29th Street Mall Roundup

Daphne’s Greek Cafe: My first time going in, although it’s been open for awhile. Can’t swear it was my best Gyro experience ever, but it was tasty. The tziki sauce is exceedingly thick here, more of a spread than a dressing. I added a “fire feta zesta” to my meal; supposedly you can order it as an “add-on” for seventy-five cents, but I think I flubbed my order in that I got the full version for $2.50. “Zesta” is apparently pseudo-Greek for “Quesadilla.” It was tasty, too.

Ai Sushi & Steak: This highly anticipated restaurant is now open, and has been for about two weeks. What with already having eaten at Daphne’s, I didn’t go in. But I peered in the windows and noted the hours and passed a bit of gab with one of the chefs who’d come outside for a bit of fresh air. I forget the lunch hours already, but dinner is 5:00 to 10:00 PM daily. Something that’s open past nine on the 29th Street Mall! Woot! I know where I’m having dinner tomorrow night.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea: They appear to still be eschewing this newfangled internet thing. What’s up with that? Dude? However, I came this close to at least purchasing some tea leaves. They have a niiiice selection of high-quality tea leaves. Also, apparently, all the used leaves and coffee grounds you feel like hauling home for your composting and gardening needs.

Wildlife: Saw a man picking on an electric guitar outside Ai as I pedaled away. He didn’t appear to be seeking payment for the performance–I didn’t see an open guitar case or anything–and in fact he mostly seemed oblivious to others passing by. The man on the bench opposite appeared to have half an ear on the string-plucking as he read his book. Maybe the 29th Street Mall is a Boulder thing after all.

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