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Denver Restaurant week is here.

We didn’t get to try too much last year, finding out about it once most restaurants had long since been booked up. If I recall, we only made it to The Fort, which was unimpressive unless you want to see an entire dead bird (quail) pounded flat and cooked on your plate. This year we’ve got a few places lined up, and the The Fort isn’t one of them.
If you’re not familiar it’s one week a year where hundreds of restaurants in the Denver Metro area provide a fixed menu for s special price, $52.80/couple. Not bad since some of the places would most definitely set you back much more any other week of the year. Some of the fixed menu’s are rather unimpressive, but others offer a great sampling of the dishes they have to offer. Take a look at the listing of participants

Finally, the starbucks umbilical is cut

Come tomorrow, I’ll be free of my outrageously overpriced Tmobile/Starbucks Hotspot account!!!
Sprint (finally) released an ExpressCard wireless broadband card. My wife has had a PCMCIA wireless card for a few months and really likes it. I’ve been waiting, mostly impatiently for this announcement. Seems I missed it by 9 days or so.

I’ve had a Tmo hotspot account for 21 months (I checked), and while very useful, paying for wifi is just hard to swallow. The only benefit has been the sheer number of Starbucks that exist around the country, Im usually not out of touch for too long. Of course the few times I really wish I had a connection are the times I’m in DIA, waiting for a flight, or another location that has resisted assimilation into the Starbucks collective, and worse yet has chosen to over charge for wifi. Heck even San jose Airport has no free wifi. it’s the frakkin’ Silicon Valley for crying out loud!

So despite my not traveling THAT much, I’m gonna have to shell out a little more to be truly untied. Technology eh.

Brief Genghis Con Update

At Genghis Con 2007. At lunch. Just got out of a D&D session led by the most patient DM I think I’ve ever encountered (who wasn’t my husband). I haven’t played D&D in a long time, or a spell-casting character ever, so a lot of patience was required to keep me functional.

Last night I played Call of Cthulhu for the first time. The Keeper for that session was excellent, full of energy and transparent glee, especially when she saw us do something that she knew was guaranteed to make things… interesting. I’ll be participating in another of her Cthulhu modules today.

Another first last night: I was taught how to play the board game Stephenson’s Rocket, a game about building railway lines across England. I’ve played 1830 etc., and I’ve never before seen a railway game that takes less than four hours to play. A game of Stephenson’s Rocket runs about an hour, probably less if the players are experienced at the game (whose rules are much less complicated than those of 1830 etc.).

Highlights of the rest of the weekend: I plan to sit in on a Cloud Kingdom Games demonstration, join in some Rio Grand board games, and attend a “how to host a murder” party.

The con is at the Four Points by Sheraton Southeast, which is at East Hampden at I-25. It’s a vaguely H-shaped hotel–but the H has very, very, very long legs. So the walk back to the lobby from the dungeonish unfurnished units on the wing where last night’s RPGs were held was a little labyrinthine. The food options are hotel-priced, as you might expect, but good. The aptly named West View Grill has the absolute best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten. And the breakfast waitstaff have apparently been instructed to hard-sell the buffet that’s been specially priced for the buffet. I needed a Persuade rating of at least 75% just to order the corned beef hash.

And that’s all for now. More later as the weekend progresses.

Obama will be in Denver in August, pretty sure.

Guess I’m on a political bend right now. This morning at 8:55, Senator Barack Obama will be announcing his bid for the presidency. I’m writing this at 8:34 but I know what he’s gonna say since the Obama ’08 store is up and running and taking money, mine included.

This announcement certainly makes the DNC that will be here in Denver more interesting. A battle for party leadership between Obama and Clinton? I might have to make the trip up to the Pepsi Center.
I promise I don’t want to make this an us vs. them type of deal, but I do think his opinions, and ideas are exactly what we need right now, I think the run for ’08 will be incredibly interesting and could, may? change how we do elections. I know kind of idealist of me, but a guy can dream can’t he?

Super Secret Makeout Spot

What I am about to relay is not for those who lack timing. To take advantage of my not yet given advice, you need to have some facility with creating a mood and bringing it to fruition on your clock. OR, more precisely, on DAM’s clock (you’ll see what I mean).

So, last Saturday I met a date at a classic dating venue, the Denver Art Museum. Having gone to art school and logged endless museum hours, this was a choice destination for me because I was in my element. Now, those more generous human beings among us might try to find a destination that will put their date at ease. They don’t want to risk making their date feel inadequate. But, in my case, I was totally happy knowing that I was the expert (and he suggested it anyway).

It’s First Friday time

It’s art time! My wife and I love first friday, it’s a chance to have some yummy food (often ethiopian) and see some art. We love seeing what local artists are doing, and love supporting them. This time around it’s also an opening for a new friend of ours, Jace Mattson, who we love. We stumbled onto her work and first friday quite by accident when my mom and sister were in town. Walking in to Michael Walter Art & Design we saw Jace’s work and fell in love, with one piece in particular “Wavy Gravy”. It’s actually three, Jace likes to do threes.

So if you’re free tonight, head up (or down) to Santa Fe and support local artists, look at their work, buy some!

Suggested Retail Use

So Ross is gone. You know, in Diagonal Plaza (northeast Boulder), next to the Albertson’s that’s also gone? Right. Like that. Only with less warning.

You can no longer Dress For Less here.

So now I’ve got two huge empty retail spaces next to each other practically in my backyard, and I’m thinking that if only someone would come in and knock down the wall in between the two units and finally remove all the shelving from the used-to-been Albertsons, we would have a kick ass roller skating rink. That I could walk to. Anytime.

So, who wants to get on top of that happening?

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