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It’s that time again

So I was noticing all of the lights going up around town, now that it’s that season all over again. I secretly (or maybe not so secretly since I’m announcing it on a public blog) love the Christmas season and all of the things that come with it. Sometimes, I even like the music. So I began talking to a friend about this and was told that I have to head down to the City and County Building now that they had the official lighting last night. So we packed up their child, got all bundled up and headed down there.


Being new to the city, I thought this was quite the beautiful display. It created the perfect background for the Christmas spirit that is completely lacking in some other cities I’ve been to.


If you want to check it out, My understanding is that the lights are on until 9pm nightly (although we were there well past 9 and they were still on). If you’re new to town, the City and County Building is on the corner of 14th St. and Bannock in downtown Denver.

Next weekend, you will have two opportunities to attend the Denver Parade of Lights. This will be held on Friday, November 30th at 8pm and again on Saturday, December 1st at 6pm. The parade will start in front of the City and County Building and will follow the following route:


What a better way to get into the Christmas spirit; especially for those of us who will participate in their first holiday season in this beautiful city.

Brrrr…. says it’s 16° here in The Mile High City. WeatherBug says it’s 10°. My heater is working overtime to keep me from chattering into dentures. For all those who have not spent at least six months to a year in this city I will assist you in understanding what lays ahead.

Hell. In a good way. Because Colorado has the mind of a schizo patient when it comes to weather, we’re in for days like Jason talked (and showed) here. Over the next few months there will be days when it’s a sizzling 60 to 70 degrees and within 24 hours plunges into the depths of Jack Frost depravity.

You may scoff and say you can handle it. But get ready for this to happen until well into April or even May if Mother Nature goes off her medication again this year. So get ready for days of scraping frost and days of dew littered grass.

Denver weather. Like Jason, I love it.

now that’s a swing

monday afternoon, it was roughly 78 degrees here at my house. right now, less than 40 hours later, the yard is blanketed in snow, and it’s somewhere in the range of 25 degrees.

i love denver weather.



I’ve been writing this post in my head over and over again. Like a never ending roller coaster the words keep somersaulting through the brain. So how about ‘dem Broncos?

Does anyone else agree that these guys should be 5-0? With all these last minute saves and lucky field goals situations your Denver Broncos have been sliding across the Astroturf by the skin of their buck teeth. Seriously. Every game I’ve watched it’s come down to the Football Gods having turned their attention elsewhere and our team managing to get something from nothing.

Mind you, I’m not throwing the Broncos under the bus because Your Colorado Rockies (NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS BABY!) managed to move some heavy mountains of their own and win at a game that nobody thought they could even play five years ago. Not at all.

I’m merely curious when Mike Shanahan will be giving the boot (I love the guy as much as anybody) and the Broncos front office will realize a that the once pristine snow globe needs a severe shaking.

I think if we shut down the NFL season and just kept playing baseball up to the Superbowl we’d be in a much better place.

Best movers in Denver?

So my wife and I are moving. We’ve experienced Highlands Ranch, and now it’s time to try something with less SUVs, Starbucks, and soccer moms. We’re moving to downtown Denver.

No this post isn’t to let the world know we’re moving, it’s ask for comments on local movers. Might as make it a PSA for local moving companies, so future generations of Denver(ites? inos?) can benefit.

So go for it! What companies would you recommend for local moving? I only know of Two Men and Truck, since I’ve seen them around. They any good? Who else?

What happens when you try to be too trendy?

I never ate at Brix despite working a few blocks from it for a few months, wanna know why? they didn’t seem to be open during lunch hours. Lunch might be gauche now? I really don’t know, but shortly before leaving my last gig, I snapped this picture.

It looked like a really cool place, I’m bummed I never got to experience the “anti-Bistro” Maybe if they were actually opened…

The Curse of I-70

Dear Colorado Department of Transportation, Aurora Police Department, Mile High Courtesy Patrol, Mr. Mayor and every bloody driver on I-70 West or East,

I do not know why on God’s green earth (or in Denver’s case twiggy dry and brown but I’ll come back to that) it is as difficult as it is getting from the Peoria exit to I-225 and Mississippi at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm and just last week 9:00pm. I do not know if I-70 is suddenly where they’re sending all the short bus drivers (or their former passengers for that matter) but it has become a national security issue. I figure I’ll put that in the letter and someone will take notice and send us a Homeland Security man to nod, smile and then walk away chuckling all the while.

Seriously. This highway must be blessed with accidents, idiots and nincompoops in the gazillions. I drive that road every day at different times and unless it’s at like 9:00am the experience is comparable to trying sit through the latest Eddie Murphy disaster and not want to scream obscene things at the screen even if he can’t hear you.

Sorry, what? Oh, he’s filming in Denver? Uh, crud. Eddie, I’m sorry. Uh, you’re movies lately kinda don’t suck as much as like say…Steven Segal?

Back on topic I think we need to call a priest, pastor and shaman out to the highway and do a blessing, cleaning, and holy water spraying and street cleaning. Because that road has become my nemesis. Is there like a black hole around the Colfax exit? Does the center of gravity need to be moved? Cause seriously people it’s going to have me out in the middle of the road screaming, tearing my hair out and dancing like a mad man.

When no name celebrities attack.

A person on a show, I never watch was just convicted of 2 counts of sexual assault on a minor.

It would appear that this scum bag was on some MTV show. I vaguely recall seeing the show when I was flipping channels looking for a music video… I was thwarted in my search…

The local aspect of this, it seems, is that Vincent Margera did his groping in Lakewood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m appalled at this kind of behavior and hope he suffers in a special kind of hell, kids don’t deserve that, but really I think the issue here is, what is wrong with Lakewood? Was BJ and the Bear busy? Tina Yuthers on another gig? I mean really? this is who came to Lakewood to sign autographs?

Notes from an AZ transplant

Having moved to Denver from Phoenix two months and two days ago, I have noticed a lot of major differences. First of all, before I forget, I have to give some major props to the residents of Denver for the way you treat Halloween. I spent my Halloween in downtown and while I was waiting for my buddy to start his DJ gig, I was just wandering around. Now granted, I was in downtown and I’m sure there were a lot of hosted events going on but I’ll be honest, between walking around and taking the Mall Shuttle down 16th, I would estimate that about 70-80% of the people I saw were dressed up. I have never seen such numbers. In Phoenix, you’ll see the random group of adults dressed up or, if you spend time on Mill Ave in Tempe (near ASU campus), perhaps about 30-40% of the people are in costume. Point is, I might as well have been naked. Best I could say was that I was dressed up as the college dropout who just moved to a new city. So, kudos, Denver.

I’ve also noticed that, unlike Phoenix, Denver is definitely not a land full of parking lots. I have never walked so much in my life and I’m loving it. This concept of driving somewhere, parking on the side of the road and then walking everywhere you need to go is incredible to me. If you have to walk a half mile down the road, that’s normal. In Phoenix, that’s grounds for a rental car. I guess that’s part of why Denver is the fittest city in the country. Oh, for the record, I apologize for bringing that statistic down a touch and I assure you, I’m working on getting in shape so I don’t make you all look bad.

Finally, there’s so much to do in Denver and I’m quite sure I haven’t even scratched the surface. Pretty much on any given night, if there’s something that interests me, it’s going on somewhere. People tend to get stuck in a routine in Phoenix and they’ll end up doing the same thing every night of the week. “Oh, it’s Tuesday? guess we’re heading down to the weekly drum and bass night.” It becomes a scenario where they feel there is no alternative and many times, there is none.

All that said, I’m so happy to be here. I feel like I’m home. I’ll never stop wearing my Cardinals jersey, never stop cheering for the D-Backs, Suns or Coyotes. ASU will always be my team. But aside from sports, Denver has won my heart in a short two months. It’s exciting to see what else I’ll experience from here on out.

new movie eat-in theater on the Fax

Pretty excited about this.

I really hope it’s successful. Makes up for the Chipotle next door, almost.

By the way, I went to NYC last week and Potle is like the new Starbucks there with one on every corner. Mediocrity writ large on the national stage, pass the barf bag please.

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