Summer Fun

Downtown Denver is a beautiful place. From Coors Field where the Rockies lose and sometimes win (only when New York comes to town oddly enough) to the 16th Street Mall where you can literally run (if you wanted the exercise) the gamut of the normal to the eccentric in just a few short blocks. It’s come a long way in the past few years with new stores, restaurants and even new buildings have revitalized an area just about bursting with potential.

At night the city is almost reborn in phoenix form as the working stiffs and younger bloods carouse and rabble rouse the steam out of their system into something resembling release. There are innumerable bars (none of which I’ve visited) and places of entertainment. I myself enjoy 16th Street Mall simply because you get to see much of that from the safety of the sidewalk as you gaze from window to window filled to the brim with distracting and exciting side adventures.

Tonight I’m taking a run downtown to visit with some guys who are in town on scooters (yes, you heard me right) and I’m only going to point you towards the website once in this article because I don’t want to get fired. They’re doing something I had always wanted to do. Cross the country on a never ending road trip meeting people and losing your way more than once. These guys just do it on 29 miles an hour.

I wish I could get downtown more often since I do very much enjoy being able to pound my feet to the heart beat of the city. It’s simply a place you have to visit more often because there is no place like it anywhere else in Colorado.

Another Colorado tradition (many states have them) is the Ren Fest. I missed it last year due to being out of the country but I’m looking forward to going with a friend on Saturday to experience a different world filled with pixies (they are always so dang cute!) Puke and Snot (not the actually thing, but two funny guys who do make milk come outta ‘da nose), Ded Bob (you have to see to believe) and a whole cast of characters that makes for a hard walking day but well worth the barking your dogs may do later as you wince and waddle to your car.

The summer is shaping up pretty nicely. Warm weather, good spring storms to usher in the high temps and the understanding that Mother Nature will collect on this debt with the usual October Chill that heralds the return of Old Man Winter. Enjoy it while you can Denver…the blowing winds and snow flurries are but around the bend.

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