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I read that Rick Darke is speaking at Denver Botanic Garden April 1 on the topic:”In Your Face: Ethics and Urban Ecology” but I’m not going so I went to the book store to check out his books. (I’m thinking about doing a tall grass maze in my front yard.) Borders has a small gardening section and a smaller landscaping section so they only had one tiny field guide by Darke. But they did have 15 titles about how to grow marijuana. One full shelf’s worth. Is it really that hard?

Am I early?

Yes, dear, the party hasn’t started yet. The peach and apricot blossoms were also fooled by the glorious past few days of Spring. But the snowiest month of the year isn’t over yet and the second snowiest is still to come.
Go back to sleep now.

Amtrak-eye-view of Granby

From Denver to Salt Lake City, it’s about a 15-hour train ride. The scenery is naturally gorgeous. And given that for most of my peers rail travel is mainly something that happens on children’s shows and on the way to Hogwarts, actually doing it feels slightly surreal in a delightful sort of way. This is not my first train trip, but it is the first one my husband’s been able to accompany me on. In his words: “I’m in Magic-Land!

Train travel comes with a certain amount of unpredictability. You have to be OK with being late–an hour late, seven hours late, you never know. I found a helpful site that can tell you the on-time stats for the past three weeks of any Amtrak train you like, and I checked it, and Train 5 has shown a measley 40-minute-late average over that time period.

Today we set the curve. Today, a rock slide in some gorge or canyon up ahead has shut down rail travel, and we’re told we won’t leave Granby until 7:00 PM. Our scheduled departure from Granby was 10:37 AM. You have my permission to do the math.

So. Welcome to Granby!

Granby’s Amtrak Station

Granby is about three fourths of a mile long from east to west. The Amtrak station is at the east end; the Java Lava Cafe, which can has internet, is at the west end, about a five-minute walk along Railroad Avenue. We had lunch at the Columbine Cafe, a friendly place with perfectly adequate food. A bit before that, I spent some ill-advised sum at the Fabric Nook, a cloth/quilting/sewing store with a small selection of knitting, crocheting, and tatting supplies. Now I’m trying to remember how the second half of a tatting knot goes. Also enjoying the soft leather armchair with the big wooden arms in the back seating area of Java Lava.

All in all, travel delays don’t get much better without going away entirely. So. Hello from Granby, and see you next week!

Farm art on Highway 287 in Boulder County.

Celebrity Sighting: DIA

I was in San Francisco this past week for an event at Adobe (think Acrobat) headquarters. That’s not the sighting though!

I was walking down concourse A at DIA towards baggage claim, using the moving sidewalk, when I saw a guy with a portable camera. Thinking, “What is this, baby’s first trip to DIA?” I look to see what’s going on, and low and behold, Amy Roloff walked by on the opposite side of the people mover. Pretty Sure her daughter was there too, I didn’t see any of the rest of the family though.

So, if you’re asking, “Amy who?” Look here. Amy and her family are the Stars of Little People Big World, on TLC. My wife and I TiVo the show and when we’re sitting around doing other things, or it’s the end of the day and we’re relaxing, we take a look to see what our favorite little person family is up to.

ok, ok, “celebrity” may be a bit strong, there’s no sex tapes involved, pretty sure there’s no eating disorders, or dead hookers under beds, but come on! Next to my sighting of Tempest Bledsoe in LA, this is pretty big!

Denver Gas & Electric

Last night we were in Denver where I discovered the Hilton has flat-screened TVs in the women’s bathrooms.

A better discovery was the Denver Gas & Electric Building at 910 15th Street. The building was lit up like a birthday cake and with the light snow, it was a gorgeous sight. Click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see all the tiny lights in the facade. A search for more information about it led me to Denver InFill’s great historic downtown photo tour. Really nice downtown, Denver.


This weekend should be a really nice weekend to get out and take photos… if you are a photo-nut like myself. What?! Chances of snow? On Easter? No!

Well, if the weather holds out – this weekend is the 35th Annual Denver Pow-Wow at the Denver Coliseum. A few of my photogs from local groups will be there. I was raised in New Mexico – so watching the Native American dances is very familiar to me – but if you haven’t been to one, I suggest you go. The colorful dress they wear and when they dance is just spectacular. I’m not sure of the number of groups – but I’m sure it will be pretty big, so it will be a site to see.

I myself, will be at a few of Parker’s area Easter Egg Hunts, taking photos of little tykes – who will be possibly attending their first shing-ding, not knowing what the heck to do with the colorful eggs. They will stare in awe at the bigger kids who have turned into wild stampedes chasing after such colorful oval toys and wonder why they have to have more than one egg. Bring on the Easter Beagle!

I don’t know about you – but when it comes to the crazy weather – I wish Mother Nature would dump it on us and get it over with so that I can get out and start enjoying the nice weather.

Seen Around Denver, Part 1

authors note…this post was sitting in my drafts and I forgot about it…so here you go!

A ongoing project. Interesting things I see/observe around Denver and a little beyond. Camera, snap and post.

A protest in Longmont with about five people with various signs demanding the impeachment of President Bush.

Denver Breaks Free (+ Vlog Update!)

…but not really because we all know there’s some random bully snow storm that’s gonna jump out of the alley and ambush us, take our lunch money and give us a monster wedgie.  But we’re used to it by now (and I know somewhere out there Dicker is cursing me talking about the weather again…heh) because this the city o’ Denver with the loony bin weather.

However, “spring” has sprung!  The sun has been out, the temperature is on the balmy (well, the definition probably doesn’t fit the regular definition, but this is Denver so…) side and I can almost hear the chirp chirp of the birds.  Oh and the screaming, yelling and drunk carousing of the bar just right next door.  With an added bonus of a Volleyball court in in the back!  Goody!

I have to say I love Denver Spring because it’s warm, the sun breaks through and the thunderstorms and rain downpours are just frackin’ awesome.  It was about a year ago when I posted my first (and only video blog) in the middle of one of those very storms.  The thunder rolls, the ground rumbles and the rain just pours.  My heart sings.

That wasn’t very manly of me, was it?  Here, you get my man card for the rest of the day.

Video blogging will resume to a once weekly video posting from me.  Other authors are welcome to join in too!  Which brings me to my question…what do you want to see on the Vlog?  I’ll be doing my own stuff but I wants to mix it up a bit with suggestions from y’all.  What you want?  What you think would make good stuff?  You wanna play with me and have some fun while doing Denver Centered things?  Let’s start the sparks and see if we can get a fire going steady.

Blame the Dems!

In an article from the Daily Camera today, an organizer for Re-create 68 speaks out about the permit lottery for the Democratic Convention event planning:

“When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don’t blame us for that. Blame the Democrats for trying to silence dissent in the city of Denver.”

I’m trying to understand the logic of this one:
The Dems made will make me do it!
I’m planning to not be able to control myself in 5 months!

This sounds like the sort of thing my kids said when they were young, but it’s not as logical as what they came up with.

Are these people working to get John McCain into office?

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