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Top of the Town


Have y’all seen this and picked it up? I’ve never actually picked up the 5280 magazine but since I’m now blogging on a Denver blog, I figured I should stretch out a little. I browsed through and spotted a place I had actually been! Benny’s Restaurante down on Seventh Avenue was introduced to me by a friend on a Downtown Wandering and I have to say that 5280 is right on the salsa. It’s telling that it was a “Reader’s Choice” and I can vouch for them. Their food is just about finger lickin’ good.

I showed this to a friend of mine and she started picking out places on each flipping page and asking me why I hadn’t gone there or why in the wide wide world of sports hadn’t I explored this and where was my sense of adventure. I stuttered out something about it was hiding somewhere in the basement but was met with a backhand and a command to get myself to a nunnery. Pending my changing of gender she laid down the law.

I must become a better Denver person. So therefore I shall set out on my quest to explore the land of the 5280 and report back to you. Because that dang backhand hurts!

Off topic but equally important for the masses out there: John McClane is back and he’s one tough son of a gun. The movie rocks your socks and sends your brain spinning around your head. It’s just that good. Get thyself to the Church of Die Hard this weekend and you shall be saved.

Ain’t There No More (The Boulder Edition)



I kept meaning to blog about A Cup Of Peace, this neat little cafe at 33rd and Arapahoe. It was all comfy, full of lovely wood furniture and sunlight and home cookin’. I went there exactly once and enjoyed what I was told was a “salmon cheesecake” but which I would call the best darn quiche I’ve had in a long time. While I was there, a writer from the Daily Camera came in and talked with the lady behind the counter about getting them a little publicity, letting Boulder know they were there.

Well, they’re not there. Not anymore. The sign’s still up, but the windows are plastered with a banner saying “SUSHI CAFE: Coming Soon”.

Like we need another sushi joint?

Take note: The D-Note in Arvada

When you relocate to a new city, you’re pretty much stuck with two options for finding places to hang out/eat/drink/play/mingle. You can explore and just go sight unseen, and take your chances, or you can follow a recommendation from a friend/co-worker/taxi driver.

In the case of my wife’s birthday (barely three weeks after arriving), we went the recommendation route. I’m usually skeptical of most recommendations, because not many people have the picky list of requirements I do for places that land on the “favorites” list. But this was a friend I trust so…

Off we went to the D-Note. Has this already been reviewed here? If so, sorry for the repeat, and sorry for my laziness in not searching the archives before posting.

The D-Note is stuck away in the construction zone known as “Olde Town Arvada”. I live deep in the bowels of northwestern Denver suburbia, so this little slice of old town made me feel very comfortable. The doors were wide open, and the sounds of a singer-songwriter letting loose with his guitar were floating into the street.

The first thing you notice upon entering…

Blog is a noun AND a verb.

I blog on my blog. And now, I blog on this blog. Wee!

My name is Jason, and I’m a blogoholic. It’s true. It’s not that I’m that good of a blogger, I just like to keep as many blogs as humanly possible sitting around on the Internets just waiting to be discovered.

As means of introduction, I was born here in Denver (St. Anthony’s Central, Class of 1976, 3 pounds even. That’s right– 3 pounds), and when the Colorado economy was swirling like so much toilet water in the mid-80’s, my parents dragged all us kids to the Pacific Northwest, where you can learn to swim just by going outdoors between October and June. During the 20 years I lived there, my passion for the Broncos only got stronger, if only to bug the ever-living crap out of the Seattle Seahawks fans, and I picked up a true appreciation for a good cup of coffee. I’ll rant about the coffee situation here another time.

Just 6 weeks ago, I decided to come back, and bring my poor unsuspecting wife and kids with me. So far, we’re having an absolute blast. I’m getting reacquainted with this amazing place, which is new to me as an adult, and showing my kids around the places where I was a kid has been pretty fun as well. So as we discover, or in some cases rediscover what this city has to offer, I’ll be sure to pop in and share the fun.

So, thanks for giving me a chance. I hope this turns out to be a pleasant long-term blogger/bloggee relationship. I know I’m looking forward to it.

Mile High Love

Denver. Five thousand two hundred eighty feet above sea level. Sometimes referred to as a “One Horse Town”. Weather with a psychotic side. Only state that really is square. Near the top for attacks from aliens, commies and California. Bronco’s country. Sunsets known to make people drool and stare.

Sound about right? Welcome to Denver! My name is Aaron DeLay and I’m a new blogger around these here parts of MetroBlogging. I’ve been given the chance to kick the tires and pull doughnuts in the parking lot. I hope I’ll do the city proud.

I’ve lived in Denver for about 15 years and would never leave even if you paid me a million dollars. There are so many things I love about this city but I leave that for another post later this week. I just wanted to say hello and kick open the door with a little gusto. Hopefully you’ll like me (you’ll really like me, I promise) and not throw me out the saloon doors.

Thanks for letting me in. Hopefully you won’t regret it.

mmmm Crepes

A few weeks ago my wife and I spent the day cruising around Denver, we started in Englewood, then headed to Broadway and 24th to see where I’ll be working (I’ve already started, I wrote this a few days ago and forgot to post it), then to Cherry Creek for our fill of Yuppies and DINKS, and over priced (yeah, I see the irony) Starbucks Frappacinos.

I’d never been to Cherry Creek before, so we walked around a bit, she’s only been when seeing her hair dresser, and never had much time to wander. I got my fill :) I like yuppies and DINKs and all, seeing as I’m a card carrying member of the group (we have a secret handshake, but I’d have to sue you if you found out), but you get a bunch in a single location and it just plain sucks. I digress

We stopped in for lunch at Crepes’n Crepes, mmm crepes, yeah that was what was going through my head. Apparently it was also going through a lot of other people’s heads too, it was packed. We sat outside in the sorta alley like part, it was nice, minus the heat.

I had a yummy ham-n-cheese, and my wife got something with veggies, swiss cheese, and stuff, she liked it. Despite the crepes being more than enough for a meal, we saved room to split a chocolat (Nuetella) crepe. If I could figure out a way to eat nothing but chocolat crepes and not be the size of a zeppelin, I’d be all over it!

If you’re in Cherry Creek North and not immediately running for your life :) head over to 2816 E. Third Avenue and have a crepe.

Who doesn’t like Chalk?

Before dropping a friend off at the airport, my wife, him and myself all went up to Denver for the La Piazza dell’Arte, on Larimer square. We had been once before, last year, but this year’s event blew it away. Not only was it bigger, but there was a cool silent auction, some wine tasting, and fruit for sale (it was hot, fruit was nice), even a booth selling some art supplies and such.

Overall the event seemed much more mature this year, than last. I wouldn’t have thought that but having two years to compare, last year was definitely not to the same par as this year. Which as events go, is how it should be, you should always out-perform your last event. Not always easy, but usually a must in event planning.

My hat is off to the artists, they did some truly great work, despite the crazy-ass heat. It was darn near 100 today, and sitting on blacktop, can’t be comfy. I know I was sweating, and I was in the shade, some.

College kids can ruin anything!

My wife and I had a friend in town this weekend, and the main point of the visit (besides of course, seeing us) was to visit the BeerFest in Fort Collins. He’s a beer nut, like brews his own in his garage (He made us a pretty tasty apricot hefeweizen when we were in CA visiting him), so this was a great multi-purpose visit.

We left Highlands Ranch around 9am, in order to make sure we were there when the BeerFest opened at 11am. With stopping for Coffee, and Claritin-D for me, we got there at 11:15am.

The BeerFest is a very fun time, I highly recommend it! Go early though! College kids don’t wake up before noon and the first few hours will be nice an mellow, sampling beers from all over CO.
We learned a few things this time, that will make next time even better

1. Bring a camelBack (or two). Water bottles are good, but heavy and cargo shorts only have so much ‘cargo’ capacity.

2. Bring a can koozy. You know, those foam do-dads for keeping canned beverages cold. Well the keeping cold part isn’t such an issue since you’re drinking the beer fairly quickly (no sipping with so much to try!), but the pourers are pretty liberal so after your first cup, you’re pretty sticky from beer all over your hands.

3. Don’t stop to eat lunch. This isn’t so much to maximize the drink-age or anything it’s to avoid the college kids. We stopped around 1 to eat and when we came out of Coopersmith’s, the place was a nightmare. Where you once we able to walk up to a brewery station and get a cup of beer, now you had a 40-50 person line full of loud annoying college kids, shrieking like banshees at each other.

The City of Boulder Cares, Part 2

Woke up to the sound of a jackhammer outside my window yesterday. Thought very little of it until I left for work shortly after and saw this.

The Sign Shop in action

That's really what the truck says

Man, Boulder’s maintenence crews have a truck for everything.

So apparently the signs on my block weren’t quite up to standard. The ordinary yellow diamond DEAD END sign had to be replaced with a directional yellow rectangle that makes clearer that the dead end actually happens after you turn onto my block. I guess it’s good to ensure no driver unfamiliar with Boulder’s twisty maze of passages (all alike) thinks that it’s the main north-south drag that comes to a dead end here.

Now if only everyone got issued a memo that explained as clearly the whole Iris Street issue so I can stop saying, “Not the Iris Street that’s Diagonal Highway. The other Iris Street. You know, the one that runs into the Foothills overpass where you have to carry your bike over the tracks? Yeah.”

moveable Type troubles

moveable Type, what the Metroblogs run on, is experiencing a case of the up/downs. so commenting may or may not work, same with posting. That said, I hope this one makes it through. I’ll update as the situation changes.

Back to you Jim.

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