The City of Boulder Cares, Part 2

Woke up to the sound of a jackhammer outside my window yesterday. Thought very little of it until I left for work shortly after and saw this.

The Sign Shop in action

That's really what the truck says

Man, Boulder’s maintenence crews have a truck for everything.

So apparently the signs on my block weren’t quite up to standard. The ordinary yellow diamond DEAD END sign had to be replaced with a directional yellow rectangle that makes clearer that the dead end actually happens after you turn onto my block. I guess it’s good to ensure no driver unfamiliar with Boulder’s twisty maze of passages (all alike) thinks that it’s the main north-south drag that comes to a dead end here.

Now if only everyone got issued a memo that explained as clearly the whole Iris Street issue so I can stop saying, “Not the Iris Street that’s Diagonal Highway. The other Iris Street. You know, the one that runs into the Foothills overpass where you have to carry your bike over the tracks? Yeah.”

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