I was going to do this on my normal blog but since it’s community oriented I figure what the hey.

I attended a open house at the Denver Police Academy on Friday night in hopes of finding out that my dreams of being a police officer are true blue and not based on some fantasy where I get to say, “Book ’em Dano” and ride off down the street with girls oogling my wavy (not to mention sexy) hair as the wind blows it about.

Not to say that a fantasy like that isn’t possible.

We were briefed by a detective who spoke quietly but you could tell he was the gentle giant until you messed with him. He spoke about what it means to be a police officer and that if your heart is in the right place and you desire it for all the right reasons, you too can be a police officer in any one of Denver’s many districts. It was interesting seeing the different people there to get the information. Several parents with kids probably just out of high school and some of them looked as if they’d been dragged there against whatever will they had left.

There was also an odd fellow who asked the most wandering questions that I think I understood but didn’t want to try. Several former and current military officers and many women represented as well. We also met Earl Peterson the head of the Civil Services Commission. We were repeatedly told throughout the night that 95% of the people in the city and county of Denver respect the badge and the blue. There are also 5% of people who would rather see a officer down which made it very real to hear each of the speakers put it before us.

The name of one such fallen officer, Donnie Young was mentioned several times and within the classroom his picture was posted in each room so that your eyes could not ignore the risks of this very job you were wanting. I left the meeting heartened more oddly enough. I’ve dreamed about it since I was able to play cops n’ robbers. I’ve always respected law enforcement. Heck, I go on ride alongs because I want to and desire to see more about what these men and women in blue see each day.

Am I crazy to want to suit up for a risky job? Perhaps. The truth is there is risk in everything. There’s risk in just living each day. Sometimes you have to accept the risks for the chance to make a difference in your community.

The next open academy I can go for is in October of 2008 and testing will open up soon. You can check it out here on the Denver Government website if you’re interested in taking on of the most challenging jobs out there. Now I have to get healthy and fit to be ready for such a chance.

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  1. susan (unregistered) on August 12th, 2007 @ 9:17 pm

    My husband is an officer with a local district, a dream that we thought would never be materialized, and so that I could understand more of what his job is like, I asked to go on a ride along with him shortly after he ‘hit the streets’. I suggest you do that as well, and if you can – go to different districts and at different times. Ask a lot of questions, these people are proud of their job but will seem humble and shy when you ask, but they do love it and will share their information of what it’s like.
    Oh – and good luck!

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