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Time to taste Colorado!

It’s that time again…. Yup, Taste of Colorado time!!!

This is our third year here, and so far we’re (as of tomorrow) three for three. The first visit was prior to our actually moving here. We were staying in a hotel, while my wife worked. We heard about the Taste, and made one of our first trips north to Denver.

We had a blast, tasted some yummy food, and got our first taste of the cool stuff to do in downtown. I know the Taste ain’t exactly the height of coolness, but still, it’s yummy food in small portions, oh and wine! That’s always a plus in an outing.

See ya there! Need a map of the event? Get it here!

Chatfield Balloon Festival

Some friends of ours invited my wife and I out to Chatfield last night to see the “lighting of the balloons”. We picked up some good ol’ fried chick’n from PopEyes and headed over. Thankfully they were well versed in the “back route” which for my own selfish reasons, I shant be sharing with you, so there was no line to get in. Not so for the schlubs at the main gate, from where we ate fried chicken, we could see the line stretching out past the interestion, ouch.

I had no idea the festival was even going on, my wife did, but I was clueless. After eating, we packed up our stuff and walked over to where the booths were, which was also where the balloons were going up.

I saw my first Rocky Mtn Oyster seller, I didn’t go near. I didn’t want to see them being served, smell them being cooked, or watch some one eat them, but they were there.

It’s pretty cool to watch the balloons be inflated, quite a bit of work, more than I assumed in fact. Cooler, and eerie at the same time, is watching them deflate, be it intentionally or not. The gray balloon in the picture above was sitting there very peacefully, then like the hindenberg, minus flames and death, it drooped to the ground, a mix of real time and slow motion, very strange to watch.

The lighting was cool, and anti climactic all at the same time. The sun went down, the balloons were all inflated, and from the stage on the other side of the clearing we heard a countdown start. When the crowd hit 0, each balloon fired it’s burner thing for a long burst. The cool part….

An impressive visual display (minus poor gray balloon), the let down, after about four burns, that was it. The night was over.

So I’d go back with friends, to enjoy a picnic and have some fun, but I don’t think I’d go back just to see the lighting. The festival itself was neat enough to warrant a return, but I’ll skip the night time part, and the numerous misquito bites that I went home with.

Views from 7500: Yet Another Corn Maze!

Yay! Another corn maze! This one has PIRATES!

This corn maze has pirates!


A win for Denver (and Colorado)!

We win!

via Yahoo News:

Miss Teen Colorado Hilary Carol Cruz received her crown from outgoing Miss Teen USA Katie Blair at the conclusion of the two-hour competition at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium broadcast on NBC-TV.

Who’s giving what to whom?

Another Metroblog captain put this link out. I thought it was worth passing on. It’s quite interesting to see what your neighbors have been donating, and to whom, and it helps me to save money on summer bbqs… :)

“I’m not inviting them, they gave to Hillary!”

Enjoy, I’m off to make a donation, my neighbors are outpacing me.

Leaving Denver

It’s funny. I left Denver (for a vacation mind you) and I’m already missing home. From the thunderstorms that apparently hit this morning to the booming lighting that is slated for this afternoon, I’m staring out into Big Sky Country and wishing for the familiar sound of rumbling sound on the horizon. It takes forever to get to places of interest up here in Montana whereas in Denver I can go an hour and find a place to entertain myself for a afternoon.

You could blame it on population which is probably true. Montana is Big Sky Country in many ways including plenty of sky without a ton of people. Denver? Pretty dense (although not as bad as LA) and full of people. I never thought I’d say this but I miss the density of Denver. I probably need shock treatments to get that cleared up. I fly back into good ole’ DIA on Friday and as much as I enjoy Montana with the peace and quiet I can’t wait to be back home in Denver to have the sound of the streets coursing through my blood once more.

Nothing like living a Mile High.

Also: Today is the “Wendy’s Great Taste Tour”. Taking place @ Skyline Park 16th St Mall at Arapahoe from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Just thought I’d give you burger lova’s something to rush downtown for. More information here and here and here.



You may remember the Soup Man (ie, “soup nazi”) from Seinfeld:

Well, Mr. Yeganeh, seizing the opportunity to capitalize on his newfound fame, expanded his little soup kitchen into a national franchise. And being the Seinfeld geek that I am, I had to stop in. I waited until a day after the grand opening, as I’m not into crowds just for a meal. I would have liked to meet Mr. Soup Nazi himself, but I opted just to go for the soup, sans the grand opening mayhem.

You know a franchise is expecting big things when they grab up a spot right on the 16th St. Mall in the Pavilions. The service wasn’t Soup-Nazi like… a tad disinterested, but I think coming right after lunch rush explains that. So let’s get down to it. Is it, in fact, the world’s best soup? I can’t say that for sure, though I will say it was pretty dang good. What it was: EXPENSIVE. Ok, it wasn’t bank-breaking, but good lord, it’s soup. Maybe I’m a tightwad, I dunno, but soup is soup, right? I guess they have to pay for that prime retail space somehow.

SO. It’s too fast-food like to take a date to, but it’s too spendy to pop in for lunch every day, so next time you’re downtown, and you’re tired of quiznos/chipotle/etc, pop in and order some soup. Carefully. I haven’t heard of anyone having their soup ordering priveleges revoked yet, but it could happen soon.

Attention! The Road Does Not Belong To You! (You neither, dummy!)

Hello Boulder! This blog entry is dedicated to the bespectacled “gentleman” driving the green car. The one who nearly hit me and my bicycle. You know who you are. You were heading north on 30th and turning left onto Canyon. You did not have the right of way. I was heading south along 30th and I did.

Firstly, if you do not have the right of way, but you do not yield to the pedestrian or bicyclist who does, yelling “Bikes ride on the street, not the sidewalk!” does not absolve you of nearly running people down. There is in fact nothing you can yell at me that makes it suddenly OK for you to have blown your stop sign or failed to yield right of way. I could be yammering away on a cell phone while knitting, sprouting switchblades out of my skull like Pinhead, and bursting into flames. You’d still be in the wrong. Because you didn’t yield right of way.

Secondly, that stretch of “sidewalk” on the west side of 30th between Pearl and Arapahoe? That’s not a sidewalk, dummy. That’s a designated multi-use path. Multi-use paths are intended for bicycle use. And pedestrian use. They’re like a sidewalk and bike path combined. Often they are even explicitly separated into one bidirectional pedestrian lane and two unidirectional bicycle lanes. Hence the “multi” prefix.

But you know what? Doesn’t matter. If you’re turning left, and you don’t have a steady green arrow, you gotta yield. To everybody. Car, pedestrian, bike. Even bikes that are riding on sidewalks. With or without helmets.

This also goes for the bicyclist who ran her stop sign awhile back–forcing me and my bike (and I didn’t have a stop sign) to take immediate evasive action–and yelling “Jesus! You’re gonna crash into me!” like somehow I’m the menace to society here. If you don’t have the right of way, you gotta yield.

There now. I hope we’ve learned something today.

The Tiger Chronicles Continue

Apparently I’m not the only one who thought at first that the tiger was going for an unsanctioned wander:

The man who picked up Terri and tossed him in his Plymouth Voyager about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday told restaurant owners that he thought the faux feline had been accidentally dropped by the side of the road. He was planning to post a notice about the plastic cat on Craig’s List, but he realized his mistake after seeing news reports Wednesday morning that Terri had been stolen, said Wok & Roll owner Steve King.

He immediately called King, saying he wanted to return the restaurant’s “mascot.”

“He’s not a guy who wanted to do something bad,” King said. “He was pretty embarrassed.”

—”Tiger theft an ‘accident’,” Daily Camera

Things I learned from this:

  1. The tiger is plastic, not wooden.
  2. The tiger’s name is Terri.

Things Wok ‘n Roll should learn from this:

  1. Stop leaving your frickin’ tiger unattended! Every time you walk away, someone thinks the tiger’s there due to a prank! Your tiger should not be left unsupervised!

That is all.


These guys recently came through Colorado and hit up Boulder. After that they stayed with me a night and continued on their journey. I wouldn’t post this except they skewer The People’s Republic in a way that makes me giggle. Hopefully Nicole won’t take offense and run me down with her plane. :)

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