Blame the Dems!

In an article from the Daily Camera today, an organizer for Re-create 68 speaks out about the permit lottery for the Democratic Convention event planning:

“When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don’t blame us for that. Blame the Democrats for trying to silence dissent in the city of Denver.”

I’m trying to understand the logic of this one:
The Dems made will make me do it!
I’m planning to not be able to control myself in 5 months!

This sounds like the sort of thing my kids said when they were young, but it’s not as logical as what they came up with.

Are these people working to get John McCain into office?

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  1. Aaron DeLay (den_aaron) on March 21st, 2008 @ 5:06 pm

    This group will put such a black stain on Dems’ it’s gonna be both hilarious and terrifying at the same time. I hope they’re mostly bluster because it would create such a cluster of madness and hurt the image of the city and the party. I may be (R) but I still have my (D) days…and I don’t think anyone should so something like this…

    It just defies rational thought. But I guess that’s what these guys operate on…irrational illogical emotional bleh. Sorry, that was a little mean…but I’m still trying to find any of my moderate/normal liberal/democrat friends who think this is a really smart idea.

    Anybody else? :)

  2. den_john on March 22nd, 2008 @ 9:03 am

    Agreed. The recreate 68 folks are so profoundly stupid, it defies description. Let’s just start with their name… Recreate 68… yeah, let’s recreate the year when all the 60s movements splintered and dissolved into chaos. A year that evokes images of urban riots, uh huh, that’s going to resonate, that’s going to push folks into your tent. Right.

    That said, I think the pre DNC hype from these folks and the fears that the city is going to explode like it did in Chicago is alarmist. The far left is too small and ineffectual to really fuck shit up. Plus, with all the grass roots interest in the Obama/HRC campaigns, no one on the left is interested in hearing the Naderite message that both parties represent the corporate war machine right now. Even if there’s some truth to that, it’s not going to stick. That would require a level of sophisticated polemic these organizers are totally incapable of…

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