Numbering 12…

…is just one way to explain the word “Dozen”. However, it can also be used when speaking of a particular food place down (or is it up?) here on the Denver/Aurora Country Line. The restaurant in question is in fact Dozens and I have driven past it too many times to count wondering just what kind of a place exists behind the non-descript doors. And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.
Dozens opens at 6:30am every morning and the menu is pretty awesome. I had a hard time deciding so I enlisted the help of a cute waitress to help me get something filling. This was of course after I had dropped of my car to get the battery replaced and I was feeling just so fantastic that I needed something to lift my spirits.
A nice big glass of orange juice is the start of the process of relaxing. Dozens impressed me with the lighting. I visited on a day filled with sun and the interior was so bright I slowly felt my spirits climbing from beneath the rubble of my broken spirit. The noise level was fairly quiet and the service was quick and friendly. The young lady who served me saw I was kinda down and tried to cheer me up with a smile and engaging conversation.

It was a refreshing change from other places where it feels manufactured by the Chain and Policies. The others working there seemed to have the same spirit. Maybe I was euphoric from the stress relief but it was a major reward to feel welcomed and warmed. That and the decorations felt pretty refreshing. The flowers were a nice touch..

I asked for a filling and tasty breakfast and was pointed to the burrito of choice. I took her first suggestion and waited for it to cross my table. It wasn’t too long before it appeared and made me salivate.
It looks similar to the burrito from Johnny’s but this one was different. The cheese was so melty (so much better than Taco H E double hockey sticks) that it was constantly stringing from my mouth to burrito when I took a bite. I took this as a good sign. The salsa was hot and built on each bite which I loved. Sure, I had beads of sweat by the end but it was worth it. It cleaned out my system and had my nose free and clear by the end of the meal. I also had to ask for a pile of extra napkins because it was just that good. The meat was succulent and the sauces perfectly warm. The smothered sauces and toppings created a delicious pile of heaven. I ate every piece and was very tempted to lick the plate clean, it was just that good.

I know I’m going back to Dozens to try out some different food and I encourage you to take a run at it and see what you think. It’s local and home grown which makes it even better. You can see their website here as well if you’d like.

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