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A Not-Too-Belated Review of Edward Scissorhands

I’m not sure what the ticket situation is, but if it’s not sold out, it’s not too late for you to take in a performance. And you should. Because it’s absolutely incredible.

The reviews I’d read go on at length about the genius choreography, how the motions plus the music resulted in a sum so expressive that you’d leave unable to believe you hadn’t heard a single word of dialogue. And this is true. But it’s missing the point. Ballet can say the same. Pantomime can say the same. At the very least, the communicativeness of Bourne’s choreography is by far the lesser miracle–amazingly well done, but no more than what you’d expect.

No, the real miracle in the choreography is–to use the language of story critique–not the way it advances plot but the way it develops character.

For example…

It’s a School zone for crying out loud

I drive from Highlands Ranch to the DTC now for work, and unfortunately cross through two school zones, I’m working on finding other ways, but that’s not my point. I don’t even have kids and I manage to find it in myself to go 20mph. Maybe 25 if I’m feeling all racy, but I’m not going 30 or 35.

Why is it that some people, probably parents, can’t control themselves enough to go 20mph for 500 or so feet? Is it so hard? Have you no concept of safety? Do you not care about other people’s children? Are you in such a hurry that the law doesn’t apply to you?

Two school zones, in two different cities and in both I’m constantly passed by people going at least 10 miles over. What’s wrong with you people?

Google makes living in HOA-ville a little more bearable.

I live in Highlands Ranch. We knew (mostly) what we were getting ourselves into. I hate cars on Cinder blocks as much as the next DINK or Yuppy, and nothing is worse than the lime green house in the sea of earth tones :)

Some things are a bit more grating, like the “no trashcans on the street until 6:30a the day of trash pickup, the shovel your sidewalk with in x hours of a snow, the we’ll let you know when it’s time to paint your house, and what pallet you can use.” gets a little old.

Most things you just gotta live with I suppose, or move to LIttleton. The latest adventure is in our plans to have a walkway put in from our driveway, around the house, through the gate (regulation issue of course) and down the side of the house. Easy as that? No.

The HRCA has plenty of rules and requirements. Namely. The following must be submitted to and approved in advance, with supporting diagrams, by the ‘committee’, whom I imagine are in black robes, with small shaven headed unichs in service to them, bring patio and walkway diagrams in for ‘the vote’, all the while, the music from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom is playing in the background.
depth of concrete
width of concrete (must be 24″ from property line)

Coming soon! Ed Scissorhands, the “Dansical”

Those posters you’ve been seeing all along the 16th Street Mall? Featuring Johnnie Depp’s goth-painted, scarred face and lengthy-sharp fingernails? OK, so, that’s not just some nostalgic cult movie screening being advertised there.

You know that already? I didn’t know that already. I’m slow on the uptake. I had not realized that Tim Burton’s classic movie had been adapted for stage and choreographed for dance. Much like a ballet, from what I hear. No words. Just movement. Apparently we have Matthew Bourne to thank for this. Thanks, Matt!

You know you wanna see it. The Minneapolis Star Tribune thinks you should see it. I know I wanna see it. And if you do wanna see it, here’s what you need to know:

A little bit of Web2.0 in Denver

This post is a little techy, sorry, can’t be helped. The guys at EffectiveUI are teaming with Adobe
to host a Rich Internet Application summit type of deal. Id so be there if I wasn’t going to be out of town :(
If you or (more importantly) your boss are looking at doing things in the RIA space. I’d hit this event up. sounds like it’s gonna be promising. Ryan Stewart will be speaking and he definitely has his finger on the pulse of the RIA space right now. Alan from Ebay will be there, talking about a cool application they’re working on to bring Ebay to the desktop.
Flex is Adobe’s RIA offering and IMO a great tool (I’m biased, sorry, but at least I’m admitting it) for delivering great user experiences to end users.
The event is free, the food will probably rock, adobe has deep pockets, and you’ll be around a lot of top names in the adobe side of the RIA space.
I’m bummed I won’t be there.

Disclaimer: My current day job is Application Developer III (snazzy huh) working with Flex and ColdFusion (if there was a space in the name, I’d be a physicist).

Why is Northfield Stapleton so hard to get to?

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve been to Northfield Stapleton twice now and on each trip made at least one U-turn because the street I thought should take me there, didn’t. Namely 49th, which ends on each side of the mall and starts again elsewhere.

Worst of all, we’ve taken two routes, and each has had the same result. Was the airport that hard to get to?

The first trip was during the Christmas season to see the TSO light show. To say I was unimpressed would be giving the light show more credit than I think it deserves. We got there, it was cold, we had to park back in Douglas county somewhere, and stood in the cold for the show and then…. weak sauce.

Last night we went for dinner, it was still cold, and snowing, go figure. But dinner was great! We paid our first (and probably not last) visit to Texas De Brazil. If you’re a meat eater, make the trip.

They start you with a buffet style salad bar deal, with a little sushi, soup, lots of cheeses and breads. Then you sit back down and flip over a little token, from red to green. Green means that the guys with various meat on two foot skewers will swarm you offering all sorts of yummy meat goodness. When you’re full or need a digestion break, flip your little token back over to red.

My only complaint isn’t even aimed at the restaurant, it’s at the people who bring their screaming, loud shouting, poor behaving children to a place that’s menu has two things, “light meal” at $25 and “heavy” at $50. Why torment others who are out for a nice dinner with your brat? Thanks for that, people at the next table over.

Transport open thread…

Hey, I’m polling here since I’m facing the unenviable prospect of buying a new motor vehicle. My little wreck (see Beware 36 25 Interchange) totaled my civic, which is a bitch because I’d just installed a brand new pussy magnet.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Getting a scooter and sharing a car with my wife. I work from home, but not all the time. There’d be a lot of juggling of vehicles.

I’m wondering if anyone out there who lives in the general vicinity of downtown has a similar arrangement and if it works out OK?. This winter was a bitch, but also very much an anomaly. I think this could work, but maybe I’m sniffing too much wasabi & crack.


Dem Con 08… it “could” be fun. Emphasis on “could”…

The prospect of Den Con 08 is about as exciting as the grand opening of a Bed Bath and Beyond.

In the past I’ve maintained that major political conventions are so coma-inducing that it would be more efficient to recruit a phalanx of Civil War reenactors to stage the usual circus of cheerleading and nondebate.

Wasn’t it Dan Rather who cut his network’s coverage short in 2000 citing a lack of actual news?

Maybe it’s just me, but wading through days of platitudes for the final moment that is John Kerry telling us he’s “Reporting for Duty” doesn’t motivate me to do anything besides flip the channel. I’m sure Team Hillary will come up with something even more banal, if that’s possible…

The lack of actual news is even more true this time around since with California’s primary moved up, nominees will be in place by February. That’s six months of everyone knowing who the candidate is. Hell, that’s six months of straight up campaigning. Seriously, by the time the circus hits the Pepsi Center the national mood will be as follows: Shut the fuck up, please.

It seems, however, with Governor Ritter’s dissing of organized labor there “could” be a legitimate protest next year. The Denver Post has it here.

Apparently Jimmy Hoffa Jr, an old guard labor boss who if I’m not mistaken, backed Bush in 2000, gave Ritter lip at a recent DC confab.

Gotta love the canned statements from both Hickenlooper and the Democratic National Committee.


“We continue to work with diverse interests including labor communities, citizens and businesses to prepare for a successful event.”


“Labor is an important partner. We will continue to address concerns and work with all of our partners toward a mutually acceptable agreement and successful convention.”

Translation: Suck it Hoffa.

In all seriousness, I’m sure a deal will be cut to pacify any union unrest at Den Con 08. That said, with Andy Stern at the helm of a newly insurgent AFL offshoot, there could be some interesting sparks between now and then.

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