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In which I don’t whine, almost…

To tell you that this place I previously blogged about is great.

Seriously, a welcome addition to East Colfax. Enough to make me forget about another stupid Chipotle next door… almost.

Saw Michael Clayton there last Sunday, the 4:40 show when the weather was crap. I figured I’d be one of maybe a dozen. Needless to say, by five minutes before showtime there were only a handful of empty seats. And this for a film that’s been out for months. (Yeah, I know. An Oscar nomination and George Clooney will do that to some people…)

What this place has over Esquire and Mayan is better seating (stadium style) and a better system for ordering food and drink. It’s interesting that it’s now almost de riguer for art theaters to have alcohol and food, a smart and probably inevitable business move.

an open letter to St. Mark’s


Dear St. Mark’s Coffee,

Just wanted to let you know that I have absolutely no problem with your price increase, or for that matter, your proposal to charge for Wifi. It’s your business and, yeah, I get that it is for profit – but thanks for the scolding reminder.

I think SM’s is a great local institution and I know running a small business is no easy undertaking so it is with respect that I would ask you to Please. Stop. Whining at your customers.

Seriously, you’ve had a version of this sign hanging up by the register for, what, two years now? Longer? I find it accusatory, condescending and just silly. If people are taking advantage of the space, kick em to the curb. You could also program a wifi password into your receipts as many similar businesses already do. Or just straight up charge for the WiFi and be rid of ye olde wireless wranglers who exploit you so.

Instead, you opt to whine about it. What’s worse is that you don’t even whine in a way that lets your customers know what you consider to be a fair price for the honor of sitting in the coffee shop. I’m actually not being a snark here: how much should I be coughing up if I’m planning to park for three hours? $5, $10, $20? You’ve never specified, perhaps because it’s easier to engage in willy nilly whining.

And certainly, scrawling magic marker fatwas is much easier than doing things that might actually make you more profitable. Things, like, say… changing your menu already! Maybe some new sandwiches instead of the tired, paninis? Perhaps some soup that outshines what you can find in a can for half the price? Seriously, if you gave people more choices they might stay for lunch instead of just sipping a coffee for three hours.

In short, I’d encourage you to spend more energy on the menu than on the magic marker rants.



Intake the Viet

Oh Denver. Will you ever forgive me? While I petition the Holy See for the forgiveness of the Sin of Ignoring My City, I give you food and not just regular ole’ Joe Food.

This is the stuff of thousands of miles away. Vietnamese Cuisine at it’s best. So good, I’ve become addicted and like regular “needing a hit” clockwork I swing by this place at least once a week to dine on the amazing food that just makes me smile typing bout it.

It’s simply called “Vietnamese Cuisine” and it’s a bit off the normal beaten path for some of us but others might enjoy taking a ride into Montbello for this sampling of satisfaction squared. Off topic for a second, but Montbello has some of the more cool local restaurants I’ve haunted in my time in this city. I’ve got a fish place to review, simply oooyeaa Mexican place and then there’s this awesome Chinese with a eye opening lunch special that is so good I drool in anticipation of lunch when I know I’m headed there. Back to Vietnam…

It’s run by a guy named “Don” as far as I can figure (more on that later) and his wife and various family members. When off school, his dutiful elementary age daughter plays the part of hostess and deliver of never ending Pepsi. I’ve become a regular (and I have my regular meal that I just adore) but we rarely talk. I come in from work seeking solace and Don seems to understand that. I read my Wall Street Journal while he works around the kitchen and front counter.

I know his name is Don because one late afternoon I had been forced into working late (damn the man!) and crawled in ready to throw myself into traffic. With Don’s food, I was better. Several Denver Police Officers came in (I resisted the urge to run since my record is just sooo long) and it was quickly apparent they knew Don and he knew them. It was pretty cool to see local PD supporting the local food guy. That and it was cool to see DPD roll up in their cars. Me a police geek.

Anyway, the food. See below for a blurry cell phone picture of my meal. Shrimp and Pork over a bed of rice with tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber with some mouth watering make you do the funky chicken dance while whistling “the Good Bad and The Ugly” eggrolls. Oh and the hot sauce? That stuff is just awesome to soak the egg rolls in and then devour letting the roar of fire invade your mouth. Hot stuff.


You can also get it in a noodle bowl which I found is my preference. I would encourage you to check it out. There is no PHO there as far as I know. Don also has some kicker Vietnamese Coffee he might be able to rustle up for you. I don’t drink coffee at all , but he offered it to me one day and I had to say I was impressed.

On the menu 6N is a fav and 8N is what I call the works. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Eggrolls, on a bed of Noodles and veggies. That’s my secret weapon to get happy.

I hope Denverites out there will check it out. Address and all is below. Don’t expect high end stuff ’cause I ain’t gonna sell you that. I’ll point you to the places that are anti-foofy, local and good for the price.

Photo Via InfoUSA
Vietnamese Cuisineā€Ž – Google Maps Link
4701 Peoria St # 47, Denver, CO

previous food reviews:
Thai Kitchen

Ok you Boulder techies and entrenprenuers

bouldersw1.jpgLooks like Startup weekend is coming back ’round. I heard about the first one just before it was set to start. Then it sorta fell off my radar, until I caught sight again as it came back to Boulder.

If you’re looking to get involved in a start up idea, have an idea you think would work, or just like pop rocks, this might be just the venue for you.

As a techy and an entrepreneur I think it’s a cool idea. A friend of mine was part (mostly observer) of the Seattle Startup Weekend, he had a good time.

You never know, maybe you’ll make some new friends, find a business partner, who knows.

leave a comment if you’re thinking of going, and if so make sure to register.

Delaney’s Deli Just moved in


If you don’t like red meat, then this roast beef sandwich is not for you. That’s not to say you won’t find some amazing food on the menu just for you, but the RB Sandwich is top notch. Delaney’s Deli is the newest addition to Bel Mar in Lakewood, CO.


Delany’s is owned by Chris Delaney who’s family also lives in the neighborhood.

Photoblogging from Boulder: Pessimistic Graffiti At Boulder Creek

Pessimistic Graffiti at Boulder Creek, by the Library

Why I love living in Denver

From my place. ’nuff said

Caucuse results Google gadget

Thought this was cool, wanted to share, for folks staying up to keep tabs.

Election Results from Google
Gadgets powered by Google

Obama FTW!

Caucus time

It’s Caucus time!

Republican or Democrat, it’s time to get your caucus on! Sadly, after moving, I registered too late :( No caucus for me.

If you’re registered, you’ve probably been called. A friendly Obama worker called me, right before dinner. If you’re free, try to make the time to go, they start at 6:30-7:00pm. Presidential preference is the first thing on the agenda, so tomorrow night, not the time to be fashionable late.

Random Attack in Boulder (or, why Jason never was a serious reporter)

A couple was randomly attacked while hiking in Boulder County.

From the Post article:
The suspect is described as a white man with an olive complexion, about 26-years-old, six-feet tall and weighing about 190 pounds. The day of the attack he was wearing cargo pants, an olive-colored polar fleece jacket, and a knit cap with a flat top and brim. He had an unkempt, curly black beard worn in a goatee style.

Based on the description, approximately 64% of the population of Boulder was arrested this morning.

More details as they develop.

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