Deep in the bowels of…

Back in college, I fell in love with a band called Vigilantes of Love. They started making a splash in the college rock scene about the same time REM was tearing up the charts, and they came from the same town (Athens, Georgia). Not that they were meant to be compared to REM, they just came from the same fertile music scene. Over the years, the band eventually broke up, and their frontman and songwriter, Bill Mallonee, struck out on his own with his phenomenal grasp of the English language and how to shape words into emotion-ridden pictures, then put it to music just to drive the knife in a little deeper.

As it so happened, when we lived in the NW, we went to a music festival in the San Juan Islands every year which Bill played at for a few years running. This did nothing but make us (us being my wife and me) become even more smitten with Bill and his songwriting. It seems like he never stops… always tons of new material everytime out. Anyway. I’m gushing.

We found out that Bill was playing the Catacombs in Boulder last week, and since most places in this area are new to us, we thought it would be a fun adventure. We got the kids all tucked into bed, left them with my brother, and zipped on up to Boulder. The Catacombs, if you’ve never been, is in the basement of the Boulderado hotel. And when I say basement, I mean basement. There might have been room for 15 people in the little corner room he was put in. I’ll make this quick– it’s hard to get service in there, because there are so many little rooms, but if you just get over it and make your way to the bar you’ll be just fine. What a groovy little place. The room was small, so it felt more like a living room… complete with couch. The beer was affordable and tasty, and really the place had the one thing I require out of a bar: it wasn’t smarmy. It didn’t feel too trendy, it didn’t feel like a dive, it was just a cool place where people were hanging out enjoying themselves. I will say after a few hours, some of the drunk college kids were starting to get that glazed over look and were hitting on anything that moved (and a few things that didn’t), which signalled our time to leave… but that was after midnight, and I’m too old to be out that late anyhow.

All in all, it was fun. If I ever decide to play my music out again, I’d love to play there. Just as long as I can play before midnight.

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