The Lonely City

Well, we’re not dead. Yet. A heaping of apologies from me (and my fellow writers here at Denver MetroBlog). We’ve all been busy, sick and moving at the speed of light. However, never fear Dear Denver…we’re still around. I’m not going anywhere (unless that incident in the Philippines sees the light of day which if it does I deny everything. Except that I was married to Imelda Marcos for thirteen seconds. That part was true. She’ll disavow it of course).

Denver’s still here too and she’ll never leave us. Her amazing Spring, Summer and now Autumn has been a fantastic time to watch the weather. We’ve had an inordinate amount of thunderstorms and rain and thankfully the temperature never went above 100 degrees except for one day and I will never forget that day. Because my automatic door locks melted. That was a fun experience.

The Winter approacheth. I predict we’ll get socked by Halloween or even earlier if Mother Nature follows the path she’s been on since I got back to Denver. She’s a tempestuous beast of a woman and never likes to follow plans or general guidelines around here. She tends to slip us a mickey or two with a few left and surprise right hooks before she’s settled down.

Meanwhile I’m sitting in my apartment quietly counting the days as I change jobs. I’m not working in Highlands Ranch anymore (thank the gods) and will be a workin’ stiff over near I-70 and Peoria which is back in my Aurora area.

The title of this post now kicks in right here. Denver is a hard city to exist in as a single person. Maybe I’m one of a few, but this has been my experience. I’m not a drinker so all the vundarbar places of intoxication are out the window. Because that’s apparently where you meet ‘da ladies. Getting out is more of a challenge on a limited budget as well.

To top it all off, I don’t think my particular aura fits in The Mile High City. I’m a geek and a nerd. I maintain my own websites, write my own fiction and host my own online radio show three times a week. I like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Superman, Batman and all kinds of things that you’d find in my mothers basement if I lived there anymore.

Find me a nice girl in Denver who likes those same things and sees eye to eye on my politics, religion and morals and I’ll pay you whatever I have left after the debt, tax man and bills clean me out. Denver is an odd place to be me and single. There’s churches around here where I could throw myself into the singles market but I have yet to find a satisfactory young adults group that doesn’t feel like a meat fridge.

So I look to you dear readers. Us single people need help. We need places to hang out. Meet people of the opposite gender. Get out of the apartment. Single people in Denver, share you tales of woe. And if I’m off target I’ll take my lumps.

I’ll post my review of some food places I’ve hit up in the last few weeks.

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