honking == Road Rage?!

This is mainly aimed at you A-holes on Park Ave that get in the turn lane for Market, and then hold up the lane, while you sit there with your right blinker on, to cut in line and continue on.

Some of us, want to turn left on Market, so stop being a prick!

Just about every morning on my way home, I have to honk at some one who gets in the lane that is left turn only, then puts their right blinker on to cut into that lane, and get a few cars ahead of everyone else.

It’s one thing when you don’t hold the rest of us up, and just cut into an opening. It’s still prickish, but at least you’re not actually impeding the rest of us. But when you just stop and wait for some one to let you in, holding us up. You’re gonna get an irritated honk, and possible a one finger solute, for your self centered-ness.

Which brings me to road rage. My wife was telling about our morning hassles and a friend warned her that in Denver (maybe elsewhere) you can be cited for road rage for honking.

What a bunch of love-dovey crap! Road rage would be me hopping out of my car, walking over to the person and beating the crap out of them for holding dozens of people up, because he/she (It’s actually women more often than not) can’t be bothered to wait in traffic or get up earlier. That would be road rage. Honking is the established norm for letting an idiot know you disapprove. Honking at people to let them know you’re coming, let them know to move when they sit at a light, etc. is what horns are for. Road Rage would be me using my car to plow them into traffic. Honking is not road rage!

I’ll have to research this one, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stop honking at you losers that think you’re time is more valuable than the rest of us.

Thoughts? Are you one of the offenders? Care to tell us why holding up a lane of traffic is an acceptable social behavior?

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  1. Aaron DeLay (den_aaron) on July 2nd, 2008 @ 11:34 am

    I believe our Mayor John "Rambo" Hickenlooper should be called in to assist…oh wait, he’ll just sit and watch it happen.

    Oh bitterness.

    In seriousness…those kinds of drivers drive me batty. I just look heavenward and ask God, "There had better be some good feathers in my cap for patience…cause this is just about crazy." People don’t know how to drive.

    I suggest we start deporting them to Canada. Like tomorrow.

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