You may remember the Soup Man (ie, “soup nazi”) from Seinfeld:

Well, Mr. Yeganeh, seizing the opportunity to capitalize on his newfound fame, expanded his little soup kitchen into a national franchise. And being the Seinfeld geek that I am, I had to stop in. I waited until a day after the grand opening, as I’m not into crowds just for a meal. I would have liked to meet Mr. Soup Nazi himself, but I opted just to go for the soup, sans the grand opening mayhem.

You know a franchise is expecting big things when they grab up a spot right on the 16th St. Mall in the Pavilions. The service wasn’t Soup-Nazi like… a tad disinterested, but I think coming right after lunch rush explains that. So let’s get down to it. Is it, in fact, the world’s best soup? I can’t say that for sure, though I will say it was pretty dang good. What it was: EXPENSIVE. Ok, it wasn’t bank-breaking, but good lord, it’s soup. Maybe I’m a tightwad, I dunno, but soup is soup, right? I guess they have to pay for that prime retail space somehow.

SO. It’s too fast-food like to take a date to, but it’s too spendy to pop in for lunch every day, so next time you’re downtown, and you’re tired of quiznos/chipotle/etc, pop in and order some soup. Carefully. I haven’t heard of anyone having their soup ordering priveleges revoked yet, but it could happen soon.

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