! It looks like a siege engine. Is that really necessary?

The blue mailbox thing is irksome, though I can see the concern.

I haven’t even laid eyes on the armed camp that is the Pepsi Center. I don’t plan to. I’ve been watching some of the goings on live over the intertubes, I’ll probably consume the speeches over the weekend.

I had one funny observation down on 16th last night however. some crazy skatery looking kids are walking in front of my wife and I, and some bible thumper (not one of the regular ones on 16th mind you) tells the skater kid to ‘go home’ after the skater kid makes a snide remark when told how much Jesus loves him. To which, skater kid (kudos to him) said, “I am home, you go home. You’ve come to my home!” Bible thumper was speechless, he kinda sputtered a bit, then turned his attention to the people behind my wife and I as we passed laughing at him.

To all you wingnuts; political and religious, try to remember, you’re visitors here.

I don’t want your bible card, I don’t need an Obama button, umbrella, t-shirt, bobble head, you name it. I just want to go to the bank, an deposit a check, then I want to run to the post office to mail a CD to my friend in the limited window of time available to me.

So that’s my thoughts so far.

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