Time to taste Colorado!

It’s that time again…. Yup, Taste of Colorado time!!!

This is our third year here, and so far we’re (as of tomorrow) three for three. The first visit was prior to our actually moving here. We were staying in a hotel, while my wife worked. We heard about the Taste, and made one of our first trips north to Denver.

We had a blast, tasted some yummy food, and got our first taste of the cool stuff to do in downtown. I know the Taste ain’t exactly the height of coolness, but still, it’s yummy food in small portions, oh and wine! That’s always a plus in an outing.

See ya there! Need a map of the event? Get it here!

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  1. Xian (unregistered) on September 5th, 2007 @ 2:46 pm

    So this was the first thing I got to do after moving to Denver. I loved it. I met up with my friends the day I got in and we went to the festival for about an hour. I had to get to my house and meet my roommate though so I couldn’t stay long (thus the hour). The next day though, my roommate, her boyfriend, her kids, my friend, her husband and their kid all went down to spend more time there. basically, that was the total of every person i know in Denver. lol

    Anyway, good times were had, good food was eaten. We REALLY enjoyed the weather on the second day (Monday). It was nice and overcast so the sun wasn’t beating down but … being from Phoenix, I scoff at this sun anyway. :P

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