“imax” isn’t really so much Imax as just big ass screen

Last weekend my wife and I went with some friends to see SpiderMan 3 (meh on the movie itself.) at the “Imax” screen UA theater by Dave and Busters… Waste of 13 dollars per person. Having seen such greats as “Grand Canyon” in Imax, the super big screen is just not the same effect other than inducing some mild nausea during some of the web slinging scenes.

I like seeing movies in the theater sometimes, like once or twice a year, just to remind me how much people really can and do suck. The showing was the 7:20 pm showing, on a Sunday night, and there were no less then 2 infants. I don’t mean 11 month old infants that are almost a year old, I mean babies, not much bigger than a watermelon, and which (not surprisingly) started to melt down less than halfway through the movies. Why subject yourself to the ire of a few hundred people? Why subject those people to your poor decision making skills?

Like I said I see movies rarely in the theater, just so I don’t forget that people think $8.00 (or $13.00) entitles them to act as if they were in their living room; mobile phone talkin’, seat kicking, loud whispering and all. My wife had a sloucher next to her that slouched so far forward his legs no longer fit in the section his seat allotted him, so he had to sit sideways into her area, where he proceeded to vibrate for the entire movie.

I think I’ll stick to regular screens for my future movie enjoyment and keep my Tivo up to date on what I’d like it to grab when it hits cable, or Amazon unbox.

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  1. dicker (unregistered) on May 21st, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

    Don’t get me started. You know who’s the worst? The old people. They either don’t know or they don’t care that they discuss plot points through the whole film. And they’re seemingly immune to shushing.

    This is where I really miss certain spots in New York, Film Forum!, where audiences have the decency to shut the fuck up. So what if the theaters are excruciatingly small and uncomfortable.

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