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Plow Armada?

So has anyone witnessed this so-called “snow plow armada” servicing our beleagured side streets? The fleet of 30 some odd plows that our mayor has been hyping for the last 72 hours after he got ripped in the national media for his handling of Blizzard part 1?

Just curious.

Out here in Nome, Alaska City Park West, roads still suck the big one. I suppose it could be worse, at least I can walk to a liquor store. Priorities, dammit.

In other news, a friend made me insanely jealous when she trekked over from Capitol Hill with these really cool thingymobobs called Yax Tracks. Tracktion action. I tried to pick some up myself, but the nearest sporting good store was sold out.


The only other thing I’d like to complain about is the cruel injustice of Denver getting dumped on twice and the central mountains not getting diddly shit. Oh winter weather, you are a cruel mistress.

DIA After The Blizzard: A Schmuck’s Eye View

So I was going to blog the Boulder Theater after catching first The New Cars and then Bonerama (“Shake Your Groovilator”) with Cyril Neville’s Tribe 13 (“We are the Wild Tchoupitoulas–get out the way!”) at that venue. And I was going to blog the Cinema Grill in Aurora after catching The Prestige there before it disappeared from theaters entirely. But I got behind on the blogging thing, and then, well, snow.

Just a wee little bit of snow. A mere… oh… 18 inches to 3 feet, depending on where you were.

Saw enough people skiing cross-country-style up and down 30th Street in Boulder on Thursday, the day after the blizzard, that it stopped striking me as unusual. Fell over in a few snow drifts carrying my groceries home. Saw the expected handful of cars stuck trying to turn left through the waist-high bank the plows built up in the middle of the street.

And then there was the matter of my husband and I making our flight to New Orleans.

Let It Snow! – Revised

I TAKE IT ALL BACK! I no longer like the snow due it taking me over 2hrs to go ONE mile and now being stranded at work.

I think we’re in for a snowy white ‘Holiday’ this year, folks! I love it, but think I maybe alone in this love. I don’t know about you, but I just want to run outside and build a snowman. Maybe after work?

The Denver snow plows are out and I thank them for the good job that they do. Lucky kids though, with all the schools being closed. Exams cancelled?

Interesting facts about Denver and it’s history of a snowy ‘Holiday’.

Merry Chrismukkah!

From my friend Gersh, author of the book Chrismukkah.

Warning: this is some bad music. I happen to love bad music, but if you don’t, well, whatever. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

identity thieves!

Oh Lord. Oh no. Grab your kids. Lock up your pets and secure that harddrive… migrant workers are stealing our identities!

My God, someone’s out there right now pretending to be me. Except you know, I’m wayyyy too much of a pussy to work in a meat packing plant plus I’m a vegetarian so they’re not doing a very good job of appropriating my shit.

On the serious tip, this is insane. The press is taking Michael Chertoff’s line about protecting Americans from identity theft as if all these workers are a bunch of meth freaks buying iPods for resale with your credit card rather than finding a bogus social # and depositing money in random folks accounts so they can get a dangerous, deskilled job that no native would volunteer for.

I’m sure all the Tancredoites are feeling good bout the gov’mint tonight…

Or am I missing something here?

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