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16th Street Mall – more discussion.

16th Street Mall - Winter
(16th Street Mall in the Winter)

With apologies to abisset for hijacking a thread, I wanted to bring this little issue out of the comments from the last post and open a wider discussion here.

In the last post, abisset asked about the future of the 16th Street Mall, and I promptly insisted there was nothing afoot. Valerie quickly reminded me that a quick search is a handy thing to conduct before speaking, and so I jumped on a belated Google search and found the following information.

Denver Infill Blog has a nice write-up about the history of the Mall, and some of the issues its faced, as well as the architectural awards and attention.

The Downtown Denver Partnership has a 16th St. Mall Project Page, which includes a recap of the April 8th Meeting. Basically, the Mall is 25 years old, and it’s time for a review. The discussion at the Denver Infill Blog brings up some interesting ideas, including the idea of introducing streetcars to the Mall.

So here’s where you all chime in. What do you think? Should vehicle traffic be allowed on the mall? What improvements would you suggest? Let’s hear it. I think it would be pretty wicked cool to write up a page of Metroblog Endorsed Recommendations, and submit our ideas to the Steering Committee. They’ve asked for input, and we have a great forum to provide some quality input from diverse viewpoints.

16th street to become just another street?

Someone in my editing class was telling me today that next year, 16th is going to revert back to being just another street. Anyone know if this is true, or if it’s just hearsay?

Buh bye blue law?

my wife sent me this link, thought I’d share.

I remember reading about the bill to allow grocery stores and what not to sell the good stuff, that died, according to the article. This new measure only allows liquor stores to open on Sunday. Not a clear win for consumers, but certainly a step in the right direction.

I remember when we moved here, thinking wtf? I can’t go and pick up a bottle of wine on Sunday? So I’m glad that’s no longer a problem. Surprisingly, Sunday seems to be when I notice I’m out of beer, or we invite friends over, but don’t have any more red wine, etc.

I will say that while it’s sometimes a PITA to make a separate stop to get liquor, it’s nice that the stores, offer such good selections. CA liquor stores, are in the least, creepy as all hell! Most have terrible selections, unless you’re looking for a 40 ounce. Even in CA the grocery stores usually had only passable selections of wine and top shelf type stuff, catering more to the beer and vodka drinking crowds.

Should be interesting to see how the liquor stores respond. I agree with the article that failing to be open on Sundays could have a serious impact on business, unless a store is lucky enough to have little local competition. Time will tell.

Avs top the Wild, blogger loses his voice

Well, it’s a good thing this isn’t a podcast, because I can’t hardly speak. I’ll make this a quick write up, because it’s already over 60 degrees and this bald head needs a few rays of sun. Our seats were in Section 136, 16 rows from the ice directly behind the goal. During the second period when our side was the Minnesota attack zone, it gave me a chance to get a good shot of Theodore, perhaps reflecting on his ridiculously insane goaltending.

Jose Theodore


In Memoriam, updated

4/20/2008 @ 10:14pm *Additional Video added at bottom*

Today is the 9th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. Our community changed irrevocably those many years ago. Littleton Colorado will now forever be connected to the horrifying nightmare. And yet there is good from this event that has almost overshadowed the original event.

I would talk about that day in Newspaper when the clock hit 11:21 and the news started to spread through the halls of my high school. I would talk about the deep scars, emotional pain and all of the things that surrounded that day for me.

But that would be pointless. I will not mourn forever. I will remember. I will never forget. But I cannot keep feeling morose about the events. At some point I need to begin to celebrate the lives we lost and remember the good of them and what came from the black stain on April 20th.

Today there will be a moment of silence at 11:21am and people will be spending a little more of their Sunday remembering the events. Take a moment today and reflect back.

The truth was and still rings so very true across our great city.

We were…still are…and forever will all be…Columbine.


and my tribute below


Resource 2000

Resource 2000

Boulder’s resources for junk art have pretty much disappeared. The big junk yard on Valmont turned into a city park that promises to have lots of facilities one day. The old salvage store on N Broadway burned down years ago and turned into a mixed-use development, still begging to be filled. Rayback’s bit the dust not too long ago to make way for new development.

But there’s still Resource 2000. The site on 63rd Street is filled with all sorts of reclaimed building materials that are ready to be put to good use. From their website:

“What is ReSource?

ReSource is a 501c3 non-profit that is operated by the Center for ReSource Conservation. We provide the community with a unique opportunity to buy or donate reusable building materials. Our stores make it easy to make smart environmental decisions, save money and find many beautiful, functional and historical items that otherwise would be in a landfill.”

Not your typical junk yard; this one has beautiful views and classical music playing in the warehouses. If you’re looking for this kind of inspiration, it’s definitely worth the trip.


Ok, sorry folks, I just found out I could post from Flickr and I’m just having some fun testing it. ( I don’t see a delete button in this program…)

Enjoy the pic of this handsome fella who was waiting in the the parking lot, barking for 1/2 hour.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

On Standby

Hey folks.  I’m sorry I haven’t been around to do what I said I was gonna do.

I had a small stroke on the 7th and haven’t been home until today.  I’m not going to be able to promise much video blogging material or posts this month as me and my fam sort this medical mystery out.  I’ve been through the ER and the hospital with a battery of tests and they found nothing in the head or heart to conclude what caused it.

I’ll get something up as soon as time and health allows.  Thanks for your continued…continued patience.


Red Flag Warning


From NOAA:

No wonder things feel crackly: 7-15% humidity and almost 80º in the shade. Good thing it’s going to snow tomorrow.

(make that 3º humidity…)

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