Rocktober Fade

Guess what? Red Sox still smell. And I still don’t like them. Guess what? I probably won’t for the rest of my life.

Your Colorado Rockies were swept. Already I’m reading articles on Yahoo Sports about how The Rockies were in over their heads and how that magical defense we had vanished in the middle of the night and how much of a failure our team is and how The Red Sox era is underway and blah blah blah.

Give me a break. It was a dream for us to get as far as we did. Nobody ever expected this team to even make it into the World Series. And when we did, nobody believed we had a chance. “The Rockies? Who the heck are they? Some farm team?” was most of what I would hear. The NLCS broadcasts on TBS were enough evidence that nobody really cared for us anyway. Guess what?

We proved everyone wrong. Your Colorado Rockies swept teams they were never expected to in the regular season and the post season. This team was and still is a winning team. We’ve put some new marks in record books and people are actually having to pay attention to us now that we’ve kicked open that prized door to the big league’s playhouse.

They’re saying in these articles that Boston is spoiled with the Patriots and now the Red Sox. They’re saying this team is unstoppable. They’re downplaying your Rockies and the players. It appears once the shine was off the Cinderella Men most everybody in baseball seems to have thrown your Rockies under the bus.

We may have been swept at home. We may have not won the World Series. But we made it. We fought for it. We lived for it. This city supported this team in as many ways as possible. Our players threw everything they had into play along with the kitchen sink. Were they better than the Sox? I personally believe they are a better team in every facet. I’ll be shouted down by baseball experts and people who say I’m delusional. The stats will have me in the wrong.

But I still believe in the Home Team. If they don’t win it’s a shame. But guess what? There’s always next year! Another season of baseball at Coors Field will be filled with fresh ideas, old faces and the crack of the baseball.

This month we got to play in The World Series. That’ll do for now. Until next year…


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  1. Dave (unregistered) on October 29th, 2007 @ 12:58 am


    I’m quite proud of what the team did. We’re a homegrown team, and, yea, we got beat. But we also got far, and Denver has been invigorated.

    If nothing else, it’s been fun to be around Denver’s citizens during these past weeks! We went from the “Rockies, Who?” to the division champs. You want heartbreak, look to my native Cleveland Indians! I’m sad that my Rockies lost, but I feel proud: The team did well, and our city supported them!

    I’ve loved every moment of this season, and can’t wait for next year!

    We should throw the Rockies a damn parade.

  2. John W (unregistered) on October 31st, 2007 @ 7:22 am

    I’m no baseball fan, but upon hearing the news, my reaction was, “now they know what the World Series is about”

    I can only guess that playing in the series is a slightly different (maybe more than slightly?) mindset about the game. Seeing as it was their first time, maybe they just had to feel it to know what to do next time.

    Or that could all be a bunch of huggy feely crap I just made up, either way, bummer for the Rockies.

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