Classic Joint

There’s a place just down the street from where I live that has been in Aurora for over 20 years. It is a place that is not going to be good for your health. It’s a place that is not high falootin’ in any sense of the word. It is down to the earth straight to the dirt basic and awesome at the same time. It’s the place known as Johnny’s Diner and at Havana and Iliff it’s a place I find myself drawn to at least once a week.

It’s heaven. It’s where you can find the best breakfasts in just about the whole city (in my opinion) besides Sam’s #3 which is also down the street. Ultimate Omelet? Oh my gawrsh. Scrambled Egg Burrito (pictured below) with every single of piece of meat you can stuff in it? Knock me over with a board and bury me now y’all, I’m going to heaven on a cardiac express.


Seriously folks. That doesn’t even count the Country Fried Steak, Eggs & Spuds. My vocabulury can’t even spell out just how the juicy and fresh burgers will send you a spinnin’ into a solid food dreamland. They got hot dogs, huevo rancheros, pancakes and just about anything you can get off the menu.

So if you haven’t Dined At Johnny’s, consider this your invitation. Say hi to the guys and give ’em a smile. A shout out to Bob if he’s still there and the guys on the line cookin’ that sweet nectar on the grill.

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