St. Patrick’s day Parade

One of those little things that we didn’t know until it was on us… That the Denver St. Patty’s day parade starts at our house. Not near it, at it.

To be honest we didn’t even know there was a parade until we saw some green paint on the road indicating the route (at least that is our guess).

We had plumbers coming this morning to install a sink in the garage, phase one of my wife’s new pottery studio, so we heard the commotion on Blake. Turns out that the parking lot at Blake and 27th, is the staging area for the parade. People were starting to line the street, 27th and 28th were both blocked between Walnut and Blake.

So we got the plumbers set up and doing their thing, the headed to the street to see how Denver does Parades.

Holy crap! The parade was never ending, bands, irish dancers, floats, car clubs, dog owners, and more just kept pouring out of the parking lot!


There was even the local Hare Krishna group, how cool! Oh and the Denver Jimmy Buffet club, the parrot heads. Who knew?!

My intent was to take a gob of pictures, and I did, but it turns out my crackberry, not so hot on the zoom. Unzoomed pics, nice and tight, zoom in and bam it’s like everyone became an 8bit video game character.


The only bummer to being right at the parades starting point, most bands weren’t playing, and almost none of the dance troops were doin’ their thang. Oh well.

Seeing the Hamburger Mary’s bus though did give us an idea of where to go for lunch, that’s a plus.

Chalk up one more cool feature of our new digs, now I gotta find out when the other Denver parades are :)

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