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South by Southwest

Drivers - Start your engines

Near Castle Rock. This was taken on the way out to Phoenix.

This road is an area that was supposed to be home development but never made it. The guy went bankrupt or something like that, sold it to the county and it was turned into a practice area for the Douglas Police Academy officers in training to drive the cars at fast speeds.

When my husband went through the academy a few years ago – he learned how to drive and maneuver on this road. I even went with him on one of his practices and he scared the crap out of me with his mad driving skills.

I thought it was neat seeing the road from a different perspective.

man, this airport is full of BS

like the sign says

Actually, it’s just American Airlines, from what I hear. I rather like DIA, it’s a pretty airport.

Morning on the Mall

Early morning on the Pearl Street Mall is a perfect time to do a little outdoor art walk. There are hardly any people, just birds and squirrels. A painting by Jim Mayne Freeheart of Wonderland Lake in north Boulder
and this LA-ish cityscape at the SmithKlein Gallery caught my eye. (Click on the pics to make ’em bigger)


I’m leaving for Phoenix for a week with my current job, a perk if you ask me with the company I work with. We travel every 6 months for a week to different cities, I’ve been to Colorado Springs (the Broadmoor), Dallas, Salt Lake City and now Phoenix.

But this isn’t about my travels – it’s about leaving one of my favorite restaurants behind. It’s not like I eat here daily, but I have to give it a shout out none the less. :)

If you are up for something different in the pizza sense – then you must try out Sauce. Located in DTC near DTC Blvd and Belleview – their gourmet pizza’s are to die for. Of course, I’m one of the pickiest eaters in the world, but this place is just amazing with what they can do with a pizza. I will admit that a Prosciutto and Melon pizza may sound a little strange, and I’ll be honest I haven’t had it – but it did look good when a co-worker ordered it a month ago. When I went with another friend, she ordered the Chicken Caesar and Parmesan pizza and I had Pepperoni and Prosciutto pizza, we ended up sharing.

So if you are looking for a little something different, and you are in DTC, try Sauce. And if you get a little stain on your shirt, it just means the food was that good.

Apriltober? Nah, countdown to Rocktober!

Folks, if you were anywhere near this blog last October when your Colorado Rockies won the Pennant, it was a glorious time to live a mile high. Now, we’ve got some time to countdown to the next Rocktober (and the last three games haven’t helped) but I firmly believe in miracles, hopes and dreams. Growing up, Baseball has followed me as the one sport I can still enjoy watching and to be honest, ‘dem Rockies do a grand job of it.

Here’s to a great year in Baseball and to Your Colorado Rockies. And to someone giving me some cool tickets to I can see a game this year. Anybody? Bueller?


Blasted Radio

Look, I know there’s no frackin’ (BSG FTW!) chance in God’s (or Hades for that matter) Green Earth of me ever getting a paid gig to write, but I figure if I keep linking to Westword either they’ll think I’m an eccentric loon and hire me out of requirement or find me somewhat entertaining and use me as a guinea pig and throw me into the writer role.

Yes, I know.  Oddly constructed plan, check.  But it made sense in my head when I built the mashed potato shrine of the Denver Skyline.  So…back off or something!  *cackles with eccentricity*

All kidding and pleading aside, Westword has hit the nail on the proverbial head with this article a few weeks back.

Let me ‘splain.  No, there is too much.  With apologies to Inigo Montoya, let me sum up.  Denver Radio sucks.  There are words that my Christian heart cannot speak (but it sure can think them!) that would explain my extreme dislike against the current state of Denver Radio.  I won’t quote the article from Westword (my new overloads might never hire me lest I offend them!) because I’d rather rant and rave on unassisted.

On March 1, 2006 I left Denver for Manila.  When I left, I was in love with Denver Radio.  I lurved it.  It was like that late night stand outside the window and throw pebbles at the window kind of love.  I was twitterpaited.  Why?  I had my choice.  I could go bounce to the hip hop (95.7) and then hit a button and find myself crooning along with Aerosmith (99.5) andpromptly find me some do-wop in seconds (105.1).  If I wanted to go back just a little to the 90’s (100.3) I could.  If my cowboy boots started stomping I could line dance over to some down home music (98.5).  There was a great selection!  And it was segmented perfectly.

And then something went terribly wrong.  I came back last year and found everything mostly in order.  I even picked up on new country (92.5 baby!) and found myself entertained with the afternoon show.  Now I turn on my radio and find up is down, down is up and my once pristine Denver radio has been soiled by whatever came in and threw out the kitchen sink!

105.1 is now lukewarm.  The Boogeyman is still around which is little solace to me hearing blasphemous hits fom just ten years ago on a once stalwart oldies station.  The Hip Hop station is asunder.  Classic Rock is on like three different stations now and the one station who could do no wrong has been doing wrong, according to Westword.  The Mountain is now in turmoil.  They moved Tracy and Jonathan from 92.5 afternoons (I think, I haven’t heard them on there in months) to 105.1 mornings.  Everything is so lukewarm I struggled today to find a song and or station that didn’t just make me want to vomit out the window.

What happened to the radio?  I know things are a changin’ along with the times but it seems like the moves are totally backwards.  The only station that gives me any solace is KUVO 89.3FM because they haven’t changed.  And I swear to all that is Holy and Sacred if I start hearing Kanye West on my KUVO…there will be banging of heads on desks.  Oh yes, there will be.

There, got that out.  What do my fellow 5280’s think?  Are you as annoyed as I am?

Also, VLOG is coming.  Got sick last week and trying to work through what it will look like.  I’ll have something for Monday  if the stars align.

seen at DCPA


Bye Denver, see you in a few weeks

In a few hours my wife and I will be boarding a British Airways flight bound for Hethrow, then on to Milan. It’s a combo work/vacation trip. While we’re gone, I have a few requests of Denver

  • Can the last big April storm, please come int he next 2 weeks?
  • Can whatever craziness takes place for the rockies season be out of everyone’s system within 2 weeks?

In exchange, I’ll try to drink more Coor’s, and I’ll even go to a Rockies game. Fair enough?

By everyone, see you in 2 weeks!

Boulder Housing Issues

Tonight the planning board is going to discuss the possibility of implementing a temporary restriction on Floor Area Ratios for houses in Boulder. Normally, I’m not that interested in dictating how people build but this one is close to home, so to speak. For years we lived next to an empty lot so when we found out we were getting neighbors, I was fine with the idea that we would lose either the front or back line of sight. Imagine our surprise we saw the foundation that practically filled the lot, front to back. It’s huge. Like Donald Trump putting something up in Rivendell (ok, maybe an exaggeration). The realtors and developers definitely have their panties wadded up over this one.

Other news: The Dick McLean and Edie Stevens land grab case is going back to court for the judge to check new evidence that they possibly created a path (to prove their use of the property) after they made legal claim to the Kirlin property. Even if the judge allows Dick and Edie to keep the land, I’m hoping that the Kirlins will get a refund of all those years of property tax payments they made. Yes, paying your property taxes does not mean that a neighbor can’t claim your land in court.

What the Frak

I couldn’t resist. Saw this and it was just too funny. Whether you watch Battlestar Galactica or not, these are 8 damn funny minutes.

We’re not supposed to edit, but since it seems that embedding the video is either not supported or I’m just the suck at it, here’s the Hulu link

Sorry ’bout that.

I just had to share. sorry. :)

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