Favorit lunch places in LODO

Time permitting I try to get out of the house sometimes for lunch, fresh air is nice and insta-food (much like house guests and fish) stinks after three days.

Walnut Room and Blake St Tavern are both super close and usually my venue of choice. A friend I went to Wazee Supper club the other day, that was good, a bit of a hike from 27th, but good.

So I’m curious (and I know I’ve asked before) where’s everyone in downtown, LODO in particular eating lunch?

Give a top 5 or 10. Here’s what I’ve got, in no particular order

1. Blake St.

2. Walnut room

3. Wazee (only been once, but the gyro is good)

4. Illegal Pete’s haven’t been back since we moved, but it’s my writing haven, and I’m not writing at the moment, so there we go.

5. BD’s Mongolian, same thing as Pete’s I loved going there to write, when I’m writing I may start walking back down there.

6. 3 Sisters, not sure if that’s the full name. My wife and I go there sometimes, when I lunch with her, good sandwhichs.

7. Baja Fresh, sure it’s fast food “fresh mex’ but the taquitos are quite yummy.

8-10.. Mmmm I’m not sure. nothing else comes to mind.

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  1. Nicole (unregistered) on January 21st, 2008 @ 7:53 pm

    Gotta go with:
    Jimmy John’s on 16th St mall (#5 Vito, with hot peppers and cut!)
    I’ll second BD’s and 3 Sisters
    The WallStreet Deli’s have great salads.
    Sam’s #3

    (I work right new Baja Fresh and need idea’s for lunch so keep them coming!)

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