Cafe Play! On the Hill! Fun!

They just opened. December 7th, I think he said. It’s in Boulder on the Hill (1155 13th St, next to The Fox), it serves Dazbog coffee and Harney & Sons tea and many snacky sorts of things including Ramen noodle bowls, sandwiches soon to come, and it hosts LAN parties on its 8 PC stations and it hosts poker nights and Superbowl watching (not that I’m bitter about the Saints not being in that event, no, not bitter at all) all sorts of other events too (schedule pending), and it has several big big big TVs with gaming consoles attached, and its upstairs lounge is the comfiest space I’ve relaxed in ever. And they’re open until 2 AM (and potentially 24 hours on finals week). It’s like having a really rich best friend who lets you come over any time, hang out in their living room, and avail yourself of all their gadgets. And you don’t have to leave the house to buy munchies.

And of course it has wi-fi. Duh. SSID: “Cafe Play”.

Their website, when it’s up and running–which it isn’t yet but check back soon–will be

So I’m upstairs with my husband and our new friends playing Chrononauts and waging remote control war with someone else in the room–they want to watch Scrubs; we want to watch the Daily Show. I think we’re gonna concede the war and just play another game, if we can keep from getting too distracted.

Next time I’m here, I’ll have to take pictures. This place is so cool.

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