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Be Careful Out There

I’ve noticed lately that the summer sound of helicopters overheard makes me wonder if a fire is in the area. Sometimes there actually is one but yesterday there was no helicopter warning our neighborhood about this fire.

We headed south to walk the dogs thinking that the only danger in the area was the pollen in the air but when we turned north, we saw the plume of smoke that was very close. Too close for my comfort. It turned out to be a grass fire by the road that took off between a couple of houses and luckily didn’t touch either one. The one neighbor was hosing down her backyard and the other neighbor across the street worked the street side.

Still, 3 fire trucks, an ambulance and a police car came to make sure we didn’t all go up in flames. I love those guys.

As night falls on DU…

…you get some pretty cool views.  This is looking out from Iliff and University…and it was with my cell phone camera set low.  A nice dusk view that made me pause and enjoy it for a few.




I’ve had an old, broken DVD player on my floor for months and was finally able to get rid of it today at the “Screen to Green” E-Waste Recycling Event at the Auraria Campus (and got major points for throwing the player in my backpack and showing up on my bicycle.)

If you weren’t able to make it today and have old electronics you need to get rid of, the event’s website links to this handy Recycling Directory. This site gives the low down on how to recycle anything from old tvs to batteries to tennis shoes to propane tanks to vegetable oil.

Happy Recycling!

Please tell me he’s kidding…

Hey Hick…you can’t be serious?!

Denver Mayor says “no” to fried foods?  I mean…seriously?  This is the big issue facing the convention right now…like, we need to do this?  As Ms. Malkin says and I echo…what about the Southern Dems who love their fried food?  Heck, even I love me some of it.  I mean…SERIOUSLY?

See the Malkin Write Up Here. LittleGreenFootballs noticed our mayor too..

Look, I’m all about eating right and being healthy…but mandating and taking away the choice with the catering?  That’s a little…too much.

Aight, let’s talk this out in comments.  :)

watch out for the brown note this August

Came across this little gem on another blog I read.

I wasn’t planning on being one of the many wing nuts penned in in the protest pits, but if I was, I’d be thinking twice for sure!

Mud Butt!!

Maybe they’ll deploy from those kick ass black hawks we all saw the other week? that’d be cool. Well not for the those it was used on, but for those of us watching :)

Be careful you protesting lot, August is a hot month to have dirty breaches.

Don’t Miss the Boulder Wine Festival Tomorrow

A couple weeks ago we were in Manitou Springs for their wine festival, where they featured wines from across Colorado. We didn’t get a chance to try many wines because we brought our 1 year old beagles, Charlie and Howie, who are in training to be therapy dogs. This was there first festival environment and they did wonderfully, although Charlie was caught dipping his head in the waste bucket. They got more attention from the crowd than we were able to spend on the wine though. So we are off tomorrow, without the pups, to the Boulder Wine Festival.

I read on the festival website that wine making started on the Western Slope a century ago. Also, many vineyards were turned into orchards during prohibition. An interesting piece of state history. Now we have more than 60 wineries. Read more…

Colorado is really moving up in quality of wines. A year ago there was a blind taste test done with California wines, and Colorado won!

I’m really looking forward to Boulder’s wine fest. They’ve done a pretty amazing job of paring the wine tasting with the top local restaurants, so the experience should be flavorful. Any opportunity to head up north to Boulder is also a treat!

Protesting at the DNC

This is an excerpt of the information being distributed to employees all around the Downtown area about the DNC.

“There are five main web sites coordinating locations for several protest groups:

Some peripheral groups will include both Pro and Anti-abortion groups, Anti-war groups,
All Nations Alliance, Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front and the
Anarchist Movement.”

While I’m hoping no one gets hurt or no property is destroyed, I love the idea that major protests will happen in our Mile High City. I was 3 years old and living in Chicago during the 1968 DNC. I can’t believe 40 years have passed and now I live near the city where a DNC will be held, and one group, Re-create 68, is drawing on the past to protest for the future.

I can’t help but wonder how large the turnout of protesters. The city is calling for a combined total of 30,000 protesters and other visitors. This number seems low. Again, is the City of Denver anticipating protester turnout based on more recent conventions of the past ten or so years? It seems to me that issues like the environment, gas prices, war, the economy, etc are more heated this time around. But I guess all we can do is wait and see.


In case you missed this article, here’s a link to more info on protesting: Arapahoe County mulls protest rules.

Gas Stations Closing or Not Selling Gas

I wasn’t surprised to find the article, “Tanks, but no thanks: Gas station owners driven off” in the Post today. There has been much talk about how gas station owners have been losing money by selling gas. I was surprised that the article focuses on gas station owners closing or not selling gas in Boston. Last week down here in Highlands Ranch, there were two gas stations close to C-470 between Sante Fe and Broadway not selling gas. So this has hit our own backyard. Anyone else encountered this in Colorado yet?

Church and Liquor Store — This Way!

This sign in my neighborhood makes me giggle.


The Great San Dunes, worth the drive

IMG_4352.jpgThis weekend my wife and I took a mini camping vacation to the Great Sand Dunes. Holy Mother…. What a miraculous series of natural brain farts, that place is. 8,000 feet high, nestled against the Mountains, 30 some odd square miles of desert sand dunes, edged by a river.

Incredible, barely covers it.

We left Friday afternoon around 2:00 and pulled into the camp ground around 7:00 or so. It’s amazing how long it stays light out at night down there. It was 9:00 when we started cooking dinner, and we thought it was barely 8.

We got up early saturday and went into the park, to hike the dunes. We started out a bit over dressed to say the least. Being used to hiking in the mtns, we donned our camel backs, boots, breathable shirts, and pants. Sleeves were rolled up and outer shirts were off by the first 1/3 of the dunes. Pant legs were zipped off by the halfway mark. Once we got to the top it was time for the san filled boots to come off. The sand felt great, and was only a bit hot on the sunward slopes, but everywhere else it was refreshingly cool on my feet.


We went back to camp for a nap and to relax a bit, then headed back to the dunes to put our feet in the river… along with a small city’s worth of people! There were eazy-ups in the middle, people playing football, kids digging holes, it was crazy. It was like a day at California’s beaches. We hung out for a bit, but we had no eazy-up so the sun was kickin’ our butt’s

If you’re looking for a fun vacation that isn’t too far. Definitely check out the Great Sand Dunes, a 5 hours drive from Denver, and worth every mile of it.

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