back to the land of the shining sun

So I came back to Denver after 3 weeks in the Northwest (it rained 17 of 19 days we were there! I’m just now starting to dry out…) I snuck downtown for a quick coffee at Aviano (YUM), and what welcomes me back to the city but a freaking parking ticket. Granted, I was in a 2-hour space for close to 4 hours, but still. That turned out to be an expensive latte.

I did find out that the Specialty Coffee Association is holding the Rocky Mountain Regional Barista Competition (shut up, it’s real, and it’s awesome) right here in Denver, or more accurately, the Denver appendage known as Thornton end of next month. Expect a full report from this over-caffeinated blogger. I’m actually inquiring about being a judge — EEE! The thought makes my heart flutter, and not just because I had an extra shot in my cappuccino this morning.

So anyway… I’m glad to be back where my sunglasses actually serve a purpose and I can go outdoors without a hat and not have water dripping into my face instantly. I hope your holidays were all as good as mine, if not a tad less scattered and hectic.

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