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Obama, Clinton, and Bush in town

Not Hilary, sorry, Bill. First Husband hopeful Bill Clinton and Senator Obama will be in Denver this Wed.

Obama will be at Magness Arena, and Clinton will be there that night.

Details at the 7 News Site

President Bush will be in town Thursday schilling for Bob Schaffer. Got an extra 5k lying around? That’s the per couple price for the dinner they’ll be having in Cherry Hills Village.

Hope everyone is ready for the Caucus here, Feb 5th

Good hippie food coming to my hood

The Mountain Sun of Boulder fame is putting up a new brewery restaurant at the former site of The Milagro Taco Bar on 17th and Vine.

Their beer is good, their tempeh reuben is good, their fries are excellent. Micro brew and french fries, that’s what I like. A lot. It’s a nice, unpretentious addition to this stretch of 17th.

Now I have more than my share of quibbles with hippies, post hippies and much of what is considered, rightly or wrongly, to be part of hippie culture. But you know what part of their legacy I don’t dispute? Food, muthafucka, food!

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with The Nation’s resident contrarian Alexander Coburn. He’s using the example of gourmet coffee, but I’m extending it to microbreweries and the availability of non processed, organic, vegetarianish fare that doesn’t taste like ass.

because hippies in the ’60s decided they wanted to have whole-grain bread and be healthy, and then they also wanted to have properly roasted coffee. And so, they gradually got organic-food stores that actually were quite good, and the bread got better, and there were farmers’ markets. Now, all this happened in the teeth of political onslaughts by both parties who were, of course, in the pay of the food industry.

In my local town of Eureka, Calif., the other day, I went into Pierson’s, which is the main building supply place where you buy stuff if you’re redoing your house and all the rest of it. I looked at their coffee booth. They were selling coffee from nine beans from nine different countries. Nine! This is not some hippie hangout. This is where mighty men with measuring tapes in their waist belts and huge hammers hanging from their trousers ­ that’s where they go. And you could have nine different kinds of coffee. Now that’s progress.

Welcome hippies.

Favorit lunch places in LODO

Time permitting I try to get out of the house sometimes for lunch, fresh air is nice and insta-food (much like house guests and fish) stinks after three days.

Walnut Room and Blake St Tavern are both super close and usually my venue of choice. A friend I went to Wazee Supper club the other day, that was good, a bit of a hike from 27th, but good.

So I’m curious (and I know I’ve asked before) where’s everyone in downtown, LODO in particular eating lunch?

Give a top 5 or 10. Here’s what I’ve got, in no particular order

1. Blake St.

2. Walnut room

3. Wazee (only been once, but the gyro is good)

4. Illegal Pete’s haven’t been back since we moved, but it’s my writing haven, and I’m not writing at the moment, so there we go.

5. BD’s Mongolian, same thing as Pete’s I loved going there to write, when I’m writing I may start walking back down there.

6. 3 Sisters, not sure if that’s the full name. My wife and I go there sometimes, when I lunch with her, good sandwhichs.

7. Baja Fresh, sure it’s fast food “fresh mex’ but the taquitos are quite yummy.

8-10.. Mmmm I’m not sure. nothing else comes to mind.

Sorry from 5280

Denver…I so sorry. I said I would blog. I said I would take photos. I said I would do all kinds of amazing things.

Thus, the story of my life. I promise as I get ready to move into a new place and get things at work under control that I will show you more love in the next week or so. I promise.

Love from a citizen,


Top 5 Colorado based shows

Saw this on the Explore Colorado blog.

5. Dr. Quinn, never watched it, myself

4. Dynasty, well yeah I never watched this, my mom was a HUGE fan, if I recall.

3. Stargate SG1, one of my all time favorite shows, I’m bummed it’s off the air, though there is a straight to DVD movie in the pipeline.

2. Mork and Mindy. I think I knew it was set in Boulder, but it never clicked at the time, but now, LOL Totally makes sense.

1. South Park. well duh.

Anyone think of others?

Why Moving sucks

I mentioned we were moving a few posts ago, and was looking for recommendations on movers. We went with one of those recommendations and now have no fridge.

Moving for us, seems to always be a series of unfortunate events. When we moved to CO from CA, our moving truck was 2 days late and finally arrived on a tow truck… yeah a moving truck pulled in by a tow truck, that’s fun, certainly gave the neighbors something to talk about.

We shoulda known better than to think that was the worst it could be.

Long unfinished story short… We get a call the day of the move, “our guys forgot to plug the trucks in, so since last night was really cold, neither of them start now. Can we move you tomorrow?”

The answer was no. no because we already had Cable coming, Already had phone transfer orders, already had everything packed. And most importantly, were traveling Monday of the upcoming week, so moving Sunday, would suck.

So they borrowed a truck from a sister company, arrived two hours late. Didn’t have an appliance dolly, or the promised wardrobe boxes…. Joy.

So the good part, using some sort of Shirpa like straps they man handle the fridge out the front door, where it get’s dropped down two concrete steps before tilting sideways to a foot and some change into gravel and fallen leaves. The doors flew open, the shelves all fly out, it was like a cool slow motion action scene, except it was my 2 year old, rather nice fridge.

So now we have a fridge that can’t be connected to water since it leaks, the doors don’t close well (thankfully the seals seem to work), the side has a huge dent in it, no telling if the insulation is intact or not. Gashes across the front, and the bottom facia is pretty much just sitting there since it’s bashed off.

And of course, being two hours late, they rushed us through signing the paperwork, our bad, and neglected to point out the option for additional insurance that didn’t require a written inventory. Oh well live and learn.

moving sucks… We’ve decided that come what may, we’re going to grow old and die, in our townhome… maybe we’ll even haunt it….

Looking for a place to work that isn’t your kitchen table?

I work from home most of the time, blessing and a curse for sure. Not only do I do my consulting, but also my conference business, both are “ethereal”. I was reading a few blogs of other developers who are independent, and one was mentioning places that allowed you to ‘cowork’

I was intrigued, not just about what coworking is, but if it was doable in Denver.

Turns out; 1. it’s working in an office space, with conference rooms, desks, etc, that you basically just rent time in with other professionals who need space, but not over head. and 2. there’s a place in Denver, The Hive. I found ’em on a google map of places around the US that offer coworking. It’s a neat idea for sure. I’m not yet at that place, we just had an office installed in our new place (shout out for Out of Sight Cabinets) so I shant be leaving it any time soon, but if the need ever arises, I know where I’ll be looking… Maybe I should come up with a reason to have a meeting in town with a lot of people… mmmm :)

Local Artisan Appreciation: Burning Tree Creations

Dear Burning Tree Creations,

Thank you ever so much for coming up with the lovely products I received as a Yuletide gift this Winter Solstice. Both my husband and I very much appreciate body care products, as you know, and yours are of unstinting quality, an unalloyed pleasure to use.

back to the land of the shining sun

So I came back to Denver after 3 weeks in the Northwest (it rained 17 of 19 days we were there! I’m just now starting to dry out…) I snuck downtown for a quick coffee at Aviano (YUM), and what welcomes me back to the city but a freaking parking ticket. Granted, I was in a 2-hour space for close to 4 hours, but still. That turned out to be an expensive latte.

I did find out that the Specialty Coffee Association is holding the Rocky Mountain Regional Barista Competition (shut up, it’s real, and it’s awesome) right here in Denver, or more accurately, the Denver appendage known as Thornton end of next month. Expect a full report from this over-caffeinated blogger. I’m actually inquiring about being a judge — EEE! The thought makes my heart flutter, and not just because I had an extra shot in my cappuccino this morning.

So anyway… I’m glad to be back where my sunglasses actually serve a purpose and I can go outdoors without a hat and not have water dripping into my face instantly. I hope your holidays were all as good as mine, if not a tad less scattered and hectic.

Numbering 12…

…is just one way to explain the word “Dozen”. However, it can also be used when speaking of a particular food place down (or is it up?) here on the Denver/Aurora Country Line. The restaurant in question is in fact Dozens and I have driven past it too many times to count wondering just what kind of a place exists behind the non-descript doors. And let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.
Dozens opens at 6:30am every morning and the menu is pretty awesome. I had a hard time deciding so I enlisted the help of a cute waitress to help me get something filling. This was of course after I had dropped of my car to get the battery replaced and I was feeling just so fantastic that I needed something to lift my spirits.
A nice big glass of orange juice is the start of the process of relaxing. Dozens impressed me with the lighting. I visited on a day filled with sun and the interior was so bright I slowly felt my spirits climbing from beneath the rubble of my broken spirit. The noise level was fairly quiet and the service was quick and friendly. The young lady who served me saw I was kinda down and tried to cheer me up with a smile and engaging conversation.

It was a refreshing change from other places where it feels manufactured by the Chain and Policies. The others working there seemed to have the same spirit. Maybe I was euphoric from the stress relief but it was a major reward to feel welcomed and warmed. That and the decorations felt pretty refreshing. The flowers were a nice touch..

I asked for a filling and tasty breakfast and was pointed to the burrito of choice. I took her first suggestion and waited for it to cross my table. It wasn’t too long before it appeared and made me salivate.
It looks similar to the burrito from Johnny’s but this one was different. The cheese was so melty (so much better than Taco H E double hockey sticks) that it was constantly stringing from my mouth to burrito when I took a bite. I took this as a good sign. The salsa was hot and built on each bite which I loved. Sure, I had beads of sweat by the end but it was worth it. It cleaned out my system and had my nose free and clear by the end of the meal. I also had to ask for a pile of extra napkins because it was just that good. The meat was succulent and the sauces perfectly warm. The smothered sauces and toppings created a delicious pile of heaven. I ate every piece and was very tempted to lick the plate clean, it was just that good.

I know I’m going back to Dozens to try out some different food and I encourage you to take a run at it and see what you think. It’s local and home grown which makes it even better. You can see their website here as well if you’d like.

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